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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page 2020-2021

We have some wonderful learning experiences planned


Staffing team for Year 3

Miss Moore (Turner Class)

Miss Wilson (Constable)



Important information for Year 3


Our PE is split across 2 afternoons - Wednesday and Friday. We will be trying to access as much PE outside as possible this term, so please ensure your child has all-weather appropriate PE kit: jogging bottoms, shorts, white t-shirt and a jumper (with no hood or zips), as well as PE trainers at school every day. Please note: if girls are wearing tights, please bring socks. 


In English during the Summer term (Summer 1) the children will be exploring and writing Adventure Stories. We will use the text The Snow Dragon to help us write our own adventure stories. 


In the Summer term in maths the children will be consolidating their knowledge of place value and numbers. We will recap formal methods to add, subtract, divide and multiply. We will also continue to develop our quick recall of times tables. The children now have a piece of maths homework to complete on google classroom. This will be set on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday. 


In Science during the whole of the Summer term the children will be exploring plants. We will plant our own seeds and help them to grow, explore the life-cycle of a plant and dissect a flower in order to identify all the different parts.


In History, children will learn about the Ancient Egyptians. Children will be learning about the River Nile, agriculture, the importance of Maths and Science to the Ancient Egyptians and so much more! 


In Geography, children will learn map reading skills, explore Stevenage, explore Europe and learn about global weather patterns.


There will also be some fantastic Computing, Art, French, RE, Music and RSHE learning opportunities - lots to look forward to.


Fluency facts for year 3- if you would like to support you child's learning even further help them to recall the following number facts

WB 4.5.21

We hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. This week the children have continued to consolidate their knowledge of subtraction and addition including using these skills in a problem solving way.


As well as the above the children have continued to write their adventure stories creating suspense and excitement for the reader. 


In Science the children used their identifying skills whilst dissecting a plant, take a look at some of our pictures below. 



Plant dissection

WB 26.4.21

WOW! What an amazing couple of cross-curricular days we've had this week! The children have been immersed in the West End this week! We explored the production of Matilda and then created our own performance that Year Four watched. The children have loved exploring costume and set design and learning about all the different roles involved in a production. Take a look at some of our pictures below. 

Pictures from Cross-curricular day

WC 19.4.2021

What a week we have had! The children have been super busy in English exploring all the features of an adventure story. We have read lots of texts as a group and spent time looking at how an author creates suspense in a story. We also managed to fit in some drama this week and have put the pictures below for you to enjoy. 


In maths the children have been consolidating their knowledge of number including addition, subtraction and lots of problem solving. Some children were able to add three and four digit numbers! 


In the afternoons we have continued to observe how our plants are growing and in Art have looked at a range of techniques including coiling, carving and blending. 

Retelling a story

WB 13.04.2021

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Easter holidays and managed to spend some quality time with your family. This week the children have returned ready and eager to learn. We have started looking at Adventure Stories in English and will be spending a few weeks exploring the text The Snow Dragon. In maths the children have continued to consolidate their knowledge of number and place value and have used their problem solving skills. 


As well as the above the children have also started a new topic in Science: Plants. In our first lesson the children planted lettuce seeds that should hopefully grow and make a delicious salad for you all to enjoy later in the term. Please see a selection of pictures from this activity below. 

Year 3 planting seeds

WB 22.03.2021


In Maths, this week we have been learning about area and perimeter. We have explored how to calculate the perimeter and area of 2D shapes. In English, we have been getting up to some exciting English learning. We have been doing our 'Take One Book'. Our text was 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. We explored the features, described the characters, described the setting and completed a diary entry. In our Science learning this week we made marks using dinosaurs to extend our learning on how fossils are formed. On Friday, we had our 'wear a hat day' look at some of our photos below!

Well done everyone on a successful term! We look forward to seeing you all after the Easter break.

'Our hats!'

WB 15.03.2021

I would just like to say a massive well done to everyone on another very successful week! 


In Maths, we have been measuring weight, length and capacity. We used a range of resources and read a variety of scales. We developed our understanding of key terms and units of measure.


In English, we have been writing our explanation text. In my class (Miss Wilson's) we have been explaining the farming process in Ancient Egypt. We researched key information, wrote our opening paragraph, wrote our HOT TASK and then perfectly presented. 


In our afternoon lessons, we have been learning about Mary Anning, developing our understanding of Scratch and we made our own Ancient Egyptian flatbread. If you would like to make this at home (with an adult's supervision) I have attached the link to a recipe.

WB 08.03.2021

It has been so lovely to have all of the children back this week. 


In Maths, we have been exploring angles. We have been finding angles, in my class (Miss Wilson's) we have been measuring angles using a protractor as well as finding angles within 2D shapes. We also spent the week exploring turns, positions and completing some problem solving activities.


In English, we have started our new unit on 'Explanation texts'. We have spent lots of time this week exploring them, identifying features, comparing texts and so much more. We will be carrying on our learning of 'Explanation texts' next week. On Friday, for our VIPERS lesson we (Miss Wilson's class) developed our retrieval skills by retrieving key information from a video clip.


In our afternoon learning, we have explored fossils in Science. If you would like to explore and learn more about fossils click the link below. In RE, Mrs Landau spoke to us about Judaism. Which we all found really interesting. In History, we explored the Ancient Egyptian number system.

WB 01.03.20


We have had such a lovely week this week. On Thursday it was World Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite characters. We had a lot of children that dressed up as Harry Potter, Mary Poppins and so many other lovely and creative costumes. I (Miss Wilson) was very impressed with your outfits as I am sure the rest of the Year 3 team are! On World Book Day we spent all morning in our English class listening to our guest author James Campbell. We then wrote our own comedy story. Your stories were so creative and engaging! We then spent the afternoon being detectives as we solved who was behind each mask during our 'Masked Reader' activity. Miss Millard then joined our class to read us a story. Please see below for some pictures of your World Book Day outfits!


During English this week we have been writing our HOT TASK which was writing our traditional tales. We used a range of features in traditional tales in our own stories. In Maths, we have continued to learn about Fractions.


We are very excited to be welcoming all the children back to school next week. Please see below for a transition booklet that may help your child with their transition back to school. 

Transition Booklet

World Book Day!

WB 22.02.21


It has been so lovely to see the children again (via remote learning) after half-term. We have really noticed children showing great PRIDE learning behaviours and trying their best in all subjects.


During Maths this week, we have started our new topic which is fractions. We have explored key terms such as numerator, drawn diagrams and so much more. We will continue our fractions learning next week where we will start to add and subtract fractions and do some problem solving activities.


In English, we have continued our learning on 'Traditional Tales' focusing on 'The War and the Peas'. We have focused on exploring the structure of the tale, problems characters face as well as looking at other features. All of these skills will help us when we come to write our HOT TASK next week.


In our afternoon learning we have been exploring music, exploring Ancient Egyptian flatbread, conducting our own Science experiment and so much more! Below are some pictures of our Science experiments.


Next week is 'World Book Day'. We would love to hear what you are going to dress up as, your favourite book and your favourite author. Can you guess what your teachers are going to dress up as? I (Miss Wilson) have had lots of suggestions from my classes as to what I can dress up as including a unicorn and a mermaid!

