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Governor Statement

Governor's Annual Statement


Round Diamond

Governor Statement 2017/2018

This year we have focused on various aspects of the school practices and policies, these include:



This as always is a high priority for the school. Detailed and effective safeguarding procedures are in place. The governing body regularly monitors safeguarding procedures to ensure that we are fully compliant with the DFE guidance detailed in ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ document. All staff are up to date with safeguarding training and a system of regular updates is in place. We have completed the school's annual Safeguarding audit, and we can report that safeguarding at the school continues to be highly effective.


Health and Safety

We have monitored all school Health and Safety procedures throughout the year and can report this is an area of strength for the school. All procedures are in place and correctly followed by everyone at the school. The school premises manager has been highly effective in ensuring all targets are met and that procedures are in place and followed correctly. Risk assessments are in place and monitored regularly. There are regular fire alarms, with detailed records kept. Asbestos logs are detailed and up to date. The school adopts HCC policy where appropriate to ensure that the school is fully compliant with the law.


Governor visits

There have been frequent governor visits to the school by all members of the governing body throughout the year. Reports of visits are shared with staff and governors. We communicate with parents about these visits via the school website, Governor Facebook page and blog. All subject areas have been observed and monitored for progress against the school's action plan. We have met with staff, parents and children to ensure that the school continues to maintain its high standards of academic achievement as well as ensuring that all groups of learners make excellent progress.THis year has seen the introduction of school faculties. Each governor is linked to a faculty. The impact of this has been improved communication and involvement by all members of the school team. This includes SLT, teachers, HLTAs, TAs, support staff and Governors. This has ensured that everyone has a voice and has been able to play an active part in moving the school forwards. This has further strengthened the capacity for school improvement.



The finance committee has met regularly throughout the year. Budgets are monitored closely to ensure value for money as well as ensuring that funds are targeted in the right areas. We have completed the SFVS (School Financial Value Standard), and can report that the school is fully compliant in all aspects of financial management. We have been responsible for setting and monitoring the school's budget. This is achieved by looking at the previous year's spend in the different budget areas and ensuring that adequate funds are provided in these areas to enable the school to continue to move forward. Action plans are evaluated and key priorities identified to ensure that funding is matched to the greatest areas of need.


Round Diamond has 62 pupils who have been eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant this year. We have been responsible for working alongside staff to ensure that these funds are targeted to relevant and effective strategies to ensure all our PP children make excellent progress and narrow the attainment gap with non PP children. This is carefully monitored throughout the year to assess the impact of each intervention. We have also been responsible for the spending of the Sports Premium funding. Both the PPG and Sports grant have detailed reports available to parents on the school website. Throughout the year we ask challenging questions of the school to ensure value for money and that correct priorities have been set. We have also been responsible for finances involved in staff appraisal. School financial management is strong at Round Diamond.


Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning committee work closely with the school to ensure that academic achievement and attainment at the school remains high for all groups of learners. This is achieved through regular meetings with the SLT and staff. We access information through Heads report, analysing assessment data, pupil voice, learning walks , book scrutiny to name but a few. Round Diamond is a highly reflective school. All staff and children have high expectations and are always seeking ways to improve. This can be from a child responding to teacher feedback and marking to further improve their work, staff constantly striving to improve their practice by taking on board and acting on feedback form SLT and the Leadership of the school analysing data to constantly seek out areas to improve and develop to ensure that current high standards are maintained and where possible improved upon.


The governors are delighted to report that this year has been yet another highly successful one for Round Diamond. All learners achieve and develop well here. The school rightly focuses on academic achievement, however it also has a strong focus on the emotional and social development of every child. Behaviour management is a strength of the school. Children are always polite and courteous . They love to show off their work and talk with pride about their achievements. Round Diamond is a school of which each and everyone of us can be proud.

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