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This section of the website is to showcase all of the fantastic opportunities the children have at Round Diamond. From cross curricular days to adult led workshops for the children to showcasing our curriculum.

Everything we do at Round Diamond is carefully planned to ensure the children get the most out of their time here.

We hope you enjoy viewing our showcase page. 

Round Diamond Rocks Podcast Autumn 2021


As part of an incentive that was discussed in pupil parliament around developing children’s cultural capital and personal development we have created the Round Diamond Rock’s Podcast. 
The podcast includes news, sports, interviews and the opportunity for children to develop their speaking skills. 

Round diamond rocks podcast Autumn 21


“I liked the podcast because it was interesting learning about Mrs Phillips, I never knew she could play the piano!”



“The podcast was inspiring, I enjoyed it very much and the music at the end was very fun.”



“I loved being a part of making the podcast and learning more about the mayor of Stevenage.”


 “I liked the podcast because it was interesting learning about Mrs Phillips, I never knew she could play the piano!”


 “The podcast was inspiring, I enjoyed it very much and the music at the end was very fun.”


 “I loved being a part of making the podcast and learning more about the mayor of Stevenage.”

“It’s good to have a podcast because it’s good to get to know special people around Stevenage. It’s also good to hear about successful people and more about the teachers at Round Diamond.” 


“I think it’s really good to learn about the teachers day to day life because some people think that teachers live at school. It’s good because we got to find out about the Stevenage mayor.” 


“I like having the podcast every half term because it’s good to learn new things about the teachers.” 


“I think it was a really creative idea. I really liked hearing about the teacher’s lives outside of school and I can’t wait to hear the next one.” Leah –


"I liked the podcast especially the interviews because they were interesting, and I learnt new facts".


"I really liked the podcast. I liked the song at the end!"


I really liked the song at the end because I knew it and I think the song "Fireworks" represents all of us at Round Diamond because we always try our best" 


'I liked finding out a similarity with Mrs Phillips and myself. We both used to like playing shopkeepers.'


' I liked the interview with Mrs Phillips. I found out she used to want to be a police officer.'


'I felt happy when I heard Orla-Rose and Maya's voices on the podcast. I felt proud of them.'


'I liked the interviews and the questions they asked because we learnt more about people and their personality'


'I liked how we were able to learn more about Mrs Phillips'


'I liked the news part as it made it exciting'


Well bee-ing Wednesdays! 

As a way of enjoying the great outdoors, being mindful and bringing some more colour to Round Diamond Mr Haig has been running a well-bee-ing Wednesday activity every Wednesday with years reception to year 6. 
The children help plant flowers, learn about the important pollinators and enjoy some outdoor time with their friends. 

Facebook Reading Lives 



At Round Diamond we value parental engagement and are eager for parents to experience a moment in the classroom. This term we focused on reading and every year in the school welcomed the parents into their classrooms via Facebook live. 
The parents were able to see a reading lesson taught by their child’s class teacher and follow along with the skills and knowledge covered in the session. 

Parental feedback included 

‘These were a really good way of enabling parents to still experience the classroom session which we would normally have done in person (when we used to be able to come into class for a short period). It was nice to still be able to see the children interacting in their lesson.’

Cross/Curricular Days Olympic/Paralympic Events

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The children took part in two cross curricular days during the Summer term.
During our cross curricular days, the children experienced a range of sports and activities based around Olympic and Paralympic sports.
There were 6 activities that helped to improve agility, balance and co-ordination. The children scored points for how quick they ran, how far they jumped, points individually and as a team to score for their house.
The activities were:
1. Judo/Wrestling
2. Shooting
3. Canoeing
4. Standing Long Jump / Sprint race
5. Triathlon
6. Badminton

House afternoon Summer term 

Butterflies of Mindfulness 

The children took part in some collaborative learning across the school as a way of being mindful. Each class were assigned a buddy class and swapped half of the children with their buddy class.
They discussed the activities they do when feeling anxious or worried and then drew them on one half of their butterfly. Their buddy class friend drew on the other side to make a complete butterfly. They will be displayed in the school for all to see! The children demonstrated friendly behaviour to their buddy class and their collaborative learning was outstanding.

Cross curricular days - At the Theatre

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During the first part of the Summer term we took part in our cross curricular learning. The theme was ‘At the Theatre’!
Each year group was given a different West End stage show and immersed themselves in the world of theatre.
They explored the various roles that make a theatre show successful such as production of tickets, costume and set design, script writing, acting, performing to other classes and even writing reviews on performances.
The children also enjoyed a virtual performance of The Wizard of Oz on Wednesday which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Design and Technology Autumn Term

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A sneak peak into our design and technology across the school during the Autumn Term. You can find more information on our curriculum using the curriculum tab on the website. 

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