Science experiment

WB 08.02.21

This week in English, we have been exploring 'traditional tales'. We wrote our 'COLD TASK', read and performed traditional tales, explored good and bad characters and identified features. We will continue to explore traditional tales the next few weeks after half term.


In Maths, we have continued exploring time. We have solved time problems, estimated times, added and subtracted from a given time as well as developing our understanding of the 12 and 24 hour clock.


We have been doing all sorts of fantastic learning in the afternoon too! On Monday, we had a range of screen free activities to complete such as building a den. Have a look at the cookies Sienna made on Monday (below). In RE, we have been developing our understanding of religious symbols and their meanings. As well as this, in Science we explored reflection further by drawing our own self-portraits.


Have a look at some of our learning this week.

Learning this week

WB 01.02.21


This week in English we have been planning, writing and editing our own non-chronological reports. Ms Landau, Miss Moore and I (Miss Wilson) are so impressed with your reports.


In Maths, we have started to explore time. We have learnt how to read the times on a clock, explore the numbers on a clock and so much more. We will continue to explore time next week.


In our afternoon learning this week we have been exploring shadows, reflection and shading. Have a look below at some of the learning we have been getting up to this week.


Once again, thank you for your continued enthusiasm and engagement during remote learning and parents for your ongoing support.



Our learning this week

Our learning this week

WB 25.01.21

This week the children have started to learn about non-chronological reports. They have explored the features, read lots of examples and learnt how to write in the present tense and third person. 


In maths the children have consolidated their understanding of multiplication and division and some children have looked at both the grid and bus stop method. 


Miss Wilson and I are so impressed with your shadow puppet theatres. We loved how creative you have been and enjoyed watching your performances! 


As always thank you for your ongoing support. 

Puppet Theatres

WB 18.01.2021

Over the course of the Christmas holidays, some of the children have been completing their own home learning projects.


The project involved them downloading the free google arts and culture app and exploring an area/artefact/museum or art gallery.


The app is free and is a really good app to use to develop your understanding of different cultures. We highly recommend using it.


Below are some examples of the brilliant home learning that was sent in.

WB 18.01.21

This week the children have explored Kenning poetry. They explored the features and then created their own! 


In Maths the children consolidated their multiplication and division skills.


In the afternoon they completed so many fun activities, including creating their own games in Art. They then evaluated the materials they used and how successful they were. 


Take a look at some of our creations below. 



Our Games

WB 11.01.21

This week we explored Haiku's in English. The children spent time learning about the features and then created their own. 


Please enjoy some of lovely Haikus below!


Summer is coming

I like to build sandcastles

Children play loudly

By Rayan G


Children play loudly.

With their feet stomping wildly.

Falling snow on trees.

By Effie 


Spring is wonderful

Trees are blooming everywhere.

Brighter and warmer.

By Molly



WB 04.01.21

We would like to say welcome back to all the children, be it or online or in school. We are really impressed with how you have started learning online and taken everything in your stride!


This week we spent time reading the Twits and completing a variety of English activities, including speech sentences, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions. 


In Maths we have spent time exploring money and adding and subtracting including change.

WB 14.12.2021

We hope all of the children have a well-deserved break! We look forward to seeing you all in January. 


In English, we have been exploring limericks. For our VIPERS lesson we used our retrieval skills to retrieve key information from a limerick. On Tuesday, we planned our own limericks which helped us when we came to writing them on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, we performed our limericks. It was so lovely to see the children perform their limericks to each other. Watch the video clip below to learn a little bit more about limericks.


In Maths, we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and exploring perpendicular and parallel lines. We have been using a range of mathematical vocabulary this week.


We have been getting up to all sorts in our afternoon learning. In D&T we have been completing and evaluating our 3D Christmas decorations. Take a look at one of our Christmas decorations below!

3D Christmas Decoration

WB 07.12.20

In English this week we have been exploring Fables further. We have planned our own fable, completed our HOT TASK, edited our fables and perfectly presented.


In Maths, we have started to explore 2D and 3D shapes, explored angles and symmetry. See if you can put your knowledge to the test by completing the following quiz (see the link below).


In Geography, we have been learning about different coasts around the United Kingdom. What physical and human features can you see in the pictures of the coasts below?


We have also been developing our computing skills, learning more about different religions as well as many other exciting and interesting topics!

Images of coasts

WB 30.11.20

In English, we have been continuing to explore fables. We have explored how characters feelings change throughout the fable, described a setting and read a range of fables. Have a look at us reading and performing some fables below.


In Maths, we have spent a whole week on developing our problem solving skills and enhancing our reasoning skills. We have explored missing number problems, scaling problems, correspondence problems as well as looking at algebra! I (Miss Wilson) am very impressed with how much progress you have made this week in developing your problem solving skills.


In Science, we have sorted animals based on their skeletons. In Constable class we have developed our understanding of scientific terms by playing Pictionary. It was great to see so many of you develop your knowledge of key terms. In D&T, we have started to make our 3D Christmas decorations. I cannot wait to see the final result!

Reading and performing a range of fables!

WB 23.11.20

This week we were lucky enough to have two cross-curricular days! Our cross-curricular days were focused around 'The Wizard of Oz'. We watched the whole film, discussed who are our favourite characters are, what our favourite part of the story was as well as completing so many fun activities!


We learnt about tornados and we drawn our own! We wrote our own recipe (see below for the one we completed as a class), we designed our own shoes, we created our own chart on our favourite characters in the movie (see below for Constable classes chart) and we also explored the importance of sleep. 


Note: Remember when we complete a tally we have one line going across 4 individual lines when we have 5. We were unable to do this on PowerPoint.


It has been such a fun week learning all about 'The Wizard of Oz' and developing our Art, Maths, Science and English skills.

Constable Class Tally

Our class recipe

WB 16.11.20

Children had a hands on History lesson this week and explored the stages of mummification using a tomato. They started by scooping out the insides of the tomatoes (as the ancient Egyptians removed internal organs). They then placed the prepared tomatoes into a mix of salt and bicarbonate of soda (natron) - this will act to dry and preserve the flesh of the tomato. In two weeks we will bring the preserved tomatoes out of the natron mixture and will observe what has happened. 

Exploring mummification using a tomato!!

WB 09.11.20

In English this week we have been exploring recounts. We have read, performed, planned and have wrote our own recounts. We have been focusing our learning on the text 'Where The Wild Things Are' this is one of my (Miss Wilson) favourite texts! Below are some pictures of us exploring this text!


In Maths we have been exploring multiplication and using the formal grid method to help us. The formal grid method helps us to multiply larger numbers together. 


In our afternoon learning we have been developing a range of skills and learning about new topics.


In Science, we created our own skeletons. We developed our understanding of the bones in the body and explored how some bones are smaller and some are larger. We learnt about the scientific names for the parts in the human body. Have a look at one of our skeleton creations below!


In Geography, we have been learning about different mountains and hills in the United Kingdom. We learnt about what the difference between a mountain and hill is. Have a look below to recap what mountains and hills we explored this week.

We made our own skeletons!

Mountains and Hills we explored this week!

WB 02.11.20

Children in year 3 have had a fantastic week and have completed some excellent learning. Highlights have included - starting a unit of learning on sewing, cracking the inverse for multiplication and division, and creating a timeline in History.


