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Welcome Back! We hope you all had a fantastic break and are looking forward to the Autumn term.

Year 4

Year 4 launched their new topic this afternoon by piecing together mystery sources and discussing what they thought they might be and how they could have been used.

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2018 - 2019

Welcome to Year 4! 

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Teaching Team 

Miss Millard (Picasso class)

Miss Blundell (O'Keeffe class)

Miss Dove ( Target group teacher)

Mrs Black ( Teaching Assistant)


Class information

Year four PE lessons will be on Friday afternoons and Steel Pan lessons will take place on Tuesday afternoons.

Our topic this term is ancient Egypt and as part of this unit we will be learning all about the history and events of an exciting period of the past.  Watch out for the home learning project…details to follow soon.  The science unit for this half-term is sound and we will be investigating how sound travels and exploring pitch and volume using musical instruments.


Home learning

Home learning tasks (spellings, my maths and maths fluency) will be set on a Monday. We encourage children to read daily and this can be recorded in their reading records. Also, the children will have access to books on bug club and we will check this on Fridays, however, they can notify us during the week if they need more books added.


Dates for the diary

Wednesday 12th September 2018 – Parent home learning information evening   3.40pm – 4pm

Thursday 22nd November 2018 – Egyptian Dance and Drumming workshop and Year 4 open afternoon 2.30pm – 3.15pm

Wednesday 8th - Thursday 9th May - Caldecotte trip (Picasso class)

Thursday 9th - Friday 10th May - Caldecotte trip (O'Keeffe class) 

Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings: 

In the link below, you will find the National Curriculum Year 3/4 Statutory Spelling List  document. On page 16 of the document, you will find the Year 3/4 spelling list. The previous pages of the documents also explain the spellings rules that we teach in our weekly spelling practise. Each week, alongside a spelling rule, we send home two statutory spellings from the list to keep children practising them regularly.

Children are assessed on all the words from the list each term, throughout the years. The document also contains the Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List and rules which children will move onto next year. 

Welcome to Year 4!

Teaching Team:

Mr Robert Paice and Mrs Pippa Harvey (Picasso)

Miss Leanne Murphy (O'Keeffe)

Miss Sally Dove (English) and Mrs Kim Parker (Maths) - Learning Lodge


Important dates:

Caldecotte Xperience Meeting - Friday 4th May at 3.45pm

Tuesday May 22nd-Wednesday May 23rd - Caldecotte Xperience - Picasso Class

Wednesday 23rd May-Thursday 24th May - Caldecotte Xperience - O'Keeffe Class

Monday 28th May-Friday 8th June - 2 Week May Half Term

Thursday 26th July - End of Term - School ends at 2pm


Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings: 

In the link below, you will find the National Curriculum Year 3/4 Statutory Spelling List  document. On page 16 of the document, you will find the Year 3/4 spelling list. The previous pages of the documents also explain the spellings rules that we teach in our weekly spelling practise. Each week, alongside a spelling rule, we send home two statutory spellings from the list to keep children practising them regularly.

Children are assessed on all the words from the list each term, throughout the years. The document also contains the Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List and rules which children will move onto next year. 

Summer Term 2 2018

For the final half term, our topic is 'They made a difference' and will be learning about States of Matter in science.


In topic, we will be exploring significant individuals from the past and present, including Martin Luther King Jr, Henry VIII and Tim Berners-Lee. We will be learning about and researching the impact they have had.


In English, we will carrying out learning with the goal of writing stories with a dilemma based around Cliffhanger by Jacqueline Wilson. We will have a focus on poetry towards the end of the term.


In maths, we will continue to explore a range of mathematical topics, which include reasoning and problem solving, to deepen and widen our mathematical thinking. 


Please note that our PE day is now changing to a FRIDAY. Please can children ensure that the correct PE kit is in school on this day every week.


As the weather continues to warm up (hopefully!), please ensure children have suncream, a hat and water bottle on them, when appropriate, to protect them during hot break times. It is ideal if suncream is applied before school in the morning but the children are allowed to bring this in their bag to apply themselves during school when needed.


