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Reminder Sports Day Yrs 4,5 & 6 Monday 15th July at 9.15! Sports Day Yrs 1,2 & 3 Tuesday 16th at 9.15!

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to the class page for Monet and Johnstone Class.

Join us this term and see our exciting learning journey, along with  other celebrations we take part in.

We have a lot to share and can't wait for you to be able to take a sneak peek into our learning in our final year at Round Diamond.


The Year 6 Team 2018-2019



Class Teachers


Miss Bacon (Monet)

Miss Murphy (Johnstone)


Additional Adults


Mr Pallant (Y6 Setting)

Mr Haig (Y6 Teaching Assistant)

Mr Taylor (HLTA cover)

Miss Buchen (Cover teacher)


Our PE day is THURSDAY. Please make sure children have their appropriate school PE kit in school on this day.



6.3.19 Holbein English news broadcasts

Still image for this video
Children in Holbein English have planned and recorded news broadcasts to help them with their understanding of their Take One Book- The Singing Mermaid and show off their acting skills.

6.3.2019 Singing Mermaid news broadcast

Still image for this video

6.3.2019 Singing Mermaid news broadcast

Still image for this video

Johnstone Science - Light - 25/02/19


Year 6 have started a new science topic on light. On Monday, we learnt the science behind how we see and put it into practice as you can see from the following photos and video. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Demonstration of how we see

Still image for this video

Holbein English


This week in English, we have been looking at a narrative poem- “The Singing Mermaid.”


We have looked at performing the poem and here is our attempt at it.

27.02.19 The Singing Mermaid by Holbein English

Still image for this video

8.2.2019 - CPR and Defibrillator training with DIPPS

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Sporting Futures organised a visit from DIPPS (Defibrillators In Public Places) to teach Y6 about CPR and using a defibrillator. We will take this learning home and share with others.

For those who are wondering, our nearest defibrillator is located at the Great Ashby Community Centre.

17.01.18 - Edebele Mud Huts


Linked to our topic learning on Africa, Johnstone Class created Ndebele mud huts. We looked at the traditional paintings by the Ndebele bride and replicated the geometric patterns and bright colours when making our own mini huts! Take a look at our creations below.

15/01/2019 Miss Day visit -Nicholas Breakspear Uganda trip 2018

We were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Rosie Day, who alongside members of Nicholas Breakspear school, visited Uganda to support local communities as part of the KISS charity.

We learnt a lot about the education system, landscape and the challenges that are faced in that part of the world.

Take a look at the video that was shared with us.

14.01.2019 -Investigating inheritance

Still image for this video
Take a look at our investigation and discussion about our teachers and their inherited traits from their parents.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

7th January 2019



We are excited to be back and ready to continue our learning journey. 

19/1/2018 - Christmas performance

Christmas performance 2018

Still image for this video
Our trip to Hawaii for Christmas was a lot of fun

28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’

28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’ 1
28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’ 2
28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’ 3
28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’ 4
28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’ 5
28/11/2018 - Go with your gut - Making our own ‘poo’ 6

Spelling Words 23-11-2018

Topic Day - 21/11/18


The children have spent the day immersed in activities linked to our WW2 topic. We decide to use our design and technology skills and follow instructions to measure and assemble gas masks and gas mask boxes that were used in WW2. We even perfectly presented the real gas mask instructions onto our box. You can see some pictures from our creations below.

15/11/2018 Basketball

Year 6 children represented the school in basketball matches against the Giles school. 


The first team team continued their preparations for the County Final by beating Giles School 28-22. The second team then played their first match as a team and competed well but lost 20-30 in a well fought contest with the Giles School. 


Round Diamond 1st team 28 Giles School 22

Matas, Andreas, Jackson, Justin, Tayah, Casey and Artemis.


Round Diamond 2nd team 20 Giles School 30

Aaron, Ciaran, Rhys, Billy, Isobel, Amy.

Year 6 basketball

Year 6 basketball 1
Year 6 basketball 2
Year 6 basketball 3
Year 6 basketball 4

14/11/18 - Year 6 Open Afternoon - Wartime Silhouette

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Wartime Songs 14/11/18

Still image for this video
A few clips of our performance to our parents for the Year 6 open afternoon


Still image for this video

Year 6 Basketball Team bounce on into the Hertfordshire County Final

Year 6 Basketball Team bounce on into the Hertfordshire County Final 1 At the start of the tournament
Year 6 Basketball Team bounce on into the Hertfordshire County Final 2 Successful with a proud Coach Pallant

Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18

Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 1
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 2
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 3
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 4
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 5
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 6
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 7
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 8
Rememberance of the fallen 8/11/18 9

26.10.2018 Year 6 Autumn Home Learning Task - WW2 Anderson Shelters

Johnstone Class - Science Investigation

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Johnstone Class carried out a science experiment linked to our current science topic of 'Animals: Including Humans'. We planned an investigation that looked at the impact of different exercises on our body and wanted to test the impact by measuring our heart rates. In order to make the investigation as fair and accurate as possible, we carried out each exercise and heart rate monitoring three times to gain an average. The children will write up the results of their investigation after half term. Here is a video from our investigation!

