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The Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum Statement


At Round Diamond we believe science learning should be awe-inspiring to allow our children to ask and find the answers to key scientific questions. Children learn how to observe changes and make links to the world around them through exciting, hands on investigations.


Learning is planned carefully to build and extend on knowledge from previous years, with topics often being revisited in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. In the Early Years Foundation Stage science can be seen through the way children learn about the world around them. Across the school, ‘Awe and Wonder Days’ are used to provoke interest and promote scientific enquiry.


We strive to provide our children with an enriched science capital. We encourage trips and visits linked to science topics and carefully plan cross-curricular days to link science to other areas of the curriculum. We work closely with STEM and the local science community to show our children the opportunities they may have for employment in the future. From this exposure to a range of scientific opportunities, our aim is for all children to feel that they are scientists and capable of achieving.

Science curriculum map

Science across the school

Each classroom will have a science learning wall. These are added to across a unit with learning aids and key vocabulary to support the learning.  Science is also showcased through corridor displays.

Vocabulary progression in Science

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