Maths games for Year 1 - 20/07/18



Last week, year 4 applied their mathematical skills to create fun, engaging and educational maths games for year 1 children. They went through the process of discussing ideas linked to year 1 mathematical topics before designing and creating their games. On Friday, we went down to year 1 to play the games with them during their maths time. Lots of educational fun was had by all the children and we were very proud of their mature approach to helping younger learners. See some photos of our games below!

Year 4 Significant People Home Learning Projects - 18.07.18

Steel pans 05.06.2018

Still image for this video
The children are in full rehearsals for their steel pan performance which will take place as part of the music festival. Here is a snipet of their song.

O’Keeffe Steel Pans

Still image for this video

 Home Learning Projects - 02/05/18


Year 4 have spent some enjoyable time presenting their home learning projects this week. The effort that went into all the research and created habitats was very impressive and we had a great time hearing lots of information and learning new facts about where our food comes from and how it gets to our supermarkets. A lot of dedication went into the habitat designs and 3D creations - there were lots of wild imaginations with some of the mythical creature habitats that were created! A big well done to all the energised learners who took part in creating their successful projects. You can see a slideshow of some of the habitats below.

O'Keeffe - Home Learning Projects - 02/05/18

Electricity learning - 30.04.18


Year four are really enjoying their science topic of electricity! So far, we have looked at the difference between mains and battery operated appliances, built and tested circuits to understand what a circuit needs to work and classified and evaluated insulators and conductors. The children have had lots of fun learning about electricity first hand with the electrical experiments and have shown some very dedicated and successful learning.


Topic - Deforestation Debate - 19.04.18

Still image for this video
The Year 4 children used their topic knowledge from our study of rainforests so far and their English learning on the vocabulary for discussions and persuasions to hold a successful debate on deforestation.

Music Learning - 28/03/18

In music, we have been studying a song called 'A Little Can Change' linked to our topic and science learning. The song contains an important message of how crucial it is to look after our environment. It's a challenging song that the children have showed dedicated and energised attitudes towards to create the finished piece which we recorded today. You can listen to the recording on the link below:

Below, you can see some photos from Year 4 completing one of the four challenges they took part in on Science Day. They had the challenge to create a model that could transport tomatoes the distance of 1m without touching the ground. This replicated the challenge that residents in Nepal have had to create in order to get their crops from the mountains and to the markets in their country. All children showed great perseverance and team work which led to some successful models!

Science Day - 20.03.2018 - The Tomato Challenge!

RE Learning (27.02.18)


On Tuesday 27th February 2018, O’Keeffe bought their Sikh learning to life by carrying out our own Langar (free kitchen). We re-enacted behaviours that Sikhs carried out at a Gurdwara if the children wished, such as taking off our shoes, sitting together to eat on the floor and covering our heads. We made samosas with a potato and pea filling that Sikhs may have as they only serve vegetarian food in the Langar. This really helped us to understand the importance of the experience and the children wrote some wonderful pupil voice on the activity to show their opinion and what they learned. All children were very mature and participated brilliantly. Well done, O’Keeffe! 

O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18)

O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 1
O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 2 Serving the food
O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 3
O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 4 Eating the food
O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 5
O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 6
O’Keeffe’s Sikh Langar (27.02.18) 7 Writing our pupil voice
On Friday afternoon (23.02.18), we introduced our Rainforest topic to the children. All children were very excited about our new topic and the afternoon activity we carried out. We starting by learning the names, characteristics and living things that lived in the four different layers of the rainforest. The children were then given a different layer of the rainforest to focus on and used written and online research to create a large drawing of that layer with their table. The children were extremely motivated by this challenge and expressed great teamwork and motivation. Well done Year 4! You can see some of our drawings in progress below. 

Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18

Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 1
Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 2
Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 3
Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 4
Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 5
Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 6
Introducing our Rainforest topic - 23.02.18 7

Rainforest transformation! 23.02.18

Still image for this video
Year 4 transformed into a rainforest on Friday afternoon to excite us for the start of our Saving the World - Rainforests topic this half term.

Rainforest Soundscapes - 20.02.2018

As part of our computing learning we have recorded and produced our own soundscapes based on the Amazon Rainforest. We used instruments to recreate the sounds and edited them together using Audacity. Have a listen to some examples here.


