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Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament


Pupil parliament members 2023-2024 

Pupil Parliament is made up of 4 members from years 2-6. The children complete a range of tasks including opportunities to discuss charity days, share feedback on the environment, share ideas in assembly, give tours of our school to visitors. The pupil parliament are encouraged to share pupil voice from across the school. 

Whole School Assembly 6th February 2024


Year 5 and 6 members of pupil parliament delivered an assembly to the whole school encouraging them to join in with the little-big litter pick! They were fantastic at sharing the information which you can see in the powerpoint below and there is also our advert to encourage children to join in with all of the members of the parliament. 



The Little-Big Litter Pick

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Preparation for the Big Litter Pick!


The children of pupil parliament have been getting ready to promote their big litter month throughout the month of February by making posters and creating a presentation. As part of their role as a member of the pupil parliament they are getting excited to create a trailer to promote this important event and are even leading an assembly in a couple of weeks!

Visit to Stevenage Council Chambers

The year 5 members of pupil parliament were invited to the Stevenage council chambers to discuss their ideas for where they want to take Stevenage. They met the Mayor of Stevenage, Myla Arceno and were among several primary and secondary schools that attended. 

The meeting was led by Davinder Khangura who leads the school parliaments for Stevenage.

The children were given the opportunity to share their ideas on a Spring big litter pick as well as discussing ideas for summer term.


Anti-Bullying Week


The children in pupil parliament helped create a class assembly powerpoint which included the members acting out freeze frames depicting bullying behaviour. A year 6 member of the pupil parliament delivered the assembly to his class showing his confidence. 



Pupil Parliament members voted on the whole school displays by thinking about how eye catching they are as well as looking out for pupil voice, key vocabulary, children's learning and an interactive element. We collated the votes and the winners were Nursery in 1st place, Reception in 2nd place and Year 2 in 3rd place 

Mental Health Day


Round Diamond's Pupil Parliament took on an important Mental Health related responsibility today. Miss Shipley, our Wellbeing Practitioner, had put together a 'World Mental Health Day' PowerPoint to spread awareness and challenged Pupil Parliament to present it to their classes in assembly. When walking around the classes, Miss Shipley was amazed to see how enthusiastic and passionate they all were about this topic. It was great to see the teamwork between members and how natural they all were at sharing their knowledge. The rest of their classes were engaged and loved taking part in multiple choice questions about how to look after our own and other's Mental Health. The Pupil Parliament members all had very kind and thoughtful feedback from their classes and teachers about how well they did. Well done Pupil Parliament!


Anti-Bullying Week 

The pupil parliament members met with Mrs Clark, our assistant head for personal development. She wanted to get their ideas for anti-bullying week. They came up with some great ideas including freeze frames, songs, games and posters! Once a plan is in place they will execute their fantastic ideas. 

Pupil Parliament 2022-2023

Pupil Parliament Members 2022-2023

What makes a successful Pupil Parliament member? 

Pupil parliament discussed the qualities that a Pupil Parliament member should have and these were there ideas. 

Meeting Minutes 

Corridor Displays 


The pupil parliament members looked at the different corridor displays and picked their favourite taking into account pupil voice, key vocabulary, if the display is eye catching, 3D elements and interactivity. 

Nursery won 1st place, Year 1 won 2nd place and Year 2 won 3rd place. The year 6 members of pupil parliament delivered the good news to these year groups and handed out a blue rosette to put onto their displays. 

Whole School Assembly



The children of Pupil Parliament led the whole school assembly to share their idea for our charity fundraiser this term. They shared information about why they chose the fundraiser, the charities it will be supporting and what the children will need to do. They tried their best to be confident even though they were nervous! 

Stevenage Council Chamber visit 


Parliament members in year 5 joined other Stevenage primary and secondary schools to discuss ideas and changes they would like to see in Stevenage. There was plenty of meaningful and exciting conversations and the general consensus was linked to bringing Stevenage together as a community to support wellbeing and mental health. 
We look forward to our next meeting in the summer term. 