26.10.18 - WW2 Poetry


Miss Murphy's English set have been writing some WW2 poetry, based on the 1940 Coventry bombing. We started our learning by looking at the poem That Night of Death by J.J Rattigan which looks at the impact of the attack from the people in Coventry. The children then wrote their poems from the perspective of the Luftwaffe who released the attack that night. The children focused on using emotive and figurative language, rhyme and high-level vocabulary to describe the events of the historic attack in a four line, four verse structured poem. Photos from our poetry performances are below.

23.10.18 Year 6 Maths Learning

Mr Pallant's Maths group have been developing their 3D shape learning by looking at finding planes of symmetry.

Picture 1
Picture 2

18.10.18 Year 6 Basketball Team after narrowly losing to Giles in first match of the year.

18.10.18 Year 6 Basketball Team after narrowly losing to Giles in first match of the year. 1

Our final Harvest Festival - 10.10.18

Both Miss Murphy and Miss Bacon are very proud of the Year 6 children after their dedication to, and performance in, their final Harvest Festival at Round Diamond. The children put a lot of effort into learning about the role of foodbanks, creating their foodbank posters and learning their lines and roles for the performance, alongside singing the songs.

The children did themselves proud. We hope you enjoyed the performance if you got to watch!

5/10/2018 Looking at maths from a different angle...

5/10/2018 Looking at maths from a different angle... 1
5/10/2018 Looking at maths from a different angle... 2

We value discussion in our maths lesson. We discussed our learning journey and were able to complete tasks to consolidate our angle knowledge from our learning this week. 


Holbein Maths

27/9/18 - Supporting through peer assessment

Still image for this video
Monet English group took on the challenge of peer assessing their extended writing pieces.

Take a peek at a few clips of our team effort!

Peer Assessment

Still image for this video

Heart Dissection - 25/09/18


Year 6 had the opportunity to watch a lamb heart dissection linked to their science topic of the human circulatory system. They were shown the different parts of the heart and we discussed the function of each part in a successful circulatory system. There was a great buzz in the classroom and all children were fascinated by the experience. It helped to consolidate their understanding of the heart and certainly wasn’t your average science lesson!

Year 6 participated in Crucial Crew this Monday afternoon. The children were very well engaged in all the practical activities that aimed to teach them key safety information. The staff who attended were given several positive comments from the members of Crucial Crew about the children’s engagement, respect and general behaviour. All children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot through their active participation in the activities. 

5/9/18 - First week back

5/9/18 - First week back 1
5/9/18 - First week back 2

Year 6 have made a really positive start to their year. Lots of information to take in and lots to remember, but they have risen to the challenge. 


Thumbs up to a great year! 



Key Dates - Autumn Term 2018


Thursday 6th September 2018 - PGL Meeting

This will take place in the main hall at 3.45pm to discuss arrangements for our upcoming PGL residential.


Monday 10th September 2018 - Crucial Crew

Year 6 will be taking part in Crucial Crew during the afternoon. The event looks at teaching the children important safety measures through a range of activities. This will take part during  normal school hours. 


Wednesday 12th September 2018 - Home Learning Workshop

This will take place in the main hall at 3.40pm to discuss home learning expectations throughout the year.


Monday 17th September - Friday 21st September 2018 - PGL residential

Year 6 are starting the year with a bang with a week long exciting residential to PGL - Caythorpe Court Adventure Centre.


Tuesday 9th October 2018 - School Individual Photos


Wednesday 10th October 2018 - Harvest Festival

We will be looking forward to you coming to see the different ways we have chosen to celebrate Harvest Festival this year.


Monday 22nd October 2018 - Parent Consultations

This will take place with your child's home class teacher between 3.50pm and 6pm.


Wednesday 24th October 2018 - Parent Consultations

This will take place with your child's home class teacher between 4pm and 8pm. 


Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November - Half Term

Enjoy yourselves for a well-deserved rest!


Wednesday 14th November 2018 - Year 6 Open Afternoon

Come and spend the afternoon seeing some of the exciting learning we have been undertaking this term.