In English this week we have been learning all about recounts. Our focus text for this unit of learning is 'Where the Wild Things Are'. Take a look at the pictures below of us acting out and hot seating the characters from the text.

Where the Wild Things Are!

WB 19.10.20

In Maths this week we have been developing our problem solving skills. We have used our reasoning skills to answer a range of questions. We also spent a day on solving money problems. It has been great to see the children's problem solving skills develop over the course of this week.


In English we have started to explore recounts. We will continue to explore recounts over the next few weeks.


In Computing the children have been practising their touch typing skills. I have attached a link below to the website we were using in class this week. We have also learnt more about the importance of staying safe online.

WB 12.10.20

In Maths this week we have been exploring inverse. We started the week with using practical resources to explore inverse (see a picture below).


In Geography, we produced a leaflet about a major city in the United Kingdom. See if you can challenge yourself and name all of the major cities in the United Kingdom!


In History we have been researching and recording information about the Ancient Egyptian's lives. We have looked at how they used to farm, where they lived and what they did.


In Science, we have been exploring magnets further. I am really impressed with the key vocabulary we have been using this week.


In RE, we have learnt more about Islam and explored The Qur'an. As well as this in art we have added detail to our landscape paintings we were painting last week. Another really successful week!

Maths learning

WB 05.10.20

In English this week (during SPaG) we have been learning all about homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. For example: the boy ate a berry. Dogs bury bones.


In Maths this week we have been exploring money. Money is a really important life skill. We have recognising different values of coins, adding values of money, subtracting different amounts of money as well as completing some money problem solving activities.


In History we have been writing using hieroglyphs. Can you write your own name in hieroglyphs (see the picture below to help you). In Art, we have painted an Egyptian landscape using different colours, different brushes to create different effects. In Geography, we have been planning our own leaflets about a major city.

Can you write your own name using Egyptian hieroglyphs?

WB 28.09.20

We have started our new topic in English this week. Our new unit of learning is focused around instruction texts. This week have explored instruction texts, identified features, evaluated different instruction texts as well as editing and improving a set of instructions. Our text focus is 'How to Wash a Wolly Mammoth'. I have attached a link to a clip where you can listen to the text being read. Enjoy!


In Maths we have been focusing on subtracting this week. In my class (Miss Wilson's) we have been subtracting using the expanded column method, subtracting three digit numbers as well as spending lots of time on developing our problem solving and reasoning skills.


In Science, we have been sorting objects into magnetic and non-magnetic. Can you develop your understanding of what objects are magnetic by sorting the below objects into two categories one being magnetic and the other non-magnetic objects?


In Geography, we have developed our map skills by producing our own map. We ensured we included as many features used on a map in ours such as using a key and a compass point.

Sort the following objects into magnetic and non-magnetic

WB 21.09.20

We had fantastic fun creating games this week. We made some magnetic maze games in Science as well as some Place Value games in Maths.


In Science, we learnt more about what materials are magnetic and can be moved around our games and those which cannot be moved around the game.


In Art, we have been exploring how to create different effects with our painting by using different brush strokes. In History, we have been exploring the jobs the Ancient Egyptians used to have.


In English we perfectly presented our information text on the Stone Age Boy. See the pictures below of our learning.

Our Stone Age Boy Leaflets

Writing place value maths questions and creating our own games

WB 14.09.20

We are so proud of the Year 3 children. They have settled fantastically back into school and are rising to meet all the learning challenges set. 


This week in English children have enjoyed reading The Stone Age Boy and have explored the story, the characters, and written their own versions or setting descriptions. Next week we will move on to learning about the Stone Age and writing information leaflets and posters. Take a look below at our learning this week. I have also attached a video/audio link to the text for you to listen to.


In Maths children have been focusing on Place Value skills. They have used resources to represent numbers up to 1000, placed numbers on number lines and applied estimation skills, they have identified digits in different place value columns and compared them to work out which is greater and which is smaller, and they have ordered groups of numbers.


Children have continued to engage well with our History topic and today made some excellent observations while investigating pictures of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.



Stone Age Boy Learning

WB 07.09.20

It has been wonderful to have the children in for their first full week back - thank you to all the children for your energised and positive attitudes.

July 2020

Hello from Mrs Bernal and Miss Wilson. 

Constable welcome video

Still image for this video

Turner welcome video

Still image for this video

Important days for Year 3



Our PE day is Friday, Please ensure your child has their full PE kit, jogging bottoms, shorts and a jumper (with no hood or zips), as well as appropriate trainers at school every day. Please note: if girls are wearing tights, please bring socks. 



Turner class are going swimming every Monday starting on the 13th January 2020. Please ensure girls have a swimming hat if they have long hair, a one-piece costume, a towel, and goggles are optional. Boys should have a swimming hat if they have long hair, swimming trunks above the knee, towel, and goggles are optional. No deodorant, shampoo and skin products allowed. All jewellery must be removed. (Please be aware that all earrings are to be taken out before school on Monday). Please make sure their swimming kits are in a separate bag. 



Good Bye Year 3

Still image for this video

Home School Learning Overview WB 20.07.20

Home School Learning Overview WB 13.07.2020

History - Jade of the Maya - watch to 3 minutes and 35 seconds

Guatemala - another video from my trip there, this time looking at the jade in the local museum, plus obsidian, idols, and 1970s fashion tips. Support me on ...

Home School Learning Overview WB 06.07.2020

Home School Learning Overview WB 29.06.2020

Home School Learning Overview WB 22.06.2020

Science video

Still image for this video

A Message from Year 3

Still image for this video
We hope you enjoy the video. Happy Half Term.

Stay well and stay safe.

Home School Learning Overview WB 15.06.2020

English Week 3 Video learning input


Day 2

How to write long ladder letters


Day 3

How to use the suffixation


Day 4

How to write a persuasive letter


Day 5

Reading Comprehension

Summer Term 2 Week 3



How do flowering plants reproduce?




Mayan Gods

What did the ancient Mayas believe?

The Day My I Swapped My Dad For 2 Goldfish By Neil Gaiman

Still image for this video
This story is up to15 minutes long, enjoy

Guide grown ups and children - English Reading and Writing


Please scroll down to find Home learning

Interactive Maths 

Teaching Clock to help children tell the time


Interactive Money counter to help with money questions


Websites to help with fact-finding

Britannica Kids


National Geographic Kids

DK Find Out!


Interactive counters to help add and subtract

Interactive Dienes blocks which represent numbers as 1,10,100 and  1000

Home School Learning Overview WB 08.06.2020

Summer 2 Week 2


Above there are power point slide shows for the children to read through the input for teaching

The videos below support the input for learning on each day. 


Day 2

How to write long ladder letters


Day 3

What is an Adverb?


Day 4

How to write a persuasive letter


Day 5

Reading Comprehension



How do flowering plants reproduce?


What did the ancient Mayas believe?

Mayan Gods

Home School Learning Overview Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Summer term 2 Week 2

These the links for learning about the topics in each of the lessons




English Summer 2 Week 1

Watch these videos to help you with your learning. You can watch them again to help you with your learning


Day 2 - Videos to support handwriting practice.

