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Year 6 PGL - Tuesday 20th to 23rd September 2022!


This section of the website is to showcase all of the fantastic opportunities the children have at Round Diamond. From cross curricular days to adult led workshops for the children to showcasing our curriculum.

Everything we do at Round Diamond is carefully planned to ensure the children get the most out of their time here.

We hope you enjoy viewing our showcase page. 

NSPCC Children’s Day 2022 


Year 6 hosted a fantastic afternoon of fun and games for the rest of the school as a way of raising money for the NSPCC. The year sixes spent the morning using their team work and enterprise skills to plan and resource different games and activities. In the afternoon each class visited the year 6 playground and used their donation money to have a go on a range of different games; from pin the nose on the teacher to penalty shoot out! 

Geography Fieldwork 


As part of our geography learning we have been learning more about our local area from exploring our school through photos in nursery to creating our own maps and analysing house prices in year 6. We believe that fieldwork is fundamental in ensuring children learn what it means to be a geographer. 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations - 26th May


On the 26th of May the children participated in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The day consisted of every year group making their own section of a whole school timeline, drawing portraits of the Queen, creating performances for the Queen and a jubilee picnic!

Changing of the Guards

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Musical performance for the Queen

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A poem for the Queen

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Comic Relief 2022


As part of raising money for comic relief Round Diamond held a talent show. Children performed to their classes and then the winning act voted for by their class performed in front of Mrs Phillips, Boro Bear and Stevenage football ladies captain Lucy Webster. The children showed great confidence and talent as you can see in the photos below. 

Dance and Drama Club

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Dance and Drama club

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World Book Day! 

The children enjoyed a fabulous day for world book day on the 3rd of March.

They received videos from an author, listened to many stories, completed activities linked to different stories and took part in playing the masked reader.

Well-being Wednesday!


A brilliant day was had so for well being Wednesday! The children enjoyed a range of activities including music composition, designing and painting and an array of sporting activities. These activities were rotated throughout the day and finished with some mindfulness.

Well-being Wednesday

Geography Fieldwork 


Year 3 took a walk into the local area to explore physical and human features of Great Ashby. They looked at houses, traffic, the landscape and made observations with their peers as part of their geography learning. 

Chinese New Year 

The children in EYFS learnt all about the tradition of Chinese New Year. They learnt about the Great Race and completed activities linked to the celebration including giving money wallets, retelling the story, creating pictures of the animals and learning to use chop sticks. 

Viking Warrior Workshop 

Year 6 experienced a Viking Warrior workshop run by St Albans Cathedral. They got to experience an educational talk which featured a Viking Warrior. The Viking Warrior talked to the children about what life would have been like during the Viking period, such as the daily life, battles, and key objects.  The children were able to ask questions and even asked a question to extend on their learning from the previous week on the invasion of Lindisfarne. They asked about the supplies they would have needed to take, and were told they would have taken food on their longships such as hard bread and salted meat. It was a great experience which helped the children to consolidate and extend their history knowledge and vocabulary.


We saw the artefact of a necklace. It had a symbol which represented Thor - Jaiden


Their shield is made from wood and leather - Amreen

To get water, they collected it from the sea or rainwater - Isla

The dragon that is on longships and shields are a sign of strength - Saffron


I learnt that the Vikings filed their teeth to look menacing. I now know that there are different types of axes and it was really interesting - Rylen

I enjoyed that although we didn't go on a school trip, we could still have the same learning online - Liam

I enjoyed how they had a Viking to ask questions to - Farren

Dance and Drama Club

Dance club

A snippet from one of our dance clubs.

Drama club

Cross curricular days - Parliament Week 


The children took part in a range of activities linked to parliament including making their own campaigns, debating, voting and learning about the history of the UK government.

Art Autumn 1 

In art the children have been learning to paint. This video showcasing the learning through Autumn 1 term. The skills can be seen to be progressing from nursery all the way up to year 6. 

Art Across the School Autumn 2021

Well bee-ing Wednesdays! 

As a way of enjoying the great outdoors, being mindful and bringing some more colour to Round Diamond Mr Haig has been running a well-bee-ing Wednesday activity every Wednesday with years reception to year 6. 
The children help plant flowers, learn about the important pollinators and enjoy some outdoor time with their friends. 

Facebook Reading Lives 



At Round Diamond we value parental engagement and are eager for parents to experience a moment in the classroom. This term we focused on reading and every year in the school welcomed the parents into their classrooms via Facebook live. 
The parents were able to see a reading lesson taught by their child’s class teacher and follow along with the skills and knowledge covered in the session. 

Parental feedback included 

‘These were a really good way of enabling parents to still experience the classroom session which we would normally have done in person (when we used to be able to come into class for a short period). It was nice to still be able to see the children interacting in their lesson.’

Cross/Curricular Days Olympic/Paralympic Events

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The children took part in two cross curricular days during the Summer term.
During our cross curricular days, the children experienced a range of sports and activities based around Olympic and Paralympic sports.
There were 6 activities that helped to improve agility, balance and co-ordination. The children scored points for how quick they ran, how far they jumped, points individually and as a team to score for their house.
The activities were:
1. Judo/Wrestling
2. Shooting
3. Canoeing
4. Standing Long Jump / Sprint race
5. Triathlon
6. Badminton

House afternoon Summer term 

Butterflies of Mindfulness 

The children took part in some collaborative learning across the school as a way of being mindful. Each class were assigned a buddy class and swapped half of the children with their buddy class.
They discussed the activities they do when feeling anxious or worried and then drew them on one half of their butterfly. Their buddy class friend drew on the other side to make a complete butterfly. They will be displayed in the school for all to see! The children demonstrated friendly behaviour to their buddy class and their collaborative learning was outstanding.

Cross curricular days - At the Theatre

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During the first part of the Summer term we took part in our cross curricular learning. The theme was ‘At the Theatre’!
Each year group was given a different West End stage show and immersed themselves in the world of theatre.
They explored the various roles that make a theatre show successful such as production of tickets, costume and set design, script writing, acting, performing to other classes and even writing reviews on performances.
The children also enjoyed a virtual performance of The Wizard of Oz on Wednesday which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Design and Technology Autumn Term

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A sneak peak into our design and technology across the school during the Autumn Term. You can find more information on our curriculum using the curriculum tab on the website. 

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