Wednesday 28th-Thursday 29th November - Cross Curricular Days


Friday 30th November - Occasional Day


Wednesday 19th December 2018 - Christmas Performance (am and pm)

We will look forward to you coming to watch our performance to get you into the festive spirit!


Friday 21st December - End of Term

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!




Welcome to a new academic year!

The Year 6 team all hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing summer break.


We are very excited to welcome you back to a brand new school year.


You are about to begin your learning journey into your final year of primary school at Round Diamond. Although this is an important and challenging year, we have lots of fun learning and new experiences planned along the way. 


I'm sure lots of you are starting to get very excited about our PGL Trip to Caythorpe Court commencing the week beginning Monday 17th September which will include lots of fun activities such as: kayaking, zip wire, climbing, giant swing and lots more! 


Our topic for the whole of this term is 'The Great, The Bold, The Brave' where we will be closely focusing on WWII to study key events, key individuals and the ways of life during this important and fascinating period in history. During this historical topic, we will also have lots of cross-curricular links with subjects such as French, DT, Art and Science.


We will also be linking this topic closely to our English learning during this term. We are starting the year by exploring Anne Frank's diary through text types such as recounts, newspaper articles and survival guides. We will then go on to compare and contrast two popular texts based around WWII called Goodnight Mister Tom and Letters from the Lighthouse and use these to inform different styles of writing such as letters, non-chronological reports and balanced arguments.


In maths, we will be exploring a range of topics to continue to develop our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.


Our first study in science is called 'Animals including Humans' and will involve studying and investigating the circulatory system, how our body transports water and nutrients and how to keep our bodies healthy.


As you can see, we have a jam-packed term filled with lots of new and exciting learning opportunities.

The Year 6 Team - 2017-2018

The Year 6 Team - 2017-2018 1 Mr Pallant, Miss Dhillon,Miss Bacon, Mr Taylor

July 2018 - Joseph rehearsals

27.06.18 The Lady of Shallot Display

 27.06.18 The Lady of Shallot Display 1
 27.06.18 The Lady of Shallot Display 2
 27.06.18 The Lady of Shallot Display 3
 27.06.18 The Lady of Shallot Display 4

25.06.2018 And the Year 6 production is...

 25.06.2018 And the Year 6 production is... 1

Rehearsals are now underway. We will keep you posted with updates and sneak peeks into our rehearsals. 

Friday 22nd June - Football World Cup 2018


As part of our cross- Curricular days, we looked at different elements linked to the FIFA World Cup. This included: designing football kits reflective of traditional colours and symbols, locating host cities, producing information factfiles on the history of the event and participating in a whole school football tournament. 


The tournament saw us split into mixed ability teams, which gave us the opportunity to work with others in the year. Our teams also worked alongside other year groups and the final points were collated to name an overall World Cup winner. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

Thorpe Park -12/06/18


As a celebration of the hard work shown this year, Year 6 children, along with the Year 6 staff team, took a trip to Thorpe Park. It was a great way to spend time with classmates and enjoy the thrilling and exciting rides that the theme park had to offer. 


Everyone had a blast and despite the traffic hold up on the way home, everyone remained in high spirits throughout the day!

Writing in Year 6. Wb 11/06/2018


Following our SATs tests, we have continued to work hard in our writing. We are still building our portfolio of learning to show the high standard of writing that takes place in Year 6. 


We have looked at many many interesting texts, namely ‘The Lady of Shallot’ in Monet and Johnstone sets. We have used this as a stimulus to evoke wonderful responses and narrative pieces. 


We have included these in a class silent gallery to share our learning. 

HALF TERM Monday 28th May - Friday 8th June 2018 


Have a great break everyone! 

Monday 14th May 2018 - Thursday 17th May 2018 - KS2 SATS WEEK!


We are prepared and ready for our end of KS2 assessments. We feel prepared and ready to take on the challenge. Wish us luck.

Revision in Johnstone 


Today was Year 6’s last lesson before SATs week. The children have shown true dedication to their learning and have really made us proud with their attitude. In Johnstone, the children thought the best use of their time would be to create revision posters. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Dragon Boat Racing 


We embarked on our first mini bus journey to Fairlands Lake to have a test run of what Dragon Boat racing entails. We were told that our techniques was very good - fingers crossed for the 24th May! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Art afternoon - 10/5/2018

Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 1
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 2
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 3
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 4
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 5
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 6
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 7
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 8
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 9
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 10
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 11
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 12
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 13
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 14
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 15
Art afternoon - 10/5/2018 16

Art in the courtyard

Still image for this video

Music lessons with a twist..