How to write curly letters

How to write long ladder letters


Day 3 - This video helps you find out how to write a simile when carrying out the 'simile task.'


Day 4 -

This video is a super mover video will help you writing syllables


This video helps write you write a Haiku.


Day 5 - The video explains what Inference is.

Geography Summer Term 2 Week 1

Summer Term 2 Week 1
History: LI: To research and create a fact file about an Ancient Woolly Mammoth.

See the video link below to help you create a fact file about a Woolly Mammoth.


What is a Woolly Mammoth?

Can you describe what they look like?

What do they eat?

A true or false question? Did the Woolly Mammoth exist around the same time as the Ancient Egyptians?

Summer Term 2 Week 1 Science Presentation to learn what parts of a plant do (checking your knowledge before you move on

Parts of Plant Activity (use the Powerpoint presentation to help you)

Mild * Cut out and stick the descriptions of the jobs in the correct places

Spicy ** Fill in the gaps to explain the different jobs

Hot *** Write a few sentences about what happens in each part of the plant

Summer Term 2 Week 1 Science To know what parts of a plant do activity

Summer Term 2 Week 1 Computing

Summer Term 2 Week 1 Music 


Your Sing Up song is ‘There Was an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly’. Enjoy! Maybe you could draw a picture to illustrate this song.
To go with this, your listening clip is by a German Composer called George Frideric Handel.
This music describes the plague of Flies and Locusts from the Bible – maybe you’ve heard of that from your RE learning?
How does Handel make the music sound like flies?(fast, short notes.) Who is performing the music( a choir and an orchestra)

HANDEL: Plague of Flies & Locusts (excerpt), from Israel in Egypt - Apollo's Fire

G. F. HANDEL The Plague of Flies & Locusts (excerpt) from ISRAEL IN EGYPT APOLLO'S FIRE | The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra Jeannette Sorrell, conductor Live a...

The Day The Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers

Still image for this video
WB 18.05.20

Hello year 3, here is a video of Mr Brooke reading you a story. We hope you enjoy

Art Activity Option

How To Draw Health Heroes - Doctors and Nurses

Below is a link to show you how to draw a Doctor and a Nurse

There are other videos to show you how to draw other animals and objects if you are interested.


Click here ->

Home Learning Overview Week Beginning 18.05.20

English Week 6 Videos for support

Click the links written in blue as this will direct you to the activity.

Day 2


How to write curly letters

How to write long ladder letters

How to write one-armed robot letters

Day 3


Subordinating conjunctions

Day 4


Day 5

Free Verse Poem

Week 5 Geography

Home School Learning Overview Year 3 Week Beginning 11.05.2020

Video reading of the book 'Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth Book by Oliver Jeffers'

Still image for this video
Hello year 3,

Here is a video reading of the book 'Here We Are Notes for Living on Planet Earth Book by Oliver Jeffers'.' We hope you enjoy the book.

English Week 4 links to support learning: They are labelled below for the days you carry out the learning task on. 

Where it says 'Click here ->' the arrow points to the website where it will take you to the website to support learning.

Input for lessons are provided by BBC bitesize and Youtube to match the skills to be used in the given tasks.


English Week 4 Day 2 - Comprehension

This will support when understanding how to answer questions in a reading comprehension

Click here ->


English Week 4 Day 4 - Contraction Spotter

Click here ->


English Week 4 Day 5 - Create Speech Dialogue

Click here ->


Maths Week 4 links to support learning: They are labelled below for the days you carry out the learning task on. 

Where it says 'Click here ->' the arrow points to the website where it will take you to the website to support learning.

Input for lessons is provided by BBC bitesize and Youtube to match the skills to be used in the given tasks.


Maths Day 1

Click here ->


Maths Day 2

Click here ->


Maths Day 3 and 4

Click here ->


Week 4 Garden Scavenger Hunt Free activity to do around the house

Year 3 Home School Learning Overview  WB 04.05.2020

Year 3 Home School Learning Overview WB 04.05.2020

Music - Week 1

In addition to our home learning, Our music teachers are providing opportunities to enjoy Music activities at home.


Week 1 - First song :Naka Hoi

Teach some Japanese to the people in your home !

Naka = in front , Soto= behind 

Hoi= hey . When you sing ‘Hoi’ collect a smile !

Try using your thinking voices with the words Naka and Soto .

Try walking to the pulse as you sing .


Please see below the video to practice.


Week 1.MP4

Still image for this video

Home School Learning Overview Week Beginning 27.04.20

Week Beginning Monday 20th April 2020

Year 3 Home School Learning Overview Week Beginning 20.4.2020

Friday 3rd April 2020

Greetings Year 3, we hope you are okay and doing well. Easter has arrived and we hope you have a good holiday through this challenging time. Below are some ideas that you may want to do with your children at home over the Easter holidays as well as some idea for supporting children with reading over the two weeks. Take care and stay safe.

Activities to do with your child or for them to do independently. Please do not feel you have to do them all, they are all optional.

Home Learning Activities


To access interactive activities


Click sign in 


Code to log in is:




Range of activities:






Other ideas for home learning include:


Below is a website called SUPERMOVERS where children can stay active while learning join in now and again: There is a range of maths and English type videos for them to join in on


There are lots of audiobooks for children of all ages. Click the link:


Click her to you use this website and use the free access code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS, you will be able to access lots of different learning 


If you would like to use an online dictionary to find out meanings to words please use this site to help you


Dear Year 3, to support your children at home with their learning we have provided you with some activities below. There is a range of  Maths, Ancient Egyptian, Map making English, Spelling and Punctuation activities below to support your child.


If you have any questions regarding this learning please email


Please download the documents below to use at home


Jackanory Junior - Snow Dragon - Part 1 of 2

As a part of our unit in English, we are going to look at adventure stories. Please enjoy the reading below to start your journey.

Jackanory Junior - Snow Dragon - Part 2 of 2

Adrian Lester reads Snow Dragon Written by Vivian French Illustrated by Chris Fisher

Roald Dahl The Twits

During the school closure, in our combined year 3 and 4 class we have been reading The Twits. Here is the full audio book for you to enjoy from home.

Mr and Mrs Twit play some horrible tricks on each other. I bet you have never met two people more revolting. They never wash, they trap birds for Bird Pie and they hate children. Find out what brilliant trick the Roly-Poly Bird and the Muggle-Wump monkeys think up for them.

The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan

An animation of Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing that the year 3 and 4s have listened to this week.

Dear Parents and carers of children in Round Diamond Primary School, Please use the reading guidance to support your children at home



In year 3, English lessons were based on a take one book unit where we explored Leon and The Place Between, this book had a creative way of telling the story with imagery and text which created an image in their head of what it would be like if magic was real when they visited a circus they were writing a descriptive setting in 1st person. Children were developing their programming skills using scratch to create a game.


Stay safe and see you soon.




Mr Brooke and Mr Taylor


WB: 09.03.2020


This week children in year 3 have completed their 3 week English unit on Traditional tales with an alternative ending by using their skills such as speech sentences. description of character and setting. Year 3 have also been painting their canopic jars as a part of their History lessons in Ancient Egypt. we hope you have enjoyed the images below about their week.

