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YEAR 5/6 MIXED FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - 12th & 15th October 2021

MATCH REPORT - By Joshua (Year 6) 

When we arrived at Marriott's we knew that our first game was against Giles. When kick off started, we were the better side as we kept pushing, then eventually Micah scored to put us ahead. Giles weren't going to give up and they pushed but couldn't get past our goalkeeper Harrison. We won that match 1-0. Our next game was to be a difficult one against Martins Wood. 

When kick off started, Martins would were the better side as we couldn't get the ball out of our half. Then we conceded a goal and knew we had to score as the match was drawing to a close. We got the ball as their keeper miss kicked it and w had a great chance to draw level, but the shot missed wide. Our next opponent was Codicote, we had to win or we were out. They were the toughest opponents yet because they had not lost. As they got kick off, one of their players pinged the ball to their winger who sent a dangerous cross that resulted in a goal.

We fought to get back but failed and we were out of the tournament. 

All players enjoyed themselves and were happy representing the school . 

Y5/6 GIRLS FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - 8th October 2021

MATCH REPORT - By Leah (Year 6) 

On Friday 8th October, me and multiple others in year 5 and 6 went to a football tournament held at Marriots astro turf. 

We played around 4-6 matches, and even though we drew most of the games 0-0, we had lots of fun! Some of the teams we played against were: The Leys, Trotts Hill and St Nicholas.

On our way there, we went on the school minibus and when we got theere lots of the teams were already practicing, so we played this passing game. We all had to stand in a circle, then one of us had to pass, then we had to pass it to another person.

Each of the matches we played lasted 10 minutes and the first one we played, none of us won - the score was 0-0.

That was the same for most of the other matches but we really enjoyed it. 

To conclude, we had lots of fun and although we didn't win and I think I speak for everyone, it was an experience all of us will keep with us forever! 



Autumn 2021


National Fitness Day – Wednesday 22nd September



Before school at 8.30am and after school at 3.30pm on Wednesday 22nd September there will be a fitness session similar to workout Wednesday held last term.

How do you get involved? Come to the all-weather pitch at either 8.30am or 3.30pm (or both!) for 10-15 minutes of fitness fun!

At the end of the session return to your grown up on the KS2 playground. 



The team from O'Keefe class won the SSFT competition and have now won the county gold medal scoring the most amount of points from all schools in Hertfordshire!  - Well done! 

SSFT Year 6 Girls Netball Festival

Thursday 15th July saw the return to face to face competition 😊. Year 6 girls did Round Diamond proud at Marriotts school finishing in 3rd place. 

SSFT Virtual Tri Golf Competition - Year 4

Congratulations to Year 4’s - they have won the virtual Tri Golf competition with 180 points  


Congratulations to year 3 and year 4 who took part in a virtual rapid fire cricket competition during the last few weeks. 

Year 3 finished in 11th and 12th place.

Year 4 finished 1st and 2nd with 251 and 248 points respectively. 


Well done to everyone who has taken part so far - we are now into our second week of virtually travelling to Tokyo. If you haven't had a go yet, there is still time - the challenge goes on until Friday 9th July. 

Motivating Mondays - walk/run challenge 

Tennis ball Tuesdays - lots of activities with a tennis ball

Workout Wednesdays - Fitness exercises 

Thinking Thursdays - Yoga

Fun Fridays - Dance / aerobic activities 



Congratulations to St. George who won the overall competition (from year R- year 6) with 3919 points narrowly winning from St Patrick with 3909 points!! 



Year 4 had great fun taking part in a virtual tri golf competition. The children worked in teams of 10 to achieve as many points as possible in 3 different golf challenges. These activities helped the children learn personal qualities such as co-operation, honesty and respect. Each team scored themselves and had to work as a team to retrieve the ball after every shot so that they could get as many goes as possible in 5 minutes. 

TRAVEL TO TOKYO ACTIVE CHALLENGE - Week commencing 14th June 2021

Well done to everyone that has taken part this week. We have now completed 5 out of the 20 days to virtually travel to Tokyo for the start of the Olympic and Paralympic games. More activity on the all-weather pitch every morning at 8.30am next week.




During our cross curricular days, the children experienced a range of sports and activities based around Olympic and Paralympic sports.

There were 6 activities that helped to improve agility, balance and co-ordination. The children scored points for how quick they ran, how far they jumped, points individually and as a team to score for their house. 

The activities were: 

1. Judo/Wrestling 

2. Shooting

3. Canoeing 

4. Standing Long Jump / Sprint race

5. Triathlon

6. Badminton

The children had lots of fun - take a look at the photos and videos below to see how each activity worked.

The winning house will be announced shortly.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video




Children in year R enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of activities. They took part in a sprint, hurdles and agility ladders race, practiced their dribbling, balancing and aiming skills. 

Most of the activities were designed by the Year 6 sports crew and they also led these activities for the children.



From Monday 14th June, we will be doing a Travel to Tokyo active challenge to promote being active and travel virtually to Tokyo in Japan where the Olympics/ Paralympics are due to take place in July this year.

Every day for 4 weeks at 8.30am there will be activities on the all-weather pitch for the children to join in with. Please send them down to the all-weather pitch as soon as you arrive and wait on the KS2 playground. At the end of the activity, all children will return to you before going in to their classes.

Your child can join in for as many days as they would like to. If you can’t make this before school event, your child can still take part by doing 15 minutes of physical activity at home.

For more information see the attached document below - maps can be printed at home or ask your class teacher if you would like one 



Great to see so many children getting active this morning and joining in with the 1 mile challenge on the KS1 field. Really well done to everyone. 

Stevenage Twin Towns Challenge

How active are you?

Why not take part in the Stevenage Twin Towns challenge to find out how far you can travel in 6 weeks? 



We would like to invite you all to join us on an active travel challenge, clocking up 13,945 km it would take to travel point to point from Stevenage to each of our 4 Twin Towns across the world: Autun in France, Ingelheim in Germany, Shymkent in Kazakhstan and Kadoma in Zimbabwe.  Stevenage Sporting Futures Team are working in collaboration with Stevenage Borough Council and the Young People’s Healthy Hub and it would be amazing to see all of our Stevenage Schools and the community taking part in any way they can.

Each of the Stevenage Twin Town Challengers would take part by completing as many km of active travel as possible. This could include walking, running, cycling, scooting, skating etc and the km will be totalled up to see if it is possible to travel the complete distance to all 4 towns. 

There will be certificates awarded to the schools for each stage reached in kilometres:

·         Stage 1 will be the Bronze award if you travel from Stevenage in the UK and reach Autun in France – 940km.

·         Stage 2 will be the Silver award if you travel from Autun in France on to Ingelheim in Germany – 436km.

·         Stage 3 will be the Gold award if you then travel from Ingelheim in Germany on to Shymkent in Kazakhstan – 4,683km.

·         Stage 4 will be the Platinum award if you travel from Shymkent in Kazakhstan on to the 4th Twin Town, Kadoma in Zimbabwe – 7,886km.

There will be prize vouchers awarded to the top 3 schools whose pupils have actively travelled the furthest, so the more people who take part, the more chance your school has of winning. These prizes have generously been given by Councillor Richard Henry and Councillor Jackie Hollywell from Stevenage Borough Council and we would like to thank them both for their contributions. 