Ivy Parliament Meeting 09.02.2023


The year 6 members of the parliament joined the other schools in the Ivy Learning Trust to discuss a variety of action points for our schools. We came up with lots of ideas so watch this space!

Chair of Governors meeting 24.01.2023


On Tuesday we had a special pupil parliament meeting where we met with the Chair of Governors, John Malynn, to ask him about his role as Chair.

The children came up with the questions themselves and our secretary Eva wrote down the notes.

Pupil Parliament's Activities 

Fairland's Park Community Project


As part of a community project year 2,3 and 4 members from Pupil Parliament joined with Stevenage council to plant a host of trees including hazel trees and crab apple trees!

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and said:


'We learnt a skill which is planting' Henry 


‘It’s so cool that we might come back with our kids and show them what we planted when we are older.’ Frankie 


‘It’s a good skill and we learn about nature.’ Betsy 


Christmas Book Cover Competition 

In the photo reel below you can see the process Pupil Parliament had in deciding on a Christmas competition for the school. The children shared ideas which the secretary wrote down. Once we had a bank of ideas we voted on our favourite and came up with the idea of 'Design a Christmas Book Cover'.  The children then made posters and put them around the school. Once the school had completed the challenge, Pupil Parliament voted on their favourites and we had our winners! 

Pupil Parliament 2021-2022



Action Plan 2021-2022

Meeting Minutes  2021-2022

Meet The Team! 

Pupil Parliament Members 2021-2022

As a group we discussed what it means to be in Pupil Parliament. This is what the children decided we should say about the role.


Pupil parliament is made up of children from years 2-6. We represent the voice of Round Diamond’s pupils and these are the words we decided best describe us as a parliament as seen in the wordle below. Our job is to help improve the school and help the school make decisions. We always vote on decisions because we follow democracy. We take pride in our school and ensure the environment looks it's best. Throughout the year we raise money for charity through our charity days and help collect money for these. 

Comic Relief 2022


On Friday the 18th children in years 1-6 from our school took part in a talent show for Comic Relief. Within the talent show children sang, danced and show cased their hidden talents. In total the school raised £667 for the charity. Thank you for all of the donations.


Written by Pupil Parliament member Isabella Herbert Year 6 

Food Bank Donations


As part of the year 5 and 6 role for pupil parliament the children travelled to the food bank to donate the food that had been handed in for Well-being Wednesday. They learnt about how the food is donated and enjoyed the responsibility of taking the food to the food bank to learn about the impact it has for others. 

Display Voting 

Pupil parliament voted on their favourite displays across the school. They gave them a mark out of 10 based on the non-negotiable criteria for displays. 

Herts Catering market research 
Pupil parliament met with Sarah Copeland, a project manager who is working alongside Herts Catering to complete market research into school lunches. 
The children had to discuss a range of questions including do you like school lunches? How does lunchtime make you feel? What are some issues facing the world? The children were fantastic at engaging with the discussion and shared lots of valid points.

Pupil Parliament 2020-2021

Pupil Parliament 2019

Nut Free School

Cultural Capital Incentive 16.07.2021

For the past few weeks pupil parliament have been discussing cultural capital at Round Diamond.

We analysed the results of a parent survey to find out what our children have experience of.

In the PowerPoint presentation above you can see what we shared with Mrs Figueiredo and the exciting idea of Round Diamond Rocks Radio show! 
The chair and two other members of the pupil parliament presented excellently and the idea of the radio show was approved! 

Stevenage Schools' Parliament meeting - 21/01/2019


Year 5 Pupil Parliament representatives attended the Stevenage Schools’ Parliament meeting at the Council offices this morning.

The children discussed the issues that have arisen for young people in the borough. They were able to share these and listen to others from a number of Stevenage schools.

After the meeting, they were lucky enough to speak to Mayor Cllr Margaret Notley about Youth Council and how you can become a youth mayor. It looks like our members have high aspi...rations!

“It was great to go and represent Round Diamond. I felt very lucky and to be in the council chambers made it feel even more professional” - Roxanne

Thank you to Mr Biles, who transported them in the minibus and to Miss Mason and Mrs Mason for accompanying the children.