Additionally, WB: 09.03.2020


In year 3, we have been learning how to code using Scratch. Throughout this, the children have been able to gain an understanding of how to write basic instruction to move a character in a maze. They have also been able create a background and a character for their game. Furthermore, they have also used position and direction (which is a math's) to program their character up, down, left and right which instructs the player to move the character.

WB: 09.03.2020

WB: 02.03.2020


It has been a great week for year 3. Mr Taylor and I are so proud of all the home learning that has taken place and it has been great to see all kinds of creativeness. Children have had a chance to show and share their projects to each other and will continue to until the last week of term. Children have been creating the lids for their Canopic Jars. Canopic Jars are for all the organs to go in and each jar is represented by a different Egyptian God. Again, the creativity from Year 3 is amazing and their clay sculpting skills are coming along nicely. Hope you all have a nice weekend and see you all next Monday.


It was great to see the Year 3 students involving themselves in the World Book Day spirit. We had a range of characters with many children showing a real interest in the character that they had chosen to be for the day.


P.S To top it off we had a the Vicar from Old Town Holy Trinity Church to explain the importance of Easter for Christian and what is involved in the service.

WB: 02.03.2020

WB: 24.02.2020


In Year 3 it has been great to see all the home learning that the children have brought in. Mr Taylor and I are very pleased to see the independence and pride in their learning. This week in year 3 Children have been immersing their selves with traditional tales with alternative endings by understanding what has changed in the story as well as the setting and change of characters by the end of this unit of learning theyr are going to write their own twisted tale. We look very much forward to seeing it. Have a good weekend and stay safe.

WB: 24.02.2020

WB 10.02.2020


We are now in half term and it has been great to see the learning in the last week of Spring term 1. Children have been writing Haikus about Ancient Egypt, Valentine's day and Seasons of the year using Simile and Metaphors, it has has been amazing to see their use of creativity in learning. In maths, children have been practising their knowledge of place value by solving problems and identifying Roman numerals. Have a happy and safe half term. We look forward to seeing you all after half term.

WB 10.02.2020

WB 03.02.2020


In year 3 Children have been learning about poetry in English creating Kennings, next week it is Haikus! In History children have learnt about how mummies are made in Ancient Egypt. Mr Taylor and Mr Brooke have been impressed by the learning taken place this week in English and Maths and look forward to another week. See you soon!

WB 03.02.2020

WB 27.01.2020


This week in year 3 children have been exploring shadow by creating shadow puppets using tracing paper cereal boxes (We thank you all very much for them, they have put them to good use). It was great to see children creating shadow puppets and being able to explain and use Scientific words such as opaque, translucent and transparent. This gave them an insight on how light works and how it travels in a straight and and can move when it bounces of a reflective surface. Also children have explored mass and roman numerals in Maths as well as creating news reports about their fossil discovery. 

WB 27.01.2020

WB 20.01.2020


In year 3, children have discovered what seems to dinosaur bones in the courtyard which is in the center of Round Diamond School. This is a part of their Non-chronological report writing and they will be writing a newspaper about this very soon. In science children will be creating their own shadow puppets which is a part of their Science learning in this part of the spring term. Mr. Taylor and I are excited to see the creative outcome from year 3. In maths children have been learning more about shape by creating their own net from a 3D shape as well as looking at different types of lines which is developing their geometry learning.

WB 20.01.2020

WB 13.01.2020


This week Year 3 and have investigated Ancient Egypt in History and explored different maps of Stevenage. They have been using their observation skills in Geography locate features and areas of Stevenage on a map. Children in Mr Brooke's Math's class have been exploring Geometry by looking at angles and symmetry. In Mr Taylor's and Mrs Parker's class they explored Inverse Operations, Algebra and Balancing Equations. In English children have immersed their selves with non-chronological news reports.

WB 13.01.2020

WB 06.01.2020


It has been fantastic to see year 3 back from the Christmas Holidays and ready to kick start the year. In English children have been building on skills that they will be using in their writing. In Geography, children have looking at different maps of the UK and our local town of Stevenage. It has been amazing to know what Children know about Stevenage as Mr Brooke was not originally from Stevenage and he has learnt a lot from year 3. Furthermore, Turner class are looking forward to swimming next week and Constable are going to be learning recorders for the Spring term.

WB 06.01.2020

WB: 16.12.2020


Hello all, it has been an eventful week for year 3 and all of Round Diamond. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas play year 3 practised so hard to perform for you on Thursday. Here are some highlights below showcasing the performance. It has been a wonderful start to the school year and a wonderful end to 2020. Miss Moore,  Mr Brooke, Mrs Parker and Mrs Faulkner wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy new year for 2020!

WB: 16.12.2020 Year 3 Christmas Play 2020

WB 09.12.2020


Year 3 have been learning about Limericks and their structure in Limericks, it has been great to hear all the creativity children have been doing in their learning. They have been performing them in front the class which has been a delight to see. We must thank all the children for giving us cards for Christmas it is very thoughtful. Miss Moore and Mr Brooke have been rehearsing the play for the last week of term and we must say that we are very proud of them all. The songs and the performing are wonderful to see.

WB 09.12.2020

WB 02.12.2020


This week children have been writing their own Fables for their recent unit. Children have been developing skills to describe a setting, their characters, dialogue punctuation and the beginning, middle (plot) and the ending of a fable. It has been great to see the wonderful writing children have been producing. Children in year 3 have been discussing Resilience in class assembly, by discussing scenarios to support children at school to encourage resilience in their learning. Miss Moore and Mr Brooke have been pleased to hear the wonderful practising of the songs for the performance which just under 2 weeks time! 

WB 02.12.2020 Writing Fables



In year 3, Constable and Turner have been learning about the Roman in their cross-curricular at the start of this week. Learning involved recognising Roman Numerals in Maths, investigating how Romans filtered water in the Aqueducts and Writing a wanted poster for their allocated Roman God. Each class had been given a Roman God, Constable were given Minerva and Turner were given Diana as their Gods. We had Katy who was a visitor from Stevenage Museum came with a variety of artefacts from Ancient Rome where they were able to make observation on how Romans would use them.



WB 25.11.2019 Cross Curricular Roman



It has been a jam packed week for year 3 this week. On Tuesday children had Roxy the cave girl come and show us her adventure as she traveled back in time to the stone age and met many different prehistoric creatures. It has been a wonderful to see year 3 get involved demonstrating all their knowledge about their scavengers and settlers topic. Then, on Wednesday Parents and Carers were given the opportunity to learn along side their children. Turner and Constable class had been learning about different parts of a skeleton and with their parents children created an X-ray version of a skeleton or a hand, they did this by touching the parts of their own hand to get an understanding of their own skeletal structure. Miss Moore and Mr Brooke would like to say a huge thank you to Parents and Carers who came to participate in the children's learning, It was a pleasure to have to come and join in.

Cave Girl Visit and Open Afternoon September 2019


This week the children have come back from half term energised and ready to  learn! In class we have finished writing our recounts and continued to consolidate our knowledge of multiplication and division. The children loved our new Science topic the human body and were keen to share all their prior knowledge. 


Tuesday the 12th is our topic day; the children are excited for the production of Cave Girl and we will all participate in a workshop afterwards. As stated on the letter children can dress up if they want to. 