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Creative Science - 4/5/18


Cross Curricular Science was a focus for Friday afternoon. We drew on all aspects of our science (adaptation, evolution, habitats, life cycles) to create our own animals to show their features and traits. 


It was lovely to work together as a year group group and share ideas. 

Colour Coding - 26.4.2018


We have been revisiting the colour coding that we have previously used to ensure we understand the structure of our sentences and how to adapt them using different noun forms. 


We understand and the importance of using this to help us. Our aim is to continue using and apply across other learning to help understanding. 

Who needs teachers to reason - 23/04/2018

Still image for this video

Reading Comprehension 20/04/2018

Still image for this video

PSHE -Peer Pressure 17.04.2018

PSHE -Peer Pressure 17.04.2018 1
PSHE -Peer Pressure 17.04.2018 2

We used our 1Decision learning to help us look at dealing with peer pressure.


It was a surprise to see our own class member Rylee in the video!!

Science is everywhere and we made the paper! - April 2018

Science is everywhere and we made the paper! - April 2018 1
Take a look at the article from The Comet which shares our visit to The Nobel School. Both past and present pupils can be seen. Great to see RD in the local news. 

Happy Easter - 29/3/2018


The children have worked incredibly hard and persevered this term and we are proud of their efforts, including the energy and enthusiasm they have shown towards their learning.


To help with revision, SATs questions for SPAG, Reading and Maths have been provided for their folders and as well as this, they have lots of booster and revision activities on MyMaths.


Have a wonderful break and enjoy the rest.

When you become creative with ratio - 27/03/2018

When you become creative with ratio - 27/03/2018 1

RE Visit- St Andrew and St George 20/3/2018

Still image for this video

British Science Week visit to Nobel -15/3/18

Still image for this video

School Values Afternoon - Year 3 &Year 6 (06.03.18)

Year 3 and Year 6 joined forces to complete their School Values tasks. 


They completed poems about how they are either: 








Mathematical Minds in Year 6


We love a good mathematical challenge in Year 6 and so with SATs approaching ever closer, we are continuing to consolidate and further expand our knowledge through mastery.


From constructing pie charts, to balancing equations, we strive to achieve and develop to prepare us for September!

Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?

Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?  1
Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?  2
Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?  3
Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?  4
Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?  5
Who had all the pie (charts) in Monet?  6

Calculating the formula in Johnstone

Calculating the formula in Johnstone 1
Calculating the formula in Johnstone 2
Calculating the formula in Johnstone 3
Calculating the formula in Johnstone 4

It's compounding in Holbein

It's compounding in Holbein 1
It's compounding in Holbein 2
It's compounding in Holbein 3
It's compounding in Holbein 4

Singing in progress - 28/2/2018

Still image for this video
We are taking one step further to read music and perfect singing in harmony. See our first lesson.

Step 1

Still image for this video

W/B Monday 19 February

I hope you had a great half term we certainly did! This week we had to catch up on learning and obviously learn new things. This week Year 6 has had the right mind-set towards their learning and have had great outcomes.


Miss Dhillon English

This week in Miss Dhillons English class we have been doing a take one book called: The heart in a bottle by Oliver Jeffers. We are doing this for a time period of three weeks. On one of the weeks we will be re-writing a narrative of this amazing picture book. Also, in SPaG we have been learning about Synonyms and Antonyms.


Miss Bacon English

This week in Miss Bacons English class we have been focusing on:Peter Pan. We have been also been doing a lot of descriptive writing. In addition , we have been doing DADWAVERS [which is where you get a picture from a scene in the book/movie and mind map descriptive words/phrases]. In SPaG we have been focusing on apostrophes and VIPERS. VIPERS mean: Vocabulary,Inference,Punctuation,Explain, Retrieve and Summarise.


Mr Pallant English

This week in Mr Pallants English group we have been doing Persuasive writing.



'The singing was very good'-Leo James

'The dancing was beautifal.'-Sameera



'It was good, they were funny' - Fletcher

' I liked the handsprings' - Arti

' I thought it was very good because I liked the dancing' - Sophia

'When they came in they did cartwheels. We liked it because we didn't know people were coming out of the doors' - Renoir Class


Year 1

'I liked it when they all came on and backflipped.'-Tayla

'I liked it when they were kicking.'-Charlie

'I liked it when they were singing'-Zain

'We loved it.'-Matisse

'I liked it when they did the handstands.'-Meghan


Year 2

'We think it was amazing because it was amazing when the girls came flipping in.'-Van Gogh

'It was fantastic when they did the flips'-Maycie

'We liked the dancing when they were being determined.'-Dali

Year 3

'I love it because I liked the dancing.'-Dylan Stone

'The dance started very calm and then it started to get very like pop.'-Turner

Year 4

'It was very creative and lots of work was put into it.It was a great performance Year 6 were very confident.'-O'keefe

