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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 

Academic Year 2020-2021


The Year 1 Team

Mrs Brittany Jones

Miss Kirsty Lamont

Mrs Jan Figueiredo

We are so pleased to be welcoming the children into Year 1 and are looking forward to sharing lots of exciting learning with you over the coming term. 

Important Days
Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit including black/navy joggers, black/navy jumper and appropriate trainers at school

every day. 

Key Information 

Children will be read with once a week and books will be changed weekly/when finished. Please sign your child's reading record when you enjoy a book at home together.


Maths home learning will be set every Friday on Google Classroom. This home learning will be in line with what your child has learnt in maths throughout the week. 


Welly boots can be brought in and left at school so that the children can enjoy spending time outdoors, whatever the weather! 

Curriculum Coverage

This term we will enjoy learning about plants and seasonal changes in Science, sculptures in Art, the Great Fire of London in History and both seasonal and daily weather patterns in Geography. Keep an eye out on our class page for weekly updates! 


Week beginning: 03.05.21


This week in science we continued our learning journey about plants. We discussed all of the things that plants need in order to survive. Using this information, we were given a special space mission!  Using what we know about plants, we had to design, build and present a structure that could help a plant to survive on Mars. We discussed challenges to growing a plant on Mars and ways we would overcome those with our designs. We had lots of fun doing this! 

Science presentation

Still image for this video

Science presentation

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Science presentation

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Week beginning 26.04.21


This week we enjoyed two cross- curricular days. We got to immerse ourselves in all parts of the theatre from costume design to script writing. We looked at the theatre production Aladdin and enjoyed acting out some scenes from the show. Below are some photos from our performances to the year 2 children. 

Aladdin performance

Still image for this video

Please find below the Year 1 Fluency Facts for Summer Term 1. 

Week beginning: 19.04.21

In science, we have started our new topic all about plants. This week we went on a wild plant hunt. We looked for wild plants such as dandelions, buttercups and brambles. Each time we found one, we recorded it on our tally charts. We really enjoyed identifying the names of the wild plants. 

Week beginning: 12.04.21 

This week, we started to learn about traditional tales in English. We discussed some of the common features of traditional tales such as repeated phrases and good and bad characters. We read the story Little Red Riding Hood and explored some of these features within this text. To help us to learn the story, in small groups, we each acted out a scene. Then we put all the scenes together to perform the whole story. Some of us invited Miss Jewitt to come alone and be part of our audience. We all really enjoyed acting and then watching each other’s scenes! :)  

Week beginning: 22.03.21


In RE, we have been learning about the Easter story. This week we learnt about how and why people celebrate Easter. We enjoyed making our own Easter baskets as a way of celebrating Easter. 

Week beginning: 15.03.21


This week in our DT learning, we were lucky enough to make our own crispy cakes. The children LOVED having the opportunity to melt the chocolate, mix in the Rice Krispie’s and create their own cake with a delicious, chocolate egg on top.


Whilst we were cooking, we were thinking about our 5 senses and how we were using them. Particularly our sense of smell, touch and taste for some of us who managed to have a sneaky taste before taking the cakes home.


Well done to all of Year 1 for being so sensible, we hope you enjoyed your yummy treats!

Week beginning: 08.03.21

Welcome back to all of the Year 1s! It is so lovely to see everyone in person. smiley


On Tuesday, we completed a computing activity. We practised our typing skills using BBC Dance Mat Typing. The link is attached below if your child would like to continue to practise their typing skills at home. Remember to have a grown up supervising whenever children are using the Internet. Below are some pictures of us practising using the home row on the keyboard. We practised placing our hands in the correct place and using the correct fingers to press the keys. 

Year 1 Transition Booklet:

Week beginning: 01.03.21

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day! We took part in an assortment of exciting activities including listening to a story by a real author, The Masked Reader and story time with a different class teacher. We all had such a fun day! Below are some of our costumes from World Book Day. 

Week beginning: 22.02.21


This half term in Science, we are beginning our topic on animals and living things. This week we explored how we know if something is alive, no longer alive or has never been alive. To do this, we learnt that for something to be living it must do certain things such as, move, breathe, eat, grow and get rid of waste.


The children then went on a walk outside or out into their gardens to find as many things as they could that were alive, used to be alive or had never been alive. We then sorted these things into a table and some of us took photos too! Well done Year 1.

Week beginning: 08.02.21

In English, we have been exploring the story ‘The Last Noo Noo’ by Jill Murphy. We have done lots of lovely activities such asking the characters questions and explaining how the characters feel. This week we have been designing our very own Noo Noo snatchers. We drew our design and then labelled it with noun phrases. Some of us chose to actually build our Noo Noo snatchers using materials from around the house. Check out our designs and models below. 