Stevenage Borough Council- Cycle paths

As part of the Twin Town challenge, you may choose to cycle to different destinations within Stevenage. On the Stevenage Borough Council website below, there are several maps that can be used which highlight all the cycle routes within Stevenage.  Can you plan your own route and challenge yourself to cycle to different areas of Stevenage?



STOOP offer different walking opportunities that you can complete while partaking in the Stevenage Twin Towns Walking challenge. On their website they offer different walking challenges and routes that you can take part in. How many of the challenges can you complete?


Each week - write down how many kilometres you have travelled by walking, jogging, running, cycling or scooting. Let Miss Hall know your scores - How far can Round Diamond travel altogether? 



Year 1 and 2 are currently taking part in a virtual speed stacks competition organised by Stevenage Sporting Futures. Each child has a go to do four different challenges 

1) Build a tower

2) The 3-3-3 stack

3) Bowling 

4) Agility stack

The children score points for each activity and these are added up to see who has the best score for all four activities. The winning year 1 girl and boy and the winning year 2 girl and boy will represent the school in the competition. 

See photos of some of the challenges below: 


As part of our learning in school and online the KS2 children have been learning about a range of inclusive sports such as goalball, boccia, badminton, sitting volleyball and new age kurling. 

These activities required the children to think about how to change their technique and begin to appreciate the disadvantages faced by others when taking part in a range of sports.

Here are the year 4 children enjoying boccia, goalball and badminton.

** YEARS 3,4,5,6 VIRTUAL FITNESS CHALLENGE** - February 2021

Well done to everyone that took part in this competition as part of your PE lessons/ at home or at school.

You all did brilliantly and showed lots of determination and perseverance to improve your scores.

Congratulations to the following who were the 'most improved' with their scores over the 5 fitness exercises.

Year 3 - Indiana-Mae / Ethan

Year 4 - Abi W / Jenson

Year 5 - Emma / Ethan H

Year 6 - Imaan/ Ayodeji



Well done to everyone who logged their activity and got out to exercise - the results are below:

Year 1 - 1086 mins (18hours06) Year 2 - 122 mins (2hours 02) Year 3 - 793 mins (13hours13) Year 4 -459 mins (7hours39) Year 5 - 0 mins Year 6 - 382 mins (6 hours27)

KS1 winners - Year 1

KS2 winners - Year 3

Amazing amount of exercise from all of you - but our activity champions (doing the most time exercising are George (Year 1) with an amazing 8hours 07..and Elizabeth P in KS2 with 10hours! Runners up were very close with Thomas B (Year 4) achieving 6hours09 and Leo (Year 3) achieving 6hours 05.

LIVE PE with Mr Donkin 

Hi everyone .. the links have had to change 
Please find the links below for the Live PE Lessons during half term below. Hope lots of you can join Mr Donkin keeping active. 
10am start every day. 

Monday -
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 
Friday - 

Your fitness battle will go live from 8 am Monday morning on your year group page 🙂




Every weekday during February half term - join Mr Donkin for live PE on at 10am.



Each day you will have chance to earn 'minutes' for your year group in a battle to see which year group will come out on top

To earn minutes, your time starts when you leave the house and finishes when you get back home completing one of the listed exercises below
- Walk
- Run
- Cycle
- Scooter

When you have completed your form of exercise, you need to go on to your spreadsheet (on your year group classwork page - google classrooms)  and add your number of minutes under your name and day you have completed on.

Example, if on Monday I cycled for 35 minutes, I would load up the spreadsheet, find Mr.Donkin and type 35.

You are only allowed to enter numbers in your name (we can see who's typed!!!)

Good luck


Who will be crowned the most active year group in school?



Over February half term you can join Mr Donkin for Live PE every week day at 10am. Details of how to join to follow



Well done to everyone that has taken part in the Stevenage Sporting Futures Virtual competitions this term. We have entered teams in the following:

  • Year 4 & Year 5 Virtual Basketball skills competition
  • Year 3 & Year 4 Virtual Multi-Skills challenge
  • Years 3 - 6 - Virtual Fitness challenge - This challenge is all about how much you can improve your score over a period of time (personal best). There is still time to complete this challenge - send your scores through to Miss Hall by the end of the half term.


We will find out the results for all these competitions after half term.



Well done to Year 5 cheetahs - they have logged lots of physical activity and they have virtually reached Paris!! Can the other teams (year groups) catch them up?

To log any form of exercise that you have done - visit
Select you team (year group) and log what you did. 

Which team will be the first to reach Athens in Greece? 



Lots of fun and family competition playing active noughts and crosses. One of last weeks PE challenges - well done to everyone that got active.

PE LOCKDOWN CHALLENGES - Week beginning 18th January

Bronze Award = 1 challenge completed

Silver Award = 3 challenges completed 

Gold Award = 5 challenges completed 

Platinum Award = 5 challenges completed in 5 weeks





Challenge 1 

Go for a bike or scooter ride (15 minutes minimum)


Challenge 2 

Play the active noughts and crosses game (see link)


Challenge 3 

Go for a 1 mile walk or jog with a family member 


Challenge 4 

Play rolling penalties (see link of how to play)– who can score the most from your household?


Challenge 5 

Play ‘balance time’ or ‘sequence champions’ – Get creative, can you make your own gymnastics routine to perform to your household – Remember to be safe and make sure you have a large area free from furniture or objects before you start



Please ensure you have typed ‘done’ in the checkbox when you have completed a challenge, and you have submitted your sheet at the end of the week so we can give out awards accordingly. 

Links for the games will appear in your google classroom on Monday morning. Year 5 Lockdown challenges will be in your afternoon learning page this week.

Hope you have lots of fun - Keep active, stay safe.


Round Diamond Primary School PE Weekly Challenges 
Each week, we will set 5 challenges for you to complete to help you keep you active and feeling good during this lockdown period. You can find these challenges every Monday in your Google Classrooms under PE Lockdown Challenges. Years R, 2, 3 you will find these on your year group pages. All other year groups, these will be in your class pages. When you have completed the challenge, you need to mark ‘done’ in the checkbox in the document, and make sure your form is submitted at the end of the week.  
Bronze Award = 1 challenge completed 
Silver Award = 3 challenges completed  
Gold Award = 5 challenges completed  
Platinum Award = 5 challenges completed in 5 weeks 
Tokyo Challenge 

You can also log any activity you do on the Travel to Tokyo page:
Which year group can be the most active? Have fun !
Activity Packs
We have created some activity packs with different exercises and tasks for children to do should they wish to further learning. 


To finish our learning in Basketball and Tag Rugby we played an intra house competition. The children showed good sportsmanship by scoring their own matches and working together as a team.

The winners were:

Year 4 Basketball - St George

Year 5 Basketball - St. Patrick

Year 6 Basketball - St. Andrew 

Year 6 Tag Rugby - St. David

Well done to all the children.


The children took part in a Santa Dash round our all weather pitch joining children up and down the whole country taking part at the same time.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


During the second half of the Autumn term, children in year 1 & 2 took part in 4 personal challenges as part of Stevenage Sporting Futures Inter School virtual competitions.

Thanks to the Sports Crew, who helped to count and record the children’s scores.