We also look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our open afternoon on Wednesday the 13th. 




The children should be very proud of the progress they have made this term. They have all settled in really well and are now familiar with the year three routines. This week the children have continued to identify the features of a recount and in maths have developed their knowledge of time and multiplication. We finished our Friday by creating our own amazing Rangoli patterns and some of the children were keen to share their knowledge of Diwali and how they were celebrating this weekend. Mr Brooke and I hope you all have a lovely half term. 

Rangoli Patterns


The children have completed some brilliant learning this week. In English we have started to look at recounts and we have explored the features of a variety of different texts. In math the children have continued to develop their understanding of telling the time and have used their problem solving skills to solve time word problems. In Science the children participated in a brilliant experiment and used their predicting skills to predict what would happen next. Some of the children were incredibly keen to replicate this experiment at home (with your permission of course).

Our Science Experiment


Mr Brooke and I are incredibly proud of the children for their Harvest assembly. They performed with confidence and energy and the speaking and acting was amazing! Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend. 


This week the children have finished writing their instructions and it is lovely to see them using all the skills we learnt last week. In maths Mr Brooke's group have explored money and Miss Moore's group have learnt all about area and perimeter (including compound shapes). 


This week you should have received a letter for forthcoming visit. There will be a performance in school linked to our topic and then an exciting workshop afterwards. Please let us know if you have any problems. 

Check out our supermoves to supermovers!


In year 3 it has been a great week, children have practicing subtraction by using a number line to find the answer, as well as using money in math's to calculate an amount and working the change of an amount. In English, children have been practicing their skills in instruction and information writing. In Science, children have been learning about non-magnetic and magnetic materials, furthermore, children have learnt not all metals magnetic and have investigated around the classroom searching for other magnetic objects such as the chair legs and white boards.


This week has been a fantastic week in year three. The children have topped off the week taking on the role of the Hunter Gatherer and have tried a whole variety of fruits and vegetables that would have been scavenged at the time. As well as the above the children have also continued to develop their understanding of instructions and, in maths, have been consolidating their knowledge of subtraction and addition. 


Some children have been given lines for our Harvest Festival, thank you for your ongoing support with helping them to learn them.  


What a brilliant week we have had in Year Three. The children have continued to develop their knowledge of place value and have looked at a variety of methods in addition. In English the children wrote their own version of The Stone Age Boy, they used amazing adjectives and even included some similes! In our Science learning this week the children explored a range of magnets which they then used to create their own magnetic game. We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


The children have had a fantastic first week of learning! They are becoming familiar with the new routines and are confidently taking on the new challenges. This week we have started sharing the text The Stone Age Boy, which the children have really enjoyed. Next week they will use their writing skills to write their own. Also we have explored place value in a variety of different ways and topped off the week with out fabulous cave paintings. Well done Year Three, have a great weekend. 


Look at our cave paintings!


The children have settled into Year Three brilliantly and have been a pleasure to teach. We started off the week getting to know each other with lots of fun activities including Lego self-portraits, treasure hunts and talking about our worries whilst making our own worry dolls. This week the children have been given a set of spellings that will be tested next Friday and have also been given their new reading books. Well done Year Three what a fab week! 

During this Autumn term our Topic focus is Scavengers and Settlers where children will learn about life during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In Science the children will learn about Forces and Magnet, exploring a range of different things and participating in some excellent experiments. In the second half term our Science topic will become Healthy Eating and Healthy Bodies. In English we will start off with a text about a Stone Age Boy and write instructions on How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth. In Maths we will cover a range of skills, calculating using the 4 operations, measurement, shape, fractions, and place value.

Year 3: 2018-19

During this Summer term our Topic focus is Scavengers and Settlers where children will learn about life during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In Science during the first half term children will learn about Plants, in the second half term learning will switch to Healthy Eating and Healthy Bodies. In English we will be focusing on Adventure Stories. In Maths we will cover a range of skills, calculating using the 4 operations, measurement, shape, fractions, and place value.


Unbelievable to think that we have just completed the final full week of Year 3! What a speedy year it has been! This week has been great fun: the children all competed fantastically in Sports Day, then there was a very successful trip where we were very proud of how the children behaved and participated in activities, and finally we had our music festival. An excellent week was had by all.

St Alban's Museum and Gallery trip


We have had such a varied and exciting week!

The sleepover last Friday was a great success and enjoyed by all. Then we started this week with 2 interesting Cross-Curricular learning days which focused on People Who Help. And finally we ended the week watching the Year 6 dress rehearsal of Mamma Mia which was absolutely fantastic!

See photos below of the sleepover and cross-curricular days.

Cross Curriular Days - Special Visit from the Police Force and Fire Service


What a wonderfully creative week we have had! Mrs Bernal's English group loved exploring the story of The Tempest and have had a lot of fun experimenting with Shakespearean words and phrases. See the video clips below.

In topic we ended the week creating some fantastic clay pots in the style of 'grooved wear' which was the typical clay work used during Stone Age times.

Making clay pots

Exploring Shakespearean language by acting out a scene from The Tempest

Still image for this video

The Tempest

Still image for this video

The Tempest

Still image for this video

The Tempest

Still image for this video

The Tempest

Still image for this video


We are now a week away from our Year 3 sleepover and excitement is rising. A letter was sent home with all children today with full details regarding the procedure for the event. Any further questions, please catch class teachers at the end of the day or contact the office. We are also suggesting that children bring in their water bottles for the night. It should all be a lot of fun!


Home learning set today - a fun project connected to our Bodies and Healthy Eating Science topic. We are looking forward to seeing what the children bring in.

Summer term home learning project


The children have had a fantastic week this week. Miss Moore's maths group have been learning all about Roman Numerals; ask them to impress you with their song! All of the children have also started their new English topic Persuasive texts, of which they have looked at the features and used their own persuasive skills in class. Please enjoy some pictures of the children's art below. 

Year Three's art work


What an outstanding half term this has been. The children have achieved so much in such a short space of time and should be very proud of themselves. This week the children have completed the final chapter of their adventure stories and topped off the week with some lovely stonehenge art. We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a lovely half term and hope you enjoy spending time together. 

Year 3 maths learning


This week in our topic lesson the children took on the role of a hunter gatherer as we explored a range of food that would have been consumed during the Stone Age. Some of the children were incredibly adventurous and tried foods they have never eaten before. Well done Year Three what a lovely end to a week! Please enjoy some of the children's photos below. 

Constable class trying new food


This week the children have produced some fantastic writing. They have written their opening for the story The Journey and have included lots of high level description, pathetic fallacy and suspense! We can not wait to read the rest. As well as the above the children have continued to observe the seeds we have grown in classand topped of the week with an exploration into the timeline of The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 


This week the children have done some fantastic learning and have showed enthusiasm for our new topic Scavengers and Settlers. The children topped off the week by creating their own cave painting, which are proudly displayed in our classrooms. As well as the above some of the children have consolidated their knowledge of time whilst others have explored fractions. What a busy week! We hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Cave paintings in action

A clip from our Music learning

Still image for this video


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their cross curricular days this week; it was lovely to see the children collaborating and showing enthusiasm for their learning. They loved watching the performance of The Railway Children in school and were a brilliant audience. When they returned to class the children wrote their own diary entry as if they were Bobbie. They included exciting language and emotion to describe the moment when she stopped the train. Also they explored train travel, designed their own eco-friendly train that used renewable energy and designed their own costume for one of the children in the story. Well done Year Three.