Week beginning: 01.02.21


In science this half term we have been learning about the human body. This week, we completed an investigation testing our sense of smell. A big thank you to the lovely grownups at home who helped us to organise this by collecting different items from around the house. We kept our eyes closed so we didn’t know what each item was. We then used our sense of smell to make predictions on what the items were. This was a really fun investigation! 

Week beginning: 25.01.21


This week in maths we have been learning how to multiply numbers using groups. At the beginning of the week, the children were challenged to investigate whether or not when you double numbers, you always get an even answer. The children investigated using lots of objects around their homes to come to a decision.


It was lovely to see all of the children so enthusiastic in our maths learning! They came up with some very imaginative ways to double and our conclusion was that numbers we double ARE always even. Well done Year 1!

Week beginning: 18.01.21


Before Christmas, the children were set a home learning challenge by the Humanities faculty. They were challenged to download the Google Arts and Culture app and then explore an area, an artefact, a music gallery or an art gallery. They were then asked to present their findings. Well done to the children who submitted their findings. It has been lovely to look at all of these projects. Below we have posted some of these brilliant pieces of learning. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to download the Google Arts and Culture app and have fun exploring it!  

Week beginning: 14.12.20 

This week in maths we have been practising our maths fluency. We have looked specifically at practising our number bonds to 10, 20 and some of us even challenged ourselves with number bonds to 100. We used the visuals to support us in finding the missing number bond. Below are some examples of our lovely learning. 

Week beginning: 07.12.20

This week we had a very interesting RE afternoon all about Diwali. We learnt about who celebrates Diwali and how it is celebrated. Together, we read the story of Rama and Sita. We learnt that Diwali is a festival of lights so we made lanterns. Below are some pictures of us creating them. We were very proud of our finished outcomes. We also learnt about Rangoli patterns and looked at some beautiful Rangoli designs. 

Week beginning: 07.12.20

In one of our class assemblies this week, we learnt how to sing When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney using Makaton. Makaton is a different way to talk to children and grown ups using our hands. The signs that we are making match the words that we are saying. The Makaton signs have been sent home if you want to try to learn it together at home. Enjoy the videos of us singing and signing the song together. 

When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week beginning: 30.11.20

In Design and Technology, we have been learning about sewing. We have been practising a running stitch in order to use it to sew our Christmas stockings together. This week, we began to sew our Christmas stockings. We found the task challenging but we all really enjoyed sewing the fabrics together. Everyone continued to help and support each other throughout the task. We look forward to the finished results. smiley

Week beginning: 23.11.20

This week we enjoyed taking part in two Wizard of Oz Cross-Curricular days. We completed an assortment of exciting activities such as writing a magic spell for a potion, designing our own magic slippers and learning about extreme weather conditions. In science, we completed an experiment about melting ice. We thought about our own predictions, made observations and then came to a conclusion. We really enjoyed the cross-curricular learning. 

Week beginning: 16.11.20

In Design and Technology this week, we started to learn about how to sew a running stitch. We are practising this technique in order to use it on a finished product at the end of this half term. First, we learnt how to thread a needle. Then we tried our best to sew a straight line using the running stitch technique. All of the children supported and encouraged each other throughout the process. 

Week beginning: 09.11.20

In computing this half term we have been looking at algorithms. We started off pretending to be robots used command words to create a short sequence that instructed our robot partner to get from one side of the room to the other. This week we learnt how to use the buttons on a Bee-Bot and then programmed them with a simple algorithm to move around the pet shop. The children were very excited and loved exploring the Bee-Bot's.

Week beginning 02.11.20

In English, we have been learning about the text Handa's Surprise. To explore the text further, we taste tested the fruits from the story such as avocado, passion fruit and tangerines. This helped us to come up with adjectives to describe the different fruits. For example, the sour passion fruit and the squishy banana. We also used drama to help us to learn the story. We split into groups where we were all responsible for performing a small part of the story. Afterwards, we put all of the parts together to perform the entire story. We enjoyed watching everyone perform. 

Week beginning 19.10.20

In art this half term we have been looking at mixing primary colours. This week we learnt that if you mix a primary colour with white, it will create a tint. We explored the artist Paul Klee and how he experimented with all different types of colours and then we had a go at creating our own using blue and white. We were all proud of our finished results and enjoyed learning another new skill in art!

Week beginning 12.10.20

In maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We named and described the properties of 2D shapes. Using hula hoops to help us, we sorted shapes based on their properties. We enjoyed singing the song below to help us to practise the names of shapes. Enjoy singing it together at home. 

Week beginning 05.10.20


In geography, we have been learning about the United Kingdom. We enjoyed working together in small groups to sort the flags and national flowers into the correct parts of the United Kingdom. Below is a link to a song that has been helping us to learn more information about the United Kingdom. Enjoy listening to it together at home.

Week beginning: 28.09.20

In computing, we have been learning about photographs. We discussed different ways to take photographs and different reasons for taking them. This week we learned about editing photographs. We enjoyed learning how to crop photos and add a variety of filters.