The challenges were:

  1. Speed Bounce – how many bounces can you do in 20 seconds?
  2. Stork challenge – how long can you balance on each leg (upto 15 seconds)?
  3. Standing Long Jump – how far can you jump?
  4. Colour Targets challenge – how many points can you score by throwing under arm onto numbered targets?


Still image for this video
The children had lots of fun learning cricket skills and playing fun games.


Still image for this video


The children are keeping fit and healthy at break times using the new playground equipment and improving their balance and hand-eye co-ordination.

FIT KIDZ GO - Year 4 

As part of Year 4s PE this half term they will be taking part in a range of fitness challenges to improve balance, agility, co-ordination, speed and strength. 


Week commencing 2/11/20 - This week the Year 5s took part in the second part of the Virtual football competition. This was a passing challenge. The children passed the ball as many times as they could in pairs in 30 seconds and this score was recorded. These scores will then be added to the agility dribbling challenge scores. 


Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd October - The year 5s and 6s took part in the first part of the virtual football competition. Each player dribbled round a 7 x 7 x7 triangle as fast as they could. The fastest 4 girls and 4 boys will be entered into the virtual competition with SSFT.

Next part of the competition is to make as many passes as possible in 30 seconds.

Thank you to members of the sports crew who helped to time and run this competition.


Thursday 22nd October 2020 - It was Year 4s turn to take part in an intra house football tournament. The children enjoyed being competitive and took part with lots of enthusiasm. The winning house on this occasion was St. Patrick's with St. George's in second place.


It was another close competition in the year 5 Intra house football, with St Patrick narrowly defeating St David's by 1 point. Well done to all the children for great teamwork and sportsmanship.


Week commencing 19/10/20

This week to finish our invasion games learning on football, years 4,5 and 6 are taking part in an intra house competition. Houses score 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. In year 6, St. David's narrowly came out on top beating St. Andrew's by 1 point! Well done to all the children, great determination and sportsmanship from all the teams. 

Mini Marathon 2020

Still image for this video
Round Diamond children on the BBC marathon coverage

September 2020

What a brilliant week it's been. Many children have started and some have already finished the virtual Mini London marathon running 2.6miles around our school all weather pitch. Well done everyone, keep it up. A fantastic achievement.


Mini London Marathon

March 2020

In a hugely entertaining cup match against Martins Wood School our girls played some super football with a lot of passion and commitment. With the support from parents and staff RD went ahead in just a couple of minutes. Holding on to a 1 - 0 lead is never an easy thing to do and with MW piling on the pressure they equalised with 10secs to go. Extra Time Now. Both schools had chance to win the match at this stage but the Goal keepers from both teams kept denying all chance going towards goal. Penalties WOW - Our girls have never experienced this before and were nervous. Not a nice way to finish a match but cup competitions needs a winner on the day. Brave girls from both schools steps up a takes their shot. Goals, Saves, Off the post, Off  the crossbar this shootout had everything. Then tension from the parents was intense but the roar from everyone when RD came through as WINNERS was electric.   

March 2020

Schools Football report

Our boys teams played in some very difficult football matches lately. Not because of the opposition but against mother nature (The weather) In powerful winds that blew the football right off the pitch and rain that hit us hard the boys battled on to complete their matches. Although theses games for the teachers and parents was toucher the boys loved every minute of it. RD are playing well and continuing to get positive performances and results. All are looking forwards to the next lot of fixtures.   

February 2020

Community sports links with Stevenage Town Fc 

Our year 5 classes have the privilege of Stevenage Town FC Coaches visiting every Monday for a period of six weeks to deliver the Pass and Move programme. In this programme the children will learn how to lead a healthy active lifestyle along with many fun ways to be active at break/lunchtimes and also at home. 




6th December 2019

School Games Table Tennis County Finals

Today, our table tennis team who won the Stevenage finals, traveled to Edge Grove School, Watford for the county finals. It was a very challenging afternoon, with the champions from multiple areas in the county all desperate to be crowned county champion. Round Diamond had a very good start to the morning, going 12 wins - 0 losses in the group stage. We then progressed on to the semi-final which saw RD win 3-1. In the final we were up against Edge Grove school who have been county champions for the past 5 years running, but we are delighted to announce that Round Diamond are Hertfordshire champions for the under 11 age group!! We now go on to represent Hertfordshire in the zone finals which are held in Tower Hamlets on the 18th January.


Congratulations and well done to all of the table tennis players at Round Diamond for this great achievement. 


19th November 2019

Football v The Leys

Today, we hosted our first round of the Stevenage Cup against The Leys. Our cup run hopes shined throughout the game, which spurred us on through the game alongside our consistent determination and perseverance. It turned out to be a high scoring match with RD scoring SIX goals which led us to win the match 6-1 and progress to the next round of the cup which is to be announced soon. Well done to the boys for their fantastic team work and togetherness.

8th November 2019

Girls Football v Giles

Our year 5/6 girls football team traveled to the Giles for a friendly match today.  For some of our girls, it was their first time representing Round Diamond, so a very well done to those girls for the achievement. It was a close match throughout the whole 40 minutes, but Round Diamond came out victorious, winning the match 3-2. Well done to all of the girls who took part and thank you to the adults for their continued support.

7th November 2019

Table Tennis Festival

Today, one of our Round Diamond TT teams went to the Barclay School to play in the Stevenage Finals. Most school's from Stevenage were in attendance to take RD's crown that they have held for the past 4 years in a row. It was a challenging afternoon which resulted in a playoff final between Round Diamond and Giles to be crowned champion of Stevenage. Round Diamond won the final 4-0 and were crowned champion of Stevenage for the 5th year running! 


Round Diamond now advance to the county finals (6th December), representing Stevenage, and look to progress in the competition further than they ever have before and hold hopes of progressing to the national finals representing Hertfordshire.

6th November 2019

Football v Codicote 

After school, we traveled away to Codicote for our Division 1 football match. It was our opening game of the season so it was vital that we left the game with at least a point. It was a very challenging match, in poor conditions, so it was a big challenge for RD. It was a cagey match with both teams desperately trying to score, but Round Diamond got themselves a 1-0 lead and held it for the majority of the match. Codicote then fired back in the last few minutes of the game to grab themselves a point. The match finished 1-1 and the points were shared. Thank you to all of the adults for their support this evening.

24th October 2019

Table Tennis v Giles

Today, we hosted a table tennis friendly match against the Giles. Some brilliant table tennis skills were on display, and it showed in the close and exciting matches that were played. At the end of the event, we tallied up the scores and found that Round Diamond were successful and won the friendly. Well done to all of the boys who took part!

18th October 2019

Basketball Match v Giles

This afternoon, Round Diamond School hosted the Giles to a very competitive basketball match. It was the first time that either team had played this season, so both teams were raring to go. Round Diamond got off to a quick start, finishing the first half 18-6 ahead. However, the second half, Giles came out very determined to win the match. The final result ended 26-22 to the Giles, a very entertaining match. Congratulations to Giles and well done to all of the RD children for their efforts.

3rd October 2019

Tag Rugby v Giles

Today, we hosted the Giles to a friendly tag rugby match. Both teams showed great amounts of determination and perseverance to keep on scoring try's. Both matches ended with a very high scoring scoreline. Well done to all children who participated!


