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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' Section

The purpose of the Governing Body is to provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. It has three key functions:

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent


  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction


Our Governing Body meets at least once a term for a Full Governing Body meeting. In addition, Governors are members of either the Quality of Education committee, or the Resources committee. These committees also meet once a term.

Some Governors are linked to faculties in the school and regularly meet with individual staff members to discuss progress and development in the particular areas. Reports are presented to the Full Governing Body, and these reports are often summarised in our Governors' Visits section, accessed on this website.





Meet the Round Diamond Governors




I have lived in Great Ashby since it was built in 1999. It is where my family has grown up. I wish to offer my skills and experience to our community, particularly to Round Diamond School, to help create a calm, safe and encouraging environment for our residents to grow and advance contentedly. I am an experienced Managing and Finance Director, who also teaches and coaches in business.



I am an Associate Solicitor with general and commercial legal experience. I was elected in November 2017 as a Parent Governor. I have three children in Round Diamond and I am a proud supporter of the school. I am on the Quality of Education Committee and I have been given the responsibility of the Science and Computer Faculty.



I became a Parent Governor in October 2019. I am on the Resources Committee and am the Link Governor for Safeguarding and Health and Safety. I am a Business Analyst at the University of Hertfordshire. I have two children, both of which are at Round Diamond and am pleased to be able to be part of the school community.



I was asked to join the Governing Board in 2018 and was pleased to have the opportunity to give something back to the school. I have spent over 20 years working in industry (in engineering and quality roles) and hope that some of my experiences and learnings will help the school as we strive to maintain our outstanding status. As a Governor, I have had the privilege of visiting the school on several occasions and it is fantastic to hear the children talk both confidently and proudly about their school and their learning.



It is a great feeling to be back and part of the Round Diamond Community again after flying the nest nearly 6 years ago.  I’ve been a Headteacher since leaving Round Diamond and I’ve watched from afar how the school has continued to grow from strength to strength.  In 2019, I engaged with RD’s Teaching School Alliance with the aim of developing the skills of my staff and to enhance our reading offer.  It has had a big impact!  That’s the core reason for my return in this capacity as I want to give something back to the school that has had such a big influence in my career and educational thinking. 



I am a retired library assistant and have been involved in school governance for more than 30 years. I was delighted to be appointed to Round Diamond as the local authority representative governor. My experience within other governing bodies allows me to share ideas. I sit on the Quality of Education Committee. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with this highly successful school.




I am a retired career civil servant, having worked in education policy from 2004 at the Department for Education. Prior to retiring I spent my final years of employment leading on school inspection policy matters within OFSTED. Originally from London where I served as a governor at primary and secondary school level, I moved to Great Ashby in 2006. I look forward to serving the local community by offering my skills and knowledge as a governor at Round Diamond School.



I am serving my second term of office as a parent governor. I have two children at the school, currently in Year 1 and Year 5. I sit on the Quality of Education Committee and I am the Link Governor for Pupil Premium. I also assist the very successful Pupil Parliament within school and work closely with the SLT.



I have been a member of staff at Round Diamond School since September 2017 and I am the newly appointed Staff Governor as of September 2019. I have experience teaching in both lower and upper Key Stage 2 and am committed to providing a positive school experience for both staff and children. I have immersed myself in various areas of school life, such as helping out at numerous school events, mentoring students and NQTs alongside providing induction to new staff members. I saw the prospect of being a Staff Governor as a key opportunity to develop insight into how governance develops the school and wanted to continue to provide support to the school by offering a staff member's insight to the Governing Body. 



I was co-opted to the GB in September 2016. As a teacher, I can bring my experience from the classroom into meetings and offer an alternative perspective to the discussions. I wanted to give back to the School, which has given me many opportunities in the past. I feel governance is key to the smooth running of a school and I am gaining valuable insight into how the school runs and the role governors have in the leadership and accountability of the school.







Please find below the details of how our Governing Body is structured, including the categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor. We note whether a Governor has any relevant business interests at the school. We also show the Governors' attendance at meetings.

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