'We enjoyed when everyone came in. It was great when everyone worked together.'-Picasso

Year 5

'We enjoyed the sing,rap and solo's.I thought it was great when Darcy entranced with a front handspring and a cartwheel flick.'-Angel and Lauren

'We enjoyed the dance because it looked like they put a lot of hard work into it.Our favorite part was the start.'-Lowry Class

'We think it was very enerjetic and must off taken a lot of work.It was a very fun performance.'Cliff Class

W/B 5 February

Last Friday we practised our Joyful Joyful dance. Hopefully, we will be performing this dance to the school in non school uniform, but we're not 100%. Year 6 have been working very hard on this dance and have been taking some of their own time to practice. A few YR 6 girls and boys have been choreographing this dance. Also we have been working on Fair trade in our Topic learning by discussing about Imports and Exports. We have made our own Charlottes Cupboard display showing our own unique busses. Our topic is Going Global which is why we are learning about trading and Imports,Exports. Did you know: over 1000 products have the fair trade logo's. 

W/B 29 January 2018


Last Friday we were grouped in our houses which are:St George,St David,St Andrew and St Patrick. We were all split up in different groups and were taken to different classrooms with different teachers. We were told to make flags with cotton buds and paint. Each house has a different colour and different design.On the Monday, we did Charlottes cupboard which is a site online that you can visit. It is the first UK package free, on wheels.You would go there to buy food that isn't packaged with plastic so it can save the environment.You can bring a jar or a container to store your food in. If you do not have a jar or a container that you can use, you can buy one there. Not only does it save the environment by saving  plastic waste,it also reduces waste as you only buy what you need .

Joyful Joyful - 19/1/18

Still image for this video
A whole Year 6 project in progress. Thank you to Mr Wickens for the steady filming :)
In  PE we created  a dance to the song Joyful Joyful from Sister Act 2. We have been doing this dance for a range of weeks . We think Year 6 thoroughly enjoy this dance. Here is a clip of the dance we prepared for you . Enjoy 

W/B 15th January 2018

Revision Support


Many of the children and parents have been asking about support resources for SATs. Please find the link below which provides the children with example SATs questions grouped into the different units. Alongside the sheets, there are YouTube videos to support if needed.



Power in me-Monet

Still image for this video
Take a sneak peek! Johnstone will treat us next week!

Music Learning -The Football Match-1914 16/11/2017

Year Six have used this story as a resource as part of our music learning. Inspired by real events from 100 years ago. It commemorates the extraordinary events of Christmas Day, 1914, when the guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man's land, sharing gifts - and even playing football together.

Investigating Heart rates - 9th November 2017


As part of our science learning, we have been looking at the effects of exercise on our bodies. We created our own investigations to measure the impact on our heart rates, considering our own variables.


After the initial planning, we carried out our investigations and recorded results. Our results were then presented in a graph to be able to draw conclusions and prove or disprove our predictions. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Fully involved in investigation

Still image for this video

Team work

Still image for this video

Working together

Still image for this video

English Learning - W/b 7th November. 


Both Monet and Johnstone chose Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian as their Take one book text. 


Monet group were so interested and inspired in their learning from the book that they requested an extension of the learning and have applied the text to produce wonderful written outcomes. 


Here they are applying their comprehension skills in a reading lesson. 


It has been wonderful to see the children so motivated by their learning, so much so that a number of the class have bought their own copies of the book! 

Goodnight Mister Tom

3rd Place Award for our RE display

3rd Place Award for our RE display 1

Report Writing 20.10.2017

Report Writing 20.10.2017 1
Report Writing 20.10.2017 2
Report Writing 20.10.2017 3

Week beginning 16th October 2017


This has been a busy week! Following our latest assessment tasks, we have identified our next steps to make us more independent and successful learners.


We used our PSHE lessons to discuss our challenges and included a lot of peer talk to help find solutions and support each other. We have created personal mantras to help ourselves and others.


We have also taken time to celebrate the successes we have had in our first term in Year 6. Our teachers all agree we have worked very hard and taken on the challenges that come with being the oldest in the school.


We are working well on the presentation of our learning and you can see the outcomes on the perfectly presented wall.

RDS Values Afternoon - 12th October 2017


Year 6 joined with Year 3 to take part in our Values Afternoon.


Monet joined with Turner while Johnstone joined Constable. It was a lovely opportunity to work with other members of the school community and share different ideas. 