14th June 2019

Girls Football (Year 4/5) v Giles School


On Friday, some of our year 4 and 5 girls went to The Giles for a football match. For most of the girls, it was their first time representing RD's football team but that did not show at all. With some superb team togetherness, and team play, we managed to be successful with a 1-0 win. Well done and congratulations to all of the girls who were involved. Thank you to the parents and carers for their continued support.





What a cup final to be apart of. Our team played against Bedwell School in the final of the schools cup last week taking the lead in the match within 10 seconds ⚽️😃⚽️ Wow what a start. This game was always going to be tough as Bedwell haven’t lost a football match in 2 years. The match was end to end with some outstanding performances from both teams. At half time the teams were level at 1-1. One half of football to go, one more final effort from our team, one more final push to keep competing in this final. Our team gave everything and everyone at Round Diamond School was delighted with the girls and there efforts. We lost the match 2-1 unfortunately but to everyone at RD the way these girls have applied themselves and contually showed a positive attuide towards football was amazing. 


GOAL BALL - Our year 2 children participating in the Rising Stars GOAL BALL festival

Friday 10th May

On Friday some of our year 3 boys participated in a football tournament at Bedwell School. The boys showed great determination and fair play, alongside their skills and abilities on show. Well done to the boys and thank you to the parents for their continued support.

10th May 2019




WE DID IT 😄😃😀 We won the school girls football league 👍 An amazing achievement by the our girls 👌

Everyone at the school is delighted with the team and also looking forwards to the cup final on Friday 17th May at Bedwell School from 3:45pm - All are welcome to come and support the girls in the final 🤞⚽️🤞


RD vs Shephallbury Park School 

A very entertaining games with plenty of goals and super goalkeeping on show. 


Competing in the Schools Hockey Festival at Nobel School

Our team had a fantastic experience and enjoyed trying something new. 

Thursday 14th March 


After a very entertaining 2-2 draw with Fairlands School on Monday in the league our Girls team have had an incredible week of Football and yesterday's 18 - 0 win in the cup was outstanding. The team played some great Football at times and some very good individual performance were on show. Here's to the next round ⚽️👍⚽️.


Still image for this video

Thursday 7th March


RD are the WINNERS of the Sporting Futures Tag Rugby competition. This is the first ever Rugby event we have won in the schools history. Everyone at school is extremely proud with our Rugby team but more so with the way our team conducted themselves. Excellent levels of sportsmanship and appreciation towards officials and oppersition teams. 

Wednesday 6th March 


A great win on Monday vs The Leys School. Both teams played extremely well and all the Girls and Staff would like to thank you for your support. 


The games are coming thick and fast now we are heading towards the end of the season. Round Diamond are currently top of the league and in the quarter final of the cup against Camps Hill School on Wednesday 13th March at RD. All your support is welcome. 


week our year 6 girls football team played a competitive football match v Mossbury. It was a great game to watch as our girls played some very attractive football. Well done to all girls involved.

Round Diamond vs Peartree Spring was an entertaining match played very well by both teams.

Stevenage Girls' District Team

The Stevenage District Girls' Football match took place last Saturday.

4 members of the team were from Round Diamond and represented Stevenage schools v Wokingham.

Katie captained the girls to a 3-2 win also scoring one of the goals. Well done to all the players and

it is great to see our pupils taking their sports up in their own time.  

Netball Club


Great Netball training session with this super group today. Our Netball after school club is gaining confidence and showing great team work and togetherness. 

Our table tennis champions...


🏆🥇KS2 Table Tennis Champions 🏓🏆🥇

Congratulations to our Key Stage 2 table tennis teams. 
We were represented by children from years 3-6 in the Rising Stars Table Tennis competition at Stevenage Leisure Centre. 

Both teams played exceptionally well and came away overall winners in their age group. 

We are extremely proud of them and were complimented on their performances and sportsmanship by the organisers.

2019 Stevenage Girls’ District players

After gruelling trials, 4 of our Year 6 girls football players, were selected to represent Stevenage in the district team. They will play a number of other districts as part of the 14 player squad.


We are very proud of their achievements. 

Year 3 Football

21 / 1 /19

RD year 3 Football match vs Lodge farm School  


Our first all Year 3 football match was played this week and what a game it was!


The team were very excited to represent our school and show off their football skills. Both teams played some fantastic football and the level of commitment was outstanding. We were delighted with the response from the team who showed great sportsmanship and their behaviour was exceptional.




Welcome back!

The PE staff at Round Diamond School would like to wish everyone a happy new year and welcome back to school. The PE team would like to take this opportunity to ensure everyone that PE will still take place throught the cold weather both inside and outside, and therefore would like to remind you as to what the current PE kit expectations are:

- Pullover jumper (no zips or hoodies)
- Plain white shirt or RD house PE shirt (which can be bought from the office)

- Plain black or navy shorts
- Plain black or navy jogging bottoms

- Trainers (no plimsolls or sandals)
- Waterproof coat


We'd also like to suggest the following for your child, but are NOT complusory:

- Shin pads

- Navy Long/Football socks

- Woolly hat

- Winter gloves (can be worn in lessons but not during activities for safety reasons)

- Skins


PE kit is required to be in school Monday-Friday. This is so if your child has been selected for a surprise activity, match or an extra-curricular excercise, they will have their kit to take part.


We are due to have a very busy term - filled with a lot of football, netball and basketball league fixtures as well as sporting futures and cluster schools competitions. It is very important for parents/carers to get their childs' permission letter back to school ASAP after recieving it so we can have these competitions and leagues run smoothly.


We thank you all for your cooperation and hope you all have a lovely year.



County Finals Table Tennis

On Friday our boys table tennis team that won the Stevenage tournament travelled to Edge Grove School, Watford to participate and represent Stevenage in the county finals. It was a very challenging competition, with some of the best players in the county taking part. Overall, Round Diamond came 4th out of 7th. It's a very big achievement for the boys, coming 4th in Hertfordshire, and we look forward to seeing if we can improve the result further next year.

County Finals Basketball

On Thursday, our basketball team competed in the county finals basketball tournament. It was a very exciting and competitive afternoon, with many talented players displaying their skills. Round Diamond showed great determination throughout the afternoon, which overall game them 3rd place in Hertfordshire. Well done to the RD Basketball team!


Year 5/6 Football Match v Almond Hill

On Monday, Round Diamond hosted Almond Hill Primary School to a league football match. Almond Hill came out fast and scored 2 goals within the first few minutes of the game. However, the RD boys did not let that distract them as they showed great determination throughout the match to come out of the game victorious with a 3-2 win. Well done boys!


District EFL Trophy Tournament

RD’s Year 5/6 boys football team attended the District EFL Trophy tournament on Friday, and we’re proud to say we were SUCCESSFUL! After a very physical and challenging afternoon, the determination and perseverance from the boys drove them on and they were crowned champions after winning the Final, that was decided on a penalty shootout.
The boys now progress on to their next challenge which is the Regional EFL Trophy Tournament which will be played at Swindon Town FC in March.
It’s a huge achievement for all of the boys who took part and they should all be very proud.


