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Reminder end of term Thursday 22nd July - 2 p.m. finish!

Course Feedback




Safeguarding Culture not Compliance - Helen Jones


This was a great opportunity to evaluate my practice.


Absolutely outstanding - just what I needed!



Inclusive Classrooms - Helen Jones


As an NQT I found this course to be informative, allowing discussion and reflection on what is good practise.


Helen is incredibly knowledgeable and communicates effectively.


Effective Subject Leadership - Helen Jones


Provided a thorough and informed exploration of Subject Leadership that inspired, changed and developed confidence.


Essential for subject leaders to prepare for Ofsted.


Challenging Conversations - Karin Horowitz


Fantastic to be able to observe, be part of and reflect on a real life challenging conversation.


Really informative, interactive and inspiring.


Teach Outstanding P.E - Dan Stephenson


The best PE training I've ever had! Really enlightening on many levels. 


Finally a training session where I leave with things to try and work on!


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