“I love learning with the younger classes, it makes me feel responsible for helping them” 


“It’s been a great afternoon with lots of ideas and a fun activity. Some of us worked independently by ourselves and others joined in partners to show how we show our value” 


We look forward to the next afternoon. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Parent Open Afternoon 11/10/2017


In Year 6, we invited our parents and carers to share our experiences of PGL. We thoroughly enjoyed retelling our favourite moments and memories from the trip. Thank you to the parents for joining us and also a big thank you to the staff who helped make the trip so enjoyable for us all. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

PGL Week - 25/9/17 - 29/9/17

PGL Week - 25/9/17 - 29/9/17 1
PGL Week - 25/9/17 - 29/9/17 2
PGL Week - 25/9/17 - 29/9/17 3
PGL Week - 25/9/17 - 29/9/17 4
Take a look at our school Facebook page for more pictures. Our parents' afternoon will share more of our experiences on Wednesday 11th October at 2:30pm.

Crucial Crew 


Wednesday afternoon was spent at Bowes Lyon with Crucial Crew. The aim of the day was to further the children's knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe in a variety of situations. The children had the opportunity to learn more about the potential fire hazards at home, how to act safe around railway lines and roads and how to be safe around dogs. We even had a visit from Tigger the dog who taught us how to be kind towards animals. 


It it was a fantastic day out, where the children continued to look represent Round Diamond in an exemplary way. 




Monet Maths- Maths Mastery in Rounding 14.09.17

Week beginning 4th September 2017


Wow...what a busy first week back!


Both Monet and Johnstone began the week superbly and showed great examples of the school values as soon as they came in to their new classrooms.


The first week back saw us in our home classes for Monday and Tuesday, followed by maths and English setting commencing on Wednesday. A lot of learning has already taken place including, science, RE, humanities and French, as well as maths and English tasks.


Despite the busy start, the children have shown real maturity and high levels of effort across their learning and shared some of their thoughts to their first week:


'There is a lot to do and we need to be independent learners to achieve this, but we are up to the challenge!'


'I can't wait for PGL and until then I'm going to work really hard to meet my targets and complete all my learning'


' I want to set a good example and know I can this can be a year where I am RESPONSIBLE, DETERMINED and SUCCESSFUL!'


We look forward to displaying our first set of learning outcomes next week.




Monday 30th - Friday 3rd February 2017


Monet English

We began the week looking at furthering our persuasive learning. We have developed it into looking at debates; their purpose and creating our own. We have looked at different aspects of debating and discussion, linking this to our British Values and PSHE. 


We have split into groups and formed our own teams to debate issues.




Making a point

Still image for this video
Here are two examples of our speeches as part of our class debate.

Listen up

Still image for this video

Johnstone English


This week in English, we have been preparing to write the opening to our stories.  Using elements of our setting and character descriptions, we built up a bank of our 'perfect' story starters.  Today we held a class Gallery.  This gave us the opportunity to read over learning from peers we don't normally sit next to.  It also allowed us to magpie elements of other's learning - a fantastic compliment to the author!



Monet Maths

Still image for this video
Take a sneak peek at our learning on pie charts.

Johnstone Maths


We have been learning about averages within our Maths learning.  Using a poem to help us, we have been calculating the mean, median, mode and range:


Hey Diddle Diddle,

The median's in the middle,

You add and divide for the mean,

The mode's the one you see the most

And the range is the difference between.


Compiling all of the week's learning, today we set about constructing bar graphs, pie charts and calculating the averages of our results. 



Investigating That Light Bulb Moment

Year 6: Take One Book Display

Year 6: Take One Book Display 1 Goodnight Mister Tom

23rd - 27th January 2017


Well...another busy week in Year 6. We have continued our Maths and English learning and look forward to sharing some of the outcomes of our perfectly presented hot tasks next week. We are continuing to challenge ourselves and see our progress and look forward to our parents seeing this as well at parents' evening.


This week our blog focus is on our RE learning. We have been looking at Buddhist worship and beliefs, including symbols that represent the faith.


Johnstone Class attempted to understand the role of meditation and how this can help focus our minds on a task. Some of us found this useful and it led to a in-depth discussion on its effectiveness for each individual. 


Monet have looked at the Eight-fold Path and the lessons that it teaches Buddhist to learn from. 




Monet Maths Challenge

Monet Maths Challenge 1 Skipping football to solve the BODMAS Brainteaser

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Teamwork makes the dream work! 1 Who needs a teacher when you have a learning buddy

Monet are learning to tell the time in French (16. 01. 2017)

9th January 2017- 13th January 2017


Our first week back saw us get straight back into the swing of things.


We were introduced to our new topics and units of learning. We are excited to expand our learning and apply our skills to learn new and exciting information.