Year 5/6 Football v Roebuck

On Monday, we hosted Roebuck to a year 5/6 football match. It was a challenging match against a good opposition in not the best of weather conditions. The Round Diamond boys showed their great determination and perseverance throughout the match despite the score line. It was an entertaining, high-scoring match. Well done to all of the boys who played.


Year 5/6 Stevenage Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday, our year 5/6 basketball team travelled to Barnwell school to compete in the annual Stevenage Basketball Tournament. Our year 5 and 6's had to play a lot of matches against other schools to get to the knockout stages. It was a very challenging afternoon against many of the best young basketball talents in Stevenage, but for the third year running RD have retained the Stevenage title by beating Bedwell School in the final and now progress on to compete in the county finals representing Stevenage. Congratulations to the basketball team!


Year 5/6 Football v Giles

On Thursday we played a challenging match against the Giles. It turned out to be a very close contest with all players on both teams playing with great determination and perseverance in the weather conditions. The score finished 1-0 to Giles but a performance the RD boys should be proud of. Well done!


SSFT Table Tennis Competition

On Wednesday, the Round Diamond table tennis teams went to Barnwell School to compete for the Stevenage championship. Both the Round Diamond girl and boy team performed extremely well throughout the morning. The girls achieved a very well deserved 3rd place and the Round Diamond boys team retained the Stevenage Table Tennis Championship for the 4th academic year in a row. The boys will now progress on to play in the County Finals and represent Stevenage on December 7th in Watford.



Football v Longmeadow

Monday saw us hold two games against Longmeadow. Both games had a high intensity and a lot of hard work from both RD teams lead to positive outcomes. Our Division 1 team found themselves 3-0 down to then come back to draw 3-3, whilst our division 3 team saw them being 2-0 which they came back to win 3-2. Great perseverance from both sides and deserved the results they got.

Rising Stars Lacrosse Competition

On Thursday some of our Year 6 children participated in the annual Rising Stars Lacrosse Tournament. Our two teams that played were very successful, achieving 2nd and 3rd place overall. Congratulations to all the boys and girls who played.


Virtual Speed Stacking Competition

Today the Sports Crew hosted the time trials to qualify for the SSFT School Games Speed Stacking Competition. The fastest children will be selected to go and compete at the Stevenage competition. Well done to all children who attended and competed and also the RD Sports Crew for running and organising such a brilliant event.


Year 5/6 Football v Moss Bury

On Thursday, Round Diamond hosted a division 2 match v Moss Bury. It was a challenging afternoon, however the boys did well to create the amount of scoring opportunities they did. Another performance we can take a lot of positives out from. Well done boys.

Year 5/6 Speed Stacking Competition

The Round Diamond Sports Crew organised a very fun competition for years 5 and 6. Many children attended and tested their own skills against the clock, trying to improve their times on different kinds of stacking formations. The Sports Crew thank everyone who attended and hope to see you and many more at the next event!


Year 5/6 Football v Peartree

Our division 1 football team showed great team spirit and determination throughout the game against Peartree , despite the challenging opposition we were up against. Mr Wickens was proud of the effort that all of the boys gave for the whole 40 minutes. Well done boys!

2018-2019 Welcome Back


The PE Team would like to welcome back everyone to school for the new academic year. Mr Stephenson, Mr Wickens and Mr Irving have been working very hard over the summer so everyone continues to get their outstanding lessons and opportunities.


Our PE/Sporting clubs are scheduled to start the week commencing the 17th September so please bring back your club choice letters to the school office ASAP!


PE lessons will start on the 5th September so we would like to also remind all parents/carers and children of the PE kit that is expected in school. School PE kit consists of a plain pullover jumper (no hoodies or zips), a plain white shirt or RD badge PE shirt which you can purchase from the school office, plain black or navy shorts, plain black or blue jogging bottoms and trainers (no plimsolls or sandals please). We would also strongly suggest that everyone should have a waterproof coat in school, especially during the Autumn and Spring term as PE will still take place throughout the winter.


It is important that PE kit is brought in to school on Monday morning, and does not leave school until Friday afternoon at the end of the day. This is so your child will not potentially miss out on any PE time and/or events due to emergency changes.


Even though the following is not essential, we additionally have put together a list that we recommend children to have so they are ready for all different types of lessons:

- Shin pads (if your child is taking part in football club, then it is compulsory that your child wears shin pads)

- Football socks

- Woolly hat

- Winter gloves

- Skins


Finally, the PE Team would like to wish everyone a successful year of learning ahead.





Early Year Sports Day

Friday morning, the nursery and reception children participated in their sports day. The children were challenged with skill-based activities and a flat race for the finale. Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who came to support.


Our Year 3/4 tennis team who were successful and won the Stevenage tournament earlier in the year, made their way to represent Stevenage in the tennis county finals. It proved to be an exciting day with lots of tennis talent from around the county and a lot of close, competitive matches. Our Round Diamond team made it to the final which resulted in RD finishing 2nd in Hertfordshire! An achievement our team should be very proud of indeed.


Today Round Diamond School hosted a year 3/4 football friendly against Trotts Hill. For many players on both teams, it was their first time to play for the school so it was a great time to showcase their skills on both teams. All players from Round Diamond School played some very determined, quality football, which led to RD being victorious with a 6-1 win. Well done to all boys who took part.

22 - 6 - 18

Today we held our Round Diamond School World Cup tournament. We held the tournament to close our cross curricular days, which were enjoyed by all. After many hours of football being played, the overall winners of the World Cup were Iran! Well done to the Iran players and all of the children who took part, showing your superb school values.


Today we had our PE house event. The house event was based around the commonwealth games and every child showed great elements of the school values. A very enjoyable afternoon for all.


On Thursday our year 6's attended the annual dragon boating tournament. It was a very long, tiring day but our year 6's showed great determination in every race they took part in. We reached the quarter finals and lost in an extremely close race, however our year 6's showed brilliant sportsmanship and congratulated the other team who went on to win the competition. Well done Year 6 dragon boaters!

One of our many boys football teams had a tremendous cup run, which saw them reach the final of the Stevenage Schools Cup. The match proved to be a very physical and challenging game, filled with very talented players on both sides. Despite losing the match, the Round Diamond team can leave with their heads held high as they had a terrific season and should be proud of their achievements. Well done on a brilliant season boys!

2 - 5 - 18

On the 2nd of May we attended a hockey quicksticks festival. Our two year 6 teams showed all of the skills they had been learning with their hockey coach in the last half term and performed very well. One of our teams got to the final with some excellent results and performances, and came 2nd place out of 14 schools. A very successful afternoon for our two Round Diamond hockey teams.

1 - 5 - 18


Our football team were overjoyed in making it to the final of the boys cup competition this week. In a very competitive semi final RD won the match 1 - 0 to reach the final. The match was against Longmeadow School who are a strong team with District players and a competitive team too. Our team stood up to everything that our opposition had to throw at us. We played some great football at times and deservedly got the winning goal through some brilliant passing and moving skills. I am delighted with our team and their dedication to perform well for Round Diamond School. Many thanks go to our parents for their support throughout this cup run. We look forward to the final now on 18th May.


This week our football team travelled to Shephallbury Park School for a football match. Our team played creative football and worked extremely hard as a team. The final result was 8-1 to Round Diamond. There were some outstanding individual performances which contributed to us winning the game. Thank you to all parents for your support.


