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Round Diamond

Primary School

Reminder - Friday 25th November school closed due to an Occasional Day!


At Round Diamond, we have adopted a 'Faculty' model whereby members of staff across Key Stages work collaboratively to support, monitor and evaluate the provision within their subject areas, across the school; each Faculty works alongside a link governor. 


We have five Faculties:


  • English  (led by Ellie Conroy and Hannah Taylor)

  • Maths   (led by Leanne Murphy and Nicola McGregor)

  • Science & Computing  (led by Rob Paice and Katrina Hooper)

  • Humanities (Arts & MFL)  (led by Anna Owen and Jan Figueiredo)

  • PE / RE / RHSE   (led by Ben Longland and Helen Jewitt)


We have had 2 0 1 6 4 8 visitors