In Science we are looking at ELECTRICITY. We are going to be exploring the uses of electricity, its purpose and experimenting with making our own electrical circuits.


In Religious Education, we are learning about BUDDHISM. We will be looking at the origin of the faith and how it is demonstrated around the world by followers.  


In our topic learning, our theme is 'MAKING THE NEWS'. We will exploring the development of different types of media and how we use them today. We will be linking it into our English and maths learning


This week we have brought together all our ideas in our knowledge harvest and are ready to go!

Happy New Year!

Welcome Back to School and the Spring Term. 


Lots of exciting learning is planned and the children and staff are equally enthusiastic about the new term.


Please remember PE remains on a Friday, however children are expected to have their kits in school all week. 





We are nearing the end of our first term in Year 6.

We have been looking at HONESTY for our Christmas celebration piece. 


So we thought we would share our honest thoughts about our first term and what it is like being at the top of the school!


"Being in Year 6, you need to show others how to follow the rules and make the right decisions. I love my teachers

Miss Bacon and Miss Dhillon. My favourite lesson is maths because we make it cross curricular. We did some Pokemon Maths and that made everyone excited and happy!

Abbey- Monet


"I really like my learning. The best bit is I get to try new challenges. My favourite subject is PE and then maths. 

I like being the oldest in the school." 

Alfie - Monet


“The lessons in Year 6 and the teachers help. It can be tough being the oldest in the school. There are a lot of expectations and we work really hard to achieve our targets. Our SATs practice weeks help us prepare and our teachers work with us to fill any gaps and build our confidence. 

Next term, I am looking forward to seeing my progress"

Rahman - Johnstone


"I like the lessons and the teachers because they make learning fun and we learn a lot. I haven't been here since the beginning of term, but I feel part of Year 6. 

My favourite lessons are Maths and PE and I have achieved well in my SATs practice tests."

Harry - Johnstone



Quelle heure est-il?

Still image for this video
In French Monet have been learning how to ask and answer the question, "What is the time?"

Cross Curricular Learning.


This week we are making cross-curricular links across our learning. We are applying all our knowledge from all our different subjects and then using these to challenge ourselves and find out more!


Here's a few things we are covering this week:


Sikh Creation Stories (RE)

The history of penicillin (Science)

Medieval Life (History)

Roman numerals (Maths)

Timelines (History/Maths)


We look forward to sharing our new cross-curricular learning with you by the end of the week!





SATS Practice Week : 5th December - 9th December 


Year 6 will be having their SATs Practice Week next week. This is for the children to celebrate their progress and to be comfortable with the routines of the statutory assessments that take place in May. 


Everyone of the children have worked so hard this term and shown such perseverance (even when they have found it really challenging) and we are sure they will be proud of their efforts after next week. 


It will help us to identify the next step of the learning journey. 



Monet do the double.......

Monet do the double....... 1 Two weeks at the top of the attendance table!

Bravo Year 6! Joint Attendance Winners!

Bravo Year 6! Joint Attendance Winners! 1 What a team effort!!!

Our Learning Environment

Thursday's are musical for Year 6. We all join together to sing and learn musical techniques with Ms Thomas and Mr Meek. We really enjoy the fact we are all involved however confident we are in singing.

Below are a few videos for you to join in the musical fun!

Do we have The X Factor??

Still image for this video

One more time!

Still image for this video

Music and Movement

Still image for this video

Finding all possibilities in Monet Maths.

Finding all possibilities in Monet Maths. 1 All smiles for finding possibilities!
Finding all possibilities in Monet Maths. 2 We are supported to find logical stategies.
Finding all possibilities in Monet Maths. 3 Using multilink helped us visualise the pattern.

Y6 Open Afternoon

Monet and Johnstone welcome the parents to our open afternoon this half term. We decided to bring an active session to those who were visiting and were brave enough to include clay and paint. We made Dig For Victory gardens and some silhouettes of the London skyline during the war.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and sharing our WWII learning with our parents.


Take a look below at a few photos...


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Monet Class Investigate...

Monet Class began their Light topic by investigating, debating and discussing their existing knowledge.


We were presented with questions to challenge our thinking and make us consider things, such as; the uses of light, how we see and why we see different coloured light.


We were also presented with higher level questioning to deepen our understanding of light.


We found so much that we know...but can't wait to find out more! 

PGL 2016

19th September - 23rd September


Year 6 spent the week at Caythorpe Court on their residential trip. The trip was the first time away from home for a number of children, but everyone got fully stuck in to enjoy 5 days of activities including kayaking, abseiling, rifle shooting, archery and high ropes.