Our girls football team played against Peartree Spring in a highly contested game. Both teams gave their all and showed great determination to get a positive result. RD ran out 3-0 winners and again we had some fantastic individual performances. As a team we are getting stronger and have a great work ethic to work together.


Up and coming events:

- Hockey quicksticks festival

- Boys football semi-final

- Netball match v Bedwell

- Netball match v Knebworth

- Football match v Broom Barns


23 - 3 - 18

The Quarter finals of the Football Girls cup was played this week at Round Diamond School. RD VS ST. VINCENT.

With great support from both sets of parents cheering their Girls on both teams gave their everything to win the match. A very contested game with battles all over the pitch. The score finished 3 -2 to St. Vincent after extra time. I am proud of the girls for getting this far and looking forward to finishing the league in a strong position. 

23 - 3 - 18

Our Gymnastics team competed in the county finals this week at Marriott's School. Our pupils represented our school impeccably well and this was recognised by other schools too. Our year 2 group finished 6th out of 9 teams. This was a outstanding achievement for our ks1 children, They worked very hard and now learned how to perfect Gymnastics moves with skill and balance in a long sequence. I would like to express my delight for all the efforts by our ks1. Well done.


The Ks 2 Gymnastics group finished 4th out of 9 teams. An amazing amount of confidence and skill was shown by this group of Gymnasts. The ability the Children showed was exceptional and the effort from them all was outstanding. This was a real competitive competition and the standards are very high at this level. Our team took on that challenge and only missed out on achieving 3rd place by 2 points. This groups attitude and commitment was fantastic and Mr Stephenson is very proud of them.



Our division 2 football team travelled to Moss Bury on Thursday. All of our boys persevered throughout the 40 minutes despite being 2 players down for the majority of the match which was a real challenge for the Round Diamond players. Congratulations to Moss Bury as the the final result finished 9-1 to Moss Bury school. Although the result was not in our favour, Mr Wickens is proud of the teams consistent effort and determination until the final whistle.

12 -3 - 18

Last Friday our boys from years 3/4 played in a Football tournament held at Giles school. It was a fantastic opportunity for these young stars to show us their football skills and express themselves. With special awards for individual players to be won for outstanding play and sportsmanship. Our teams played some great football and impressed all the staff.


Our division 1 team played football against Trotts Hill School on Friday in match that had everything. A thrilling match that kept all the supporters entertained. Some very high levels of skills on show from both sets of players. The team work and work ethic was outstanding. We lost the match 2 - 0. However the score line didn't stop us from giving 100%. The team played very well and I was delighted with the boys. Thank you to all the parents for their support.


Our year 1 boys football team hosted Bedwell Rangers. Both teams displayed their great football skills which made the match exciting for all supporters watching. The match finished 5-3 to Bedwell Rangers. Thank you to all parents and carers for their support.


Our year 3 boys football team hosted Bedwell Rangers. The game turned out to be very entertaining with both sides showing outstanding teamwork and ability. The final score was 6-2 to Bedwell Rangers. Well done to all who participated. 


Our Girls team played a top of the table football match against Martins Wood School this week. In a 6 goal thriller Martins Wood won the match 4 - 2. The match was full of entertainment and was end to end throughout the game. The amount of chances we created but didn't take was amazing. Well done to Martins Wood.   


Some of our year 5 & 6's athletics team went to compete in the Stevenage indoor athletics competition at Barnwell School. Both the girls and boys team showed great determination throughout the afternoon. Our girls team finished 6th in Stevenage and our boys team finished 5th. Well done to all of the children who competed.

Please see what P.E lessons your child will be involved in this term. Full P.E kit to be in school Mon - Fri.
















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Friday 9th Feb 2018

Our School competed in the Sporting Futures Gymnastics competition this week. After weeks of practicing the routines at lunch times our hard work and dedication paid off as we won both the KS1 & KS2 competition. The commitment from the children was outstanding and they were delighted to tell the whole school of their achievements. We now go into the finals on the 21st March. Our team will continue to work hard and give it everything they can. I'm extremely pleased with out Gymnastics team and very proud of how they represented our school. Thank you to our parents for their support.

Thursday 8th February

Our division 2 Round Diamond football team hosted Ashtree School on Thursday. Both sides displayed a very high quality, exciting and eventful football match. The Round Diamond boys showed brilliant determination, focus and quality against an extremely strong Ashtree side which contained many talented individuals with the final result of the match being a 2-0 win in favour of Round Diamond. All boys who participated should be really proud of their efforts. Once again, a big thank you to the parents and carers for their continued support.


Wednesday 7th Feb 2018

Our Junior football team played against a very strong Walkern team this week in a game that was very entertaining. The game was end to end throughout the match. Both sides had some excellent individual players that really showed their qualities and both sets of parents were entertained. The match finished 7 - 2 to Wakern School. Thank you to all the parents for their support.  

1st February 2818

Our boys football team played against Giles school this week in a match that I gave the team a licence to go all out attack. Right from KO the team were moving the ball from left to right with speed and power on their passes. The composure on the ball to be creative was outstanding. Giles are a good strong side who gave as good as the got against us. The creative play was allowing us to make chances to shoot for goal and shoot for goal we did. We scored 6 conceded none and hit the post four times. Giles goalkeeper made some fantastic saves too. Thank you to all the parents for their support.

30th January 2018

Last week our Girls netball team played in a netball festival at Nobel School. Playing four games and winning four games. This was a friendly festival to give all the girls a chance to show their netballing ability. The festival was well managed and ran smoothly and all schools that participated had a fun and had an enjoyable afternoon of netball. Our girls represented our school very well. Showing great sportsmanship and fair play. Thank you to the parents for their support.  

26th January 2018

Our boys team played against Trotts Hill school in a fascinating match that had everything. From great passing, super attacking play and commitment from both teams. The game was end to end throughout the match and was very entertaining. Some outstanding goalkeeping too. Round Diamond finished the match 5-3 winners. I was delighted with the teams effort and commitment to work hard, dig deep and not give up even when we went behind three times. The team represented our school magnificently.
Huge thank you to all the parents for their support.

25th January 2018

This week out 3/4 football teams played a home match against Almond Hill. Two very entertaining games played with real commitment. I was delighted with the efforts of the players and very pleased with some individual performances. The Boys played some fantastic football and represented our school very well. The scores ended up 2 - 1 and 2 - 1 to RD.

23rd January 2018

Our Girls team played against Almond Hill this week in a match that the team went from strength to strength.. Both teams played some super football but I was greater pleased with the attitude and determination from our girls to perform at their highest levels. In this game we saw some super individual performances. Our passing was strong and our positional play was outstanding. The score finished 8 - 1 to RD.

18th January 2018

Our boys football match against Peartree Spring was a very rewarding game. We had a game plan that the boys responded to very well and maintained throughout the game. Our defence was solid and started most of our attacks, which allowed our wide players to find spaces and create chances to score. RD came out 4 - 2 Winners against a good Peartree team. Thank you to all the parents that supported us.

PE Update 17th January 2018

A great start to our new year of sports. Last week we had three games of Football. Our girls’ team played an entertaining game against Knebworth School. We gave the girls new challenges on the pitch and the girls work extremely hard in their new roles. We had some good movement off the ball as well as affective positive play on the ball which gave us an 8 – 1 victory.