Firstly we would like to thank all the parents who attended our open mornings on Thursday and Friday. The children loved the opportunity to showcase their learning and were excited to have you there. This week the children have started to write their own non-chronological reports and continued to develop their art skills in our topic learning. The children used both hot and cold colours to create their own volcano paintings have a look at our creations below.

Artists in action


The children loved their Science learning this week. Both classes became paleontologists for the day and explored the process of excavation. Each child used their tools to gently excavate dinosaur bones and we spent time looking at fossils the children discovered. 

Excavation in action


Still image for this video
Turner class are really enjoying their recorder learning and have already mastered 2 notes.


The children have had a fun-filled week with lots of energised learning. On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day and the children looked fantastic! Thank you to all of the effort that was put into making the children look fabulous. Our classrooms were filled with Matildas, Harry Potters and many more characters. In the afternoon, we shared the story The Giving Tree and discussed all the different things we could give to someone else. All of our ideas were written on leaves and we worked with Year Four to create our own giving tree in the school. 

Year Three creating their own leaves for our Giving Tree.


What an amazing first week back the children have had; they have returned to school energised and ready to learn. This week the children started their new topic Rocks and Soils. The children loved learning about all the different types of rocks, and some children said they would like to become geologists when they are older. They cannot wait for our forthcoming lesson on fossils!

Look at our brilliant information leaflets about volcanoes.


Busy final week of a very successful half term. Thank you to all the parents who attended Parents Evening this week, it was wonderful to discuss the children's recent achievements and update you with targets. We have set some home learning to engage children with our new Science topic - Rocks and Soils (link below, for a copy of the learning), the project is optional, due in by Friday 22nd March. We hope you all have a great half term week.

Remarkable Rocks and Soils - Spring Term Home Learning Project

8.2.19 - Combining our Science and English learning - Fun exploring shadows and retelling traditional tales with a Shadow Puppet Theatre.

25.01.19 - Exploring equivalent fractions using a fraction wall and fraction towers


What a wonderful first couple of weeks. All the children have returned with super learning attitudes and are displaying some excellent learning behaviours. Our Take 1 Book - Escape from Pompeii has inspired some fantastic writing and truly launched us into our topic learning about volcanoes. 

Escape from Pompeii inspired home learning.

17.1.19 - We had a great time learning about the layers of the Earth using modelling clay.


On Thursday this week we took time to learn about Remembrance Day. In year 3 we focused on the lives of children a hundred years ago and what they did to support the war effort. Children applied research skills and then presented their findings to the class. Our learning culminated in writing a thank you. All round a very positive learning experience.

Thank you to the children off 100 years ago...

Still image for this video

Thank you to the children of 100 years ago...

Still image for this video

Thank you to the children of 100 years ago...

Still image for this video

Thank you to the children of 100 years ago...

Still image for this video

Thank you to the children of 100 years ago...

Still image for this video

Thank you to the children of 100 years ago...

Still image for this video

Remembrance Day learning


English learning in Turner class and Learning Lodge 1 has been poetry this week. Children have been focusing on the Poems This is the City and Out in the City by Kathy Henderson. Towards the end of the week we went on a walk of our local area and next week the children will be writing, and eventually performing, their own poems This is Great Ashby or Out in the Park, etc

In Maths children have been learning about lines, angles and turns. They have done fantastically, getting to grips with challenging vocabulary and concepts such as 'parallel and perpendicular lines' and 'right angle turns'.

Heading in to the last week of a very full on half term - keep going everyone, we've nearly made it!


It has been a fabulous first couple of weeks in Year 3. All teachers are very impressed with how the children are settling in and adjusting to Key Stage 2 expectations.

All home learning is now up and running: children will have weekly spellings and times table practice in addition to learning set on My Maths and Bug Club.

July 2018. End of school year 2017-18

Last Day of Yr 3! Today is our last day in Year 3. We have have had a lovely year filled with such fabulous memories. We wish everyone good luck for next year!

Summer Term-In topic, we have been making our own stoneage pots. We have had to think about the colour, design and shape! We are very proud of all our pots!

Friday 15th June 2018


On Friday , it was Eid  in the Islam religion. To celebrate, one member of Constable brought in special sweets. We all tried them and enjoyed them. 

13th June 2018

Year 3 Sleepover!


We are very excited to announce that we are going to be holding a Year 3 Sleepover on Friday 6th July 2018. This has been a great event in the past and will be a lovely evening to have!


Children to arrive at School at 5:30pm on Friday 6th July 2018

Children should bring:

-sleeping bad/small duvet


-something to sleep on

-cuddly toy to sleep with



-Spare change of clothes 


Please pick children up at 9am on the Saturday. 


Any queries please speak to Miss Ruprai or  Miss Williams


14th May 2018- English performing poems

Still image for this video
As part of our unit in English called 'Take One Poet, we have been learning all about a poet called Roger McGough. We listened to different his poem called 'Poetry Pie' and looked at different versions of people retelling the poem. Here are some children performing their poems. We hope you enjoy!

Week Commencing 30th April

In Constable English, we have been learning about adventure stories. We have been exploring the book called 'Journey'. 

This is a strange picture book as it has no words and has really motivated us with our learning. Below are some pictures of our English learning. 


English Turner Monday 30th April

In English we have been inferring characters feelings when faced with a moral dilemma.

Friday 27th April- Retelling cave paintings using drama

PSHE - Smoking Tuesday 24th April Turner class have been learning about the affects of smoking.   We used balloons to represent our lungs and discussed how they work. We demonstrated the difference in the lungs when air and smoke are being taken in.

Monday 19th March


Cross Curricular Art and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe


As part of our Cross Curricular Days we have completed an imaginative paintings in the style of Kandinsky, Monet and Edvard Munch. 










French Singing!

Still image for this video
Thursday 15th March 2018
In French, we have learnt 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French! Here is a clip of us singing it and doing the actions!

Wednesday 15th March 2018

In Science, we looked at the different parts in a flower. We dissected a flower and decided where each part goes

Year 3 Science Turner Class


We have been carrying out experiments as part of our Science Unit about plants.


How much water do plants need to grow well?


We planted sunflower seeds to find out.  We observed them over two weeks and found the seeds that were watered twice a week with 30ml did not grow and the ones that were watered once a week did grow.  This showed us that watering plants too much does not help them to grow. 







Friday 9th March- As part of our Topic learning, we have been learning all about past life in Pompeii. We were treated to a Pompeii Picnic to help us understand what the food was like in those days.

Thursday 8th March 2018

In Maths, we have been learning about positions and turns. We took our maths learning outdoors and followed Miss Williams' instructions which we had to copy. Here are some pictures of our maths learning:

Wednesday 7th March 2018

In Science, we have been learning all about plants. We have planted sunflower seeds so we can learn and understand what we need to do

in order for them to grow. Here are some pictures of our plants:

School Values Afternoon - Year 3 & Year 6 (06.03.18)

Year 3 and Year 6 joined forces to complete their School Values tasks. 