Take a look at Round Diamond's Facebook page to see the photos of the trip.

You will definitely see a lot of smiling faces!



And Year 6 have arrived!


We haven't wasted any time and have got straight back into the swing of things.


First up was discussing the expectations for Year 6. The children looked through their timetables and topics. Monet Class even got into their first learning tasks before 10am!


The children have all come in superbly and ready to learn.


Keep it up!



Monet Class preparing their science books      Johnstone Class taking in lots of information.



Year 6 Information Letter

Welcome back Year 6!


We hope you are as excited for the new term as we are. We look forward to seeing you all and achieving great successes thus year.

Soon this blog will be filling up with all your exciting learning.



Miss Bacon, Miss Dhillon & Mr Pallant

Spelling Expectation

Spelling Expectation 1

Learning Walls

Still image for this video
Monet English Group are very aware of the importance of their learning walls and how these help them to be the best learners they can. Take a look at the video below (using our computing skills) to see a few examples and how our learning environments are extremely important to our success.



The children in Holbein Class have been using Take One Book learning to create news reports. Our book of choice was 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' by Oliver Jeffers. It's about a young boy, who discovers that if he eats books, he becomes intelligent! However, the more books he eats, the more muddled and confused he becomes! We have used this storyline to write poems, blogs, letters and news paper reports, as well as present news stories - which you can now watch! .

Holbein News Reports:

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Year 6 are Preparing To Rock!

Year 6 have been  working hard creating art learning for their upcoming production. They have been designing programme covers, backing images and posters.



Year 6 Show Rehearsals

Still image for this video

Year 6 Singing lesson with Mrs Dawson

Still image for this video

RD Will Rock You Programme Designs

RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 1
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 2
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 3
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 4
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 5
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 6
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 7
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 8
RD Will Rock You Programme Designs 9

Maths Investigating


Science Moderation


Children from Year 6 were chosen to take part in the science moderation issued by the government. 10 children were selected at random and completed different papers which ranged from 18 minutes to 25mins for each paper.


The outcome of the moderation is to look at the structure of the papers (layout, coverage) and to see how successful they are when presented to the children. The scores are not collected or fed back as English or Maths SATs are.


To ensure fairness, the rest of year 6 also completed a science exemplification assessment at the same time.



Dragon Boat Festival

Well done to all the Year 6 children who participated with the Dragon Boat event at Fairlands Lake.

Both teams showed great determination and perseverance when racing.


Congratulations to Team 1 who came first, beating the reigning champions and recording a personal best time!









Team 1                            Team 2                                       


smileyWell done Monetsmiley

Another success in the attendance cup. 

100% attendance 

Well done to our Year 6.

Well done to our Year 6. 1
Well done to our Year 6. 2

A message for the Year 6...

Each one of you has shone this week 
Your learning you've applied,
Clear determination to succeed was shown
And we're filled with such immense pride. 

From morning breakfast with lots of toast, 
to waiting for the end of the day.
Your smiles and energy have been the key
In the journey to our celebratory Friday. 

Congratulations in what you've achieved,
as pupils you're supreme. 
Let's look back and know we've done our best
What an amazing year 6 team!!!



Golden Time

Golden Time 1 Golden Time Group Photo


Winners of the attendance award with

100% attendance this week.



A note from the teachers...


We are very proud of the effort and perseverance that the Year 6 children are showing. They are continuing to challenge themselves and secure their understanding across their lessons. They are displaying our values superbly! smiley


Miss Bacon, Mr Pallant & Mrs Kennedy-Weeks


Congratulations to Monet Class who are currently tied in first position with Cliff Class for attendance since September with a respectable 96.8%.


Johnstone are currently 7th with 96.2%


Let's keep this up Year 6! Attendance ensures you can achieve your very best in your learning.

Algebra Revision - Calculating and plotting on linear graphs.

Algebra Revision - Calculating and plotting on linear graphs. 1 Calculating in the first quadrant
Algebra Revision - Calculating and plotting on linear graphs. 2 Challenge on: plotting in 4 quadrants

Dear pupils at Round Diamond Primary School.


I have just opened an envelope which contains some letters from you. How very kind of you to take the time to write to me!

Mrs Hinchliffe and I really enjoyed working with you and your teachers. We saw some amazing things at your lovely school. The most important thing to me was how ready to learn you all were and this means that you are making really good progress.

I know that you will all support your teachers to make sure that the little things we suggested as next steps when we visited will soon be part of what you do as a matter of course.


Thank you again for your letters, which I will cherish.

Good luck for the future.


With best wishes

Helen Jones

Senior adviser, PQSI

We have had 7 6 7 0 9 visitors