Soundscape AL,AM, AG, BV.wav

Soundscape BH FC RT SG.wav

Visit to the British Museum - 21/11/17


Year 4 had a fantastic day out to the British Museum on Tuesday (21/11/17). We got to explore the ancient Egyptian galleries which bought to life lots of the learning that we have been doing in class. We carried out a range of activities that allowed us to look at many different items in the cases and explore artefacts in more detail. We even got some ideas for activities that we could do with our parents on our upcoming open afternoon (Tuesday 5th December).  Children found all the items linked to mummies particularly fascinating and were very impressed by the Rosetta Stone! The behaviour and positive attitudes of all the children were exemplary and all the staff who came were very proud. Well done year 4!


Not your average demonstration!


This week in science, Year 4 were looking at the functions of the digestive system. To bring this learning to life, we carried out an interesting demonstration which shows the functions of different organs in the digestive system. We added crackers and a banana to a sandwich bag which acted as the stomach and then added orange juice and water which were stomach acid and saliva. We then mixed the items in the bag, mimicking the action of muscles in the stomach. After that, we poured the mixture into a pair of tights which were representing the intestines. At this point, the fluids in the mixture exited the tights which represented the body absorbing nutrients from food in the small intestine. The mixture then solidified in the large intestine which we then placed into a cup, and pushed the waste out of the cup, demonstrating the act of the body getting rid of waste. As you can see, the children certainly enjoyed it (as did the adults!) and it allowed them to consolidate their understanding of the functions of the digestive system and apply it to their learning. 




Digestive system demonstration video

Still image for this video
A short video from part of our digestive system function demonstration.

Remembrance day learning - 8/11/17


Today, year 4 carried out some learning linked to Remembrance Day.

We begun the morning with a class discussion about the significance of Remembrance Day and the poppy. We then wrote our own war poem based on the experiences of a solider in the war and created our own Remembrance silhouette pictures.


The children focused on including description, similes ​​​​​​​and personification in their writing and created some very effective poems. All children enjoyed the challenges of creating the silhouette pictures with some very please results!




The mummification process - 03/11/17

Still image for this video
Year 4 have been writing instructions on how to mummify an Egyptian in preparation for the afterlife. Have a look at what we learnt in our mummification process video. You’ll see learning like this, and lots more Egyptian themed learning, at our Open Afternoon on Tuesday 5th December!

New science topic - The Digestive System - 02/11/17


In year 4, we have started a new topic on the digestive system in science. This week, we looked at the different organs in the digestive system and learned their names. We developed our understanding by adding the organs and their names to our learning wall to refer to throughout our topic. Next week, we will be going onto to understanding the functions of the different parts of the digestive system.





NEWS FLASH 20.10.2017

Well done to Picasso class for their first attendance cup win of the year. What was even more pleasing was that we had 100% of the children in school on time. Keep it up!

Egyptian 3D shapes 20.10.2017

We created square based pyramids in maths.  Some of us even had to draw our own nets! It was great fun using our shape knowledge when thinking about what each face needed to look like but a little fiddly sticking it all together.  Once we created the pyramid we used them to make an Egyptian landscape.

Music learning (27.09.17)

Still image for this video
Year 4 explored change in pitch through different clapping styles whilst singing a song about bubblegum!

Singing in French - 22.09.17

Still image for this video
O'Keeffe Class would like to present the new French greeting song they have learnt.

Creating an educational game - 17.09.17


Year 4 had lots of fun learning how to create their own educational computer game. We are looking forward to

posting some finished games when they are complete!


Exploring Ancient Egypt - 10.09.17

Year four have had a successful and exciting start to the school year. Miss Murphy and Mrs Harvey would like to thank the children personally for making us feel welcome and helping us to settle into Round Diamond School.


Year 4 started off their Ancient Egyptian topic with a range of fun and inspiring activities. We got to piece together photographs of Ancient Egypt, identified Ancient Egyptian objects and even got to go inside our own Ancient Egyptian tomb filled with photographs and even 4 canopic jars. The tomb was certainly a favourite with the children! This helped us to recall what we already knew about Ancient Egypt and create questions that we wanted to find the answer to during our learning. 


Enjoy some photos of our fun afternoon below:



We have had 5 2 1 1 7 visitors