They completed poems about how they are either: 




Monday 28th February 2018

In Constable Maths, we went on a 3-D shape hunt to look for 3-D shapes in the classroom. 

We had a great discussion about the 3-D properties and the key vocabulary used to describe 3-D shapes. 


Thursday 23rd November 2017

Cross Curricular Day

Crime Challenge!


On Wednesday and Thursday, we all took part in a cross curricular day! We got told them someone had stolen the round diamond and it was our jobs to find out who stole it! We took part in lots of different learning. As part of our English learning, we visited the crime scene to help us write a crime report. Have a look at some of our pictures of us at the crime scene!


Thursday 16th November 2017

Turner - Topic Lesson


For the past couple of weeks in Turner we have been considering the Environmental Impacts of air travel on the environment.


We discussed what a new runway at Heathrow would mean to surrounding communities and areas.


We designed placards, wrote on a chant and staged a protest against the airport expansion.







Wednesday 14th November 2017

Year 3 Open Afternoon


Turner and Constable hosted a fantastic open afternoon.

We showed our parents our great recorder playing. Thank you for all the parents who came. 


Monday 13th November 2017

Our current RE topic is learning all about Islam. We we so fortunate enough that three members of Constable Class brought in traditional Islam dress, a prayer mat and the Quran. Thank you to those children, it really helped us with our learning!

Here is a picture below of the children showing their pieces from home. 

Monday 6th November 2017

LI: To conduct an experiment 


*fair testing


*accurate results


In Constable class, we have been conducting an experiment . We were finding out the question: 'What shoe has the best grip?'

We used a ramp and a newton meter to measure how much grip each shoe has. Here are some pictures of our experiment:

Values Afternoon with Monet Class

Still image for this video
On Thursday 12th October Turner and Monet got together to think about how we show Our School Values.
We voted for who in our class we felt embodied our Values most.
RESPONSIBLE - Holly Burgess
DETERMINED - Darcy Umney
SUCCESSFUL - Tyrell Farrelly
But there were many examples of all children displaying our School Values

3rd October 2017 In our maths learning this week, we have started to learn all about measuring. We had to make sure we accurately measured different objects in the classroom. We then had to decide if we should use a metre stick or a ruler. Some of us even measured each other! 

2nd October 2017


In Constable, we have been learning all about Islam. Today, we were learning all about Mosques. We used playdough to make Mosques, incorporating all of the features Mosques have. 


First week back

All children have had a successful first week in Year 3 getting used to new things and catching up with their friends. 

Over the coming week we are going to continue to investigate place value and ordering of numbers in Maths.

In English, we are going to study a book in great detail for the next two week, it's a big favourite in my house so I'm sure the children will enjoy it. 

In both Topic and Science now we know what the children already understand we are going to start the learning properly.

So we are in for another busy week. 


Turner 05/09/17

Constable 05/09/17


Welcome to Year 3!

Keep looking back to see some of the fantastic learning we have been doing and helpful resources.

Michael Rosen Poetry Performance

Still image for this video
This week in English, Mr Paice's class have been exploring the poems of Michael Rosen. This week the children selected a poem, learnt them off by heart and performed them for the class. Here are a selection for you to Enjoy. If you would like to find out more about Michael Rosen visit his website -

Year 3 sleep over - 7th July 2017

The Year 3's had an enjoyable time at the sleep over this year.  They really enjoyed the Pizza and chips as well as their surprise - a Bouncy Castle!

After dinner they snuggled down to watch 'Sing' before going to sleep.  Thank you to all the children for their fantastic behaviour and all the staff who helped either preparing the event or who slept at school over night.

Open afternoon - 28th June 2017


Thank you to all the parents and family who attended the Year 3 open afternoon this week.  We were very impressed and greatful for the fantastic support.  We hope you enjoyed the activities and that you went away feeling like you have learnt something yourselves!  The children really do enjoy sharing their learning with you on these occasions.

The big debate - 15.06.2017

This week Mr Paice's English group have been researching and planning for a debate. They chose to debate the following statement: Children should be allowed to wear their own cloths in School.  They were put into a 'for' group and an 'against' group. Today they help the debate. They presented their research well and came up with some imaginative arguments to support their side.  Why not ask you child what they think about the subject?

Post-It note planning - Mr Paice's English class (11.05.2017)

Here are Tomi and Aubrey planning their adventure story using Post-it note planning. Post-it note planning allows the children to be flexible with their ideas and move them around until the fit the sequence. It frees the children to work outwards from a key idea/plot point to create a well structured story.


When they are happy, they commit their ideas to the planning frame.


"I like Post-it note planning because it is fun. If I don't like idea I can get rid of the post-it note and start again." Amy M


"You can write all of your ideas down and see if it makes sense. If it does you can write it on the paper!" Aubrey M


"If you think the build-up is actually a problem you can move it to get it in the right place!" Parv G


"If you want you can start from any point of the story and then you can work your way out from there." Alannis T

Constable Class singing in French - 25.04.2017

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Constable Class combined our Science, French and Music learning to present head, shoulders, knees and toes in French.

Letters from another country - 20.04.2017

In English this week, the children have been responding to letters that were posted to them from some children in Vietnam. The children have been very excited to receive the letters and they have completed their responses.  The letter will be posted back to the School in Vietnam where the children are eagerly awaiting their replies. 

Attached are the resent reading test booklet and answer booklet. These are good examples of the sorts of questions you could be asking your children when they are reading at home. Although the children completed this test in school you may wish to go through some aspects with them over the Easter break.

Science Week 13th - 19th March 2017

This week we have been celebrating British Science Week. On Wednesday afternoon, years 3 and 4 had a special Science afternoon where the children got to try 4 different Science investigations.  They looked at changing states, light and Shadows, chemical reactions and solids, liquids and gasses.


The children had lots of fun exploring the different science areas. All the investigations linked to areas in the Science curriculum. There is also a competition running this week for the children who need to create an invention that will change the world for the better. Keep an eye out for our winners!

10. 3. 2017 Problem Solving

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We have been solving problems in our maths learning.

Music: Notes on the stave - 09.03.2017

In recorders we are beginning to read the notes from the stave. Here is a handy photo to help the children remember the different note names and positions.

World Book Day 2017 in Turner Class

Earthquake drill - Tuesday 28th February 2017

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This afternoon, Constable class were learning about Earthquakes. We explored what you should do to keep safe during an Earthquake and had an 'Earthquake Drill'. Then we made infomercials explaining what you should do in an Earthquake.

Attendance cup winners - Well done Constable! (10.02.2017)

Exploring Tanka's with Mr Paice - 2nd February 2017

As part of our on going poetry learning, Mr Paice's English group were investigating the features of a Tanka.


We discovered a Tanka has 5 line, it has a syllabic structure of 5,7,5,7,7 and is about nature. 


We have also been looking at Haikus and next we we will be exploring Kenning's poems.

Reading music - 19.01.2017

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In recorders we have been working on reading musical notation. Here the children are playing and reading a song with the notes A and B in.

Creating Our English Display (18.01.2017)

Handwriting in Escher (17.01.2017)