Our second game in two days was very different. We played in the cup against a strong Lodge Farm team who battled and made it competitive right from the start. We scored the only goal of the game putting us through to the next round. Our girls did fantastically well to get this far and the support from the parents is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Our boys team played against Roebuck in a 4 – 3 thriller of a game in difficult weather conditions. The team gave everything to stay in the match and some outstanding individual performances was a delight to see. The boys can held their heads up high as they gave all they had in this game representing our school very well.

Upcoming fixtures:

Round Diamond vs Peartree 15/1/18 (Home) Boys

Round Diamond vs Almond Hill 22/1/18 (Home) Girls

Round Diamond Vs Almond Hill 24/1/18 (Home) 3/4 Boys

Before half term we had Golf sessions delivered to our year 4 classes. Mr Clarke a Golf Pro from Chesterfield Downs Golf Club had offered our pupils a chance of some Golf coaching something we have been wanting our children to take part in. Mr Clarke is back now working with our year 6 classes. The children have learned a great deal from their Golf lessons and enjoyed the chance to try out something new.

Our boys fixtures are going well. We entered into three divisions to give as many boys as possible a chance

to represent our school. We are still going well in cup competitions also.

On the 6th November our girls football team played against Woolenwick School. We have been training for a while now however

Woolenwick only a couple of weeks before this fixture had to be played. We won 10 - 1.  Both teams gave everything in this match and showed great sportsmanship throughout the game.

Round Diamond Basketball team became champions of Stevenage after winning the Sporting Futures competition on 31st October. Our team that is coached by Mr Pallant will now compete in the Herts School finals on the 4th December.
On the 31st of October our girls team had their 1st fixture of the season against the Leys school. A battling performance from our team finished  with a 4 - 1 win.

20th October

Round Diamond School hosted a Girls Football Tournament.

Image result for football


19th October

S.S.F.T. Table Tennis Tournament held at Barnwell Middle School. RD Boys Team Won, RD Girls Team came 3rd.

Image result for table tennis bats

17th October

Football match vs. Lodge Farm School at home.  Drew 2-2.

Image result for football


16th October

Football match vs. Longmeadow School at home.  Round Diamond lost 7-2.

Image result for football


13th October

Bedwell Autumn Cup Tournament Football Final - Round Diamond came 3rd.

Image result for football


11th October

Football Tournament at Bedwell School (Autumn Cup Tournament 1st Round).  Round Diamond through to finals.

Image result for football


9th October

Football match vs. Peartree Spring School at home.  Drew 0-0.

Image result for football


6th October

Football match vs. Shaphalbury Park School away.  Round Diamond won 5-1.

Image result for football


6th October

Football Tournament hosted by Round Diamond for Years 5/6.  Almond Hill School won overall.

Image result for football


5th October

Rugby Development Festival run by Stevenage Sporting Futures Team at King George playing fields for Years 3/4.

Image result for rugby ball


4th October

Football match vs. Woolenwick School away.  Round Diamond won 7-1.

Image result for football


3rd October

Girls Football match vs. Peartree Spring School away.  Round Diamond won 8-0.

Image result for football


28th September

Football match vs. The Leys School away.  Round Diamond lost 5-0.

Image result for football


19th September

Football match vs. Almond Hill School away.  Round Diamond won 6-1.

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Stevenage Sporting Futures Award Ceremony - 3.07.17


Round Diamond staff and children were delighted to achieve the following awards in last night's ceremony:

  • Primary School of the Year
  • Highly commended in Primary Schools Games Award
  • Highly commended in Stevenage Sports Ambassadors
  • Sports Mark Silver for Key Stage 1 

Gold Sports Mark, June 2017

On Wednesday, 15th March Round Diamond held a hockey tournament for cluster schools around Stevenage. We had a total of five schools participating with many teams showing off their skills in a competitive environment. Round Diamond had 2 teams and both played extremely well, they were determined throughout the afternoon which was proved by our results.


Our Year 3/4 Football match against St Vincent De Paul School on Tuesday (14th March) turned out to be a very exciting game. An early goal scored by Tomisin Oladiran gave us a lead and we then went on to win 2-1. A great team effort by the boys against a tough opposition. 

Image result for football

On Thursday 9th March our Netball team played Longmeadow School at home afterschool. The girls worked extremely well together as a team. The team kept pushing and came away with a draw of 5-5. We are proud of their determination, teamwork and sportsmanship. Well done girls keep up the good work!

Image result for netball



On Monday, 13th March we had an opportunity to play a football match against the Hertfordshire District Squad. This was a step up from all normal league games that we play. The quality of football was exceptional and the effort they put in was too. Every player worked hard to impress and be noticed. Mr Stephenson was delighted for our team and thankful to the District coaches for the opportunity for us to play against them. Thank you to the parents for your support.

Image result for football

Introducing a new sport at Round Diamond - 'Muggle Quidditch' Club for children in Years 4, 5 and 6 - starting in the Summer term

On Friday, 3rd March we played the long awaited Cup football match against Shephalbury Park School. This game was entertaining from start to finish. A game with goals, great saves from both goalies, outstanding team work and commitment from both schools. With the score at 2-2 at the end of 40mins we had to play extra time. Both sets of players gave everything they had and from a deflective cross the ball went into our net 3-2. With time not on our side now and tiredness settling in our players gave everything they had until the final whistle. This game was tough and we still kept going, the players deserve all the credit for this Cup run. Very proud of all that came to support our School. Thank you from Mr Stephenson.

Image result for football

Netball Match v Lodge Farm

Our Netball girls showed some tremendous efforts against Lodge Farm School on Monday, 20th February. There were lots of good teamwork and communication skills on display throughout the match especially at the start of the game which saw Round Diamond School take a 2-0 lead. Lodge Farm came back in the second half with strong efforts leaving the final score 2-2. Good effort to our netball girls!

Image result for netball


Football Match v The Leys

Our friendly match against the The Leys School on Tuesday, 21st February turned out to be a very exciting game. Round Diamond showed a dominating performance at the start of the game and our hard work was rewarded with a goal from Reece Wilson with a fantastic header. The second half of the game was end to end with some exciting football skills on display from both schools. The final score in the end was 2-1 in favour of The Leys but all boys who participated in the match should be proud of the efforts they gave.

Image result for football


Girls' Table Tennis Tournament

The Table Tennis Tournament on Friday, 24th February was a fun afternoon for all who participated. There were a lot of age groups at the tournament with some fantastic skills on display from all schools and all girls at the event enjoyed themselves. At the end of the afternoon there was a ceremony which announced Round Diamond finished 7th and 8th, a result which our Year 4 and 5 girls should be proud of.

Image result for table tennis bats

On Thursday, 23rd February we competed in the Stevenage Sporting Futures Indoor Athletics event at Barnwell sports centre. Our children taking part had a fantastic time competing against 9 other schools. We finished in 6th place. Our children enjoyed the challenge and all said that they would like to come back next year! Well done team RD.  





We played a great football match against Longmeadow School on Monday, 20th February. A competitive game with some outstanding football being played by both schools. Our first goal came from a corner with a super ball delivered and an even better attacking header from us to score. Longmeadow came straight back at us and levelled the scoring at 1 -1 with only 5mins gone. It was a battle with both teams giving everything, tackles, passing, shooting and some great saves by both Goalkeepers. We ended the game 7 -1 winners. Mr Stephenson was delighted with the team's effort and attitude. Now we move on to the next game.

