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From Monday 21st September pick up times will be slightly later. Yrs 1-6 staggered pick up from 3.25 to 3.35. Reception staggered pick up from 3.20 to 3.30. Nursery will continue to pick up at 11.30 (morning Nursery) 3.30 (afternoon Nursery)

Course Feedback




Safeguarding Culture not Compliance - Helen Jones


This was a great opportunity to evaluate my practice.


Absolutely outstanding - just what I needed!



Inclusive Classrooms - Helen Jones


As an NQT I found this course to be informative, allowing discussion and reflection on what is good practise.


Helen is incredibly knowledgeable and communicates effectively.


Effective Subject Leadership - Helen Jones


Provided a thorough and informed exploration of Subject Leadership that inspired, changed and developed confidence.


Essential for subject leaders to prepare for Ofsted.


Challenging Conversations - Karin Horowitz


Fantastic to be able to observe, be part of and reflect on a real life challenging conversation.


Really informative, interactive and inspiring.


Teach Outstanding P.E - Dan Stephenson


The best PE training I've ever had! Really enlightening on many levels. 


Finally a training session where I leave with things to try and work on!


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