Image result for football

We played a football league match against Camps Hill School on Wednesday, 1st February. Our team switched their formation around, tried some different tactics and did their best to play to their strengths. The game was played at a fast pace from end to end with some outstanding football from both schools. We ran out 11 - 0 winners! Well done.  Also thank you for the great support from our parents this week.

Image result for football

On Tuesday, 31st January our Year 3/4 football team continued its unbeaten run with a 9-0 win against Almond Hill School.  Although the score line was high, the players had to keep their concentration and focus for the whole game. Mr Stephenson was delighted with the team and the commitment they showed to each other.  Well done.

Image result for football

On Monday, 30th January our division 2 team played a football match against St. Margaret Clitherow School.  Our team scored eight goals and conceded none, a fantastic result and well deserved.

Image result for football


On Monday, 23rd January the Year 5/6 netball team played an away match against Codicote Primary School. Overall result was Codicote 12-6 Round Diamond. Well Done girls.

Image result for netball




Rapid Fire Cricket - Thursday, 19th January
Some Year 4 children took part in an indoor cricket festival at Barnwell School last week.  Rapid Fire Cricket is a fun and energetic way to play cricket.  The children had a fantastic time and said they can't wait until next time.

Table Tennis - Friday, 20th January
Some of our Key Stage 2 children took part in the Rising Stars Table Tennis competition at the Leisure Centre.  Both teams grew in confidence throughout the competition and showed great sportsmanship.  Our Year 3/4 team won their competition and our Year 5/6 team came 2nd by just 1 point.  Our trophy now sits on top of our trophy cabinet at school.



Table Tennis Competition - Friday, 9th December

18 schools competed in this year's Table Tennis competition in Watford. This was a fantastic event to be part of and 2 schools from Stevenage took part, Round Diamond and The Giles School. Our team consisted of Tomisin Oladiran (Turner Class), Demi Oladiran (Lowry Class), Sam Reynolds (Cliff Class) and Finley Bettles (Cliff Class) . The boys showed great individual skill and discipline to stay focused and concentrated when under pressure.  Well done boys.


Netball - Thursday 8th December

Our Netball team played a league game against Roebuck School at home. The girls were off to a flying start being 2-0 up in the first half. They stayed determined and played extremely well to have a finishing score of 6-1 win to Round Diamond. We are extremely proud of how far the girls have progressed with their skills, team tactics and outstanding teamwork this year. Superb work girls, well done!

Image result for netball


Girls Football

On Wednesday, 30th November our girls' football team played against Giles school. The team showed great football skills with a controlled performance, scoring 11 goals, conceding none.  The girls made a great effort to keep the ball under control and pass the ball around.  Well done girls.

Image result for football

On Thursday, 24th November our netball team played a match against Knebworth School at home. We were 4-2 down in the first half but the girls stayed strong and determined. They played extremely well to finish the match with a score of 7-7. Well Done girls, we are very proud of you.

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Round Up for Week Commencing 7th November

Round Diamond competed in a Tag Rugby Festival, a Sporting Futures event alongside Stevenage Rugby Club.  Our players showed courage, determination and great sportsmanship and we were voted 'team of the day'.

Image result for rugby ball


On Tuesday we played football against Woolenwick School.  The game finished 2-1 to Woolenwick and although the team were disappointed, they gave a great performance.

At Giles School on Wednesday, our Year 3/4 football team played their first game of the season.  They played with real confidence with players moving around the pitch creating space and working together.  The game finished 12-4 to Round Diamond, a great start to the junior league season.

On Thursday, we took part in a football cluster fixture against Trotts Hill School.  The team played some fantastic football, with great tackles and super goals being scored; some of the saves made in difficult windy and cold conditions were outstanding.  Thank you to all the parent support.

Image result for football


Also on Thursday, our Netball team played a match against Peartree Spring School.  The girls played extremely well scoring 4-2 to Round Diamond in the first half and then continued to show outstanding play in the second half.  Overall score was a win of 8-2.  Well done girls, we are very proud.

Image result for netball


Match report from Thursdays Football match vs Roebuck School.

There's a saying in football that formations don't win you games, Players do. This is something we have been working on at Round Diamond, A team work ethic. Being part of that team means we all play a part to the best we can. This happened against Roebuck School. The coming together as a team from each player was fantastic to see. The work rate from start to finish from every player showed grit, determination and courage. Running out 6 - 0 winners by the end of the game shows how hard these boys work for each other. I was delighted with the team and hold very high hopes for our season. Thank you to all parents who came to support our school. 

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10th October 2016

Round Diamond have had the privilege of having a link with Arsenal Ladies Football Club working along side our PE Department together we have built up the girls' football skills and also hosted a girls only football festival. This was an opportunity for parents to come and watch some super football skills carried out by not just our girls but others from the surrounding area. The Girls had a fantastic time and with the incentive of playing the game outside of school so they can progress and enjoy playing all the time.

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10th October 2016

Our Netball game against St.Vincent was a tough game for our girls to start with but never the less every player gave their all and enjoyed playing. We have more Netball games book for the near future. We thank you for your support on the day.

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5th October 2016

We played in a Basketball festival through Sporting Futures finishing in 3rd place. Our staff were very proud of the team and its commitment to work together and show sportsmanship and a desire to play well.

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30th September 2016

We were delighted to be involved in the Pixmore Football tournament. Some outstanding football from all the schools involved and although sportsmanship was shown throughout the competitiveness was fantastic to see. We finished the tournament in second place and the efforts the team showed was great. Thank you to the parents who came and showed their support.

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McDance - Euro-Vision of dance competition in aid of McMillen Cancer Research. RD won MOST ENTERTAINING DANCE!

Monday 25th April - Football; RD vs Broom Barns (league match)


Tuesday 26th April - Netball Festival


Thursday 28th April - Football: RD vs Martins Wood


Friday 29th April - Football Tournament at Stevenage Borough


Wednesday 4th May - Hockey: Stevenage Sporting Futures Quick Stick Competition

Wednesday, 20th April

Sporting Futures event - Cricket Competition at Stevenage Cricket Club.

Round Diamond came 3rd in the Cricket Competition. It was a wonderful day; the whole team played very well.

Lucas, in Year 5, achieved 'Catch of the day!'


Thursday, 21st April

Netball match away at Peartree Spring Primary School (KS2) - Well done RD: a 10 - 4 win!

Football match away at Martins Wood Primary School (Year 3/4)

Teachers and Children participated in netball activities and games altogether; lots of fun was had by all (1.04.16)

The match against Trotts Hill turned out to be a very entertaining match. Round Diamond had a brilliant start scoring in the first minute and ended the half 3-0 up. Round Diamond won the game 4-2, and it was deserved as all 7 players worked their absolute hardest for the whole 20 minutes. Our key players of the game were Arian and Moyin.


Wednesday, 30th March 2016

Netball Match, KS2

RD vs Trotts Hill

After excellent performances by our netball team, we are eagerly awaiting this match!

We have had 1 6 5 5 7 1 visitors