Stevenage Schools’ Parliament

Onesie Day - 18th January 2019


Pupil Parliament organised a  fund raising event to raise money for UNICEF. In a bid to promote the rights respecting award that they are working towards, the children introduced the UN Convention for children’s rights and encouraged pupils and staff to wear a onesie or pyjamas and raise money for the charity. 


 Thank you to everyone for their support we look forward to finding out the final total. 

HCL forum with Sara Jones

  1. How do you balance the different types of meat in each week?

Use of nutritionists to check the value of food.

We change the meat so none are doubled up and repetitive.


  1. Is there anything for vegans?

The green option is vegetarian and sometimes vegan but vegans can have a specialised menu.


  1. Why is there salmon fish fingers - no one likes them!

Have to have oily fish once a week as told by the government.


  1. How regularly do you look and review the menu?

Regularly looking at the menus to follow guidelines and

Menu changed twice a year.

Try and have some fun contents


  1. Can there be spaghetti instead of beans or at the same time?

Beans are haricot beans and are a vegetable and spaghetti is pasta and just another piece of pasta (carbohydrates)


  1. What are the portion sizes measured on?

Government sets the portion size and we are told by them how to maintain the sizes.


  1. Why don’t we have soup?

Hot liquids can be dangerous and can spill.

There was a pilot for starter instead of pudding but desserts were preferred.


  1. Can we have a variety of international food like pasta and vegetables?

We have to consider price and budget.

We have seasonal vegetables and have to look after the environment

16/11/2018 Thank you everyone for helping us support Children In Need.

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What a ‘spotacular’ day we’ve had!

Thank you to everyone who dressed up in their spots and stripes and supported children in need today. Pupil Parliament are very proud to announce that together we have so far raised £420.31 and there is still some money coming in. We will announce the final amount next week.

Supporting the Veterans 2019

Week beginning 5th November 2019


We have been supporting our troops by selling and wearing poppies. We were responsible for selling them throughout the school. 

Pupil Parliament inspect the environment - 15/10/18

Members of Pupil Parliament carry out their termly inspection on the corridor displays. 


They ensure that all expectations are m met and provide feedback to the teachers with the strengths and next steps. 


Once again, there was a very high standard and it was difficult to award the winners. 


They will be announced in celebration assembly this week. 

Pupil Parliament 2018-2019

Pupil Parliament 2017-2018


This year has been very successful for Pupil Parliament. The children have worked extremely well together and ensured that all members of their own classes and their teachers were made aware of the discussions that took place.


This year they have helped organise a non-uniform day, attended Stevenage Schools' Parliament, visited the Houses of Parliament, looked after the school environment, carried out learning walks on corridor displays and had meetings with outside agencies that work with the school.


Everyone has played an important role and next year's Pupil Parliament will have a lot to live up to...but we are sure they can do it!


Well done Aston, Emily, Lois, Mark, Alex, Louie, Aimee, Amy, Brayden, Peter, Zahra, Evan, Annie, Jessica, Mariah, Finley, Millie, Robbie, Olivia and Aubrey.

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On Friday the 29 of June year 5 went to the Houses Of Parliament. On Friday morning  at 9:00am we left on a coach with all the other year 5 schools parliaments.


At 11:00am, we eventually arrived in London after a tiring 2 hour journey and waited a while before going through security. After security, we met a tour guide and she led us to the Houses Of Parliament where we went to the West Minster hall and we got split into 2 groups with a tour guide each. We went to the Houses Of Lords first of all where we saw a debate happening. We were also able to visit the Houses Of Commons and luckily for us there was no debates happening so we were allowed to look around more thoroughly.


Next, we had a workshop and we created our own law. Then, we had our lunch on the coach and everyone (especially the Round Diamond year 5s) were so happy that we could finally eat.


On the journey home, we played games  to make the time go by. We finally got back Roebuck school where our parents were there waiting to collect us from the lovely trip we had.


We want to say a big thank you to Miss Bacon for coming on the trip with us and making sure we had a fun but educational time.


from the year 5 pupil parliament.


Feedback following the meeting with HCL .


Following the new menu, we went back for further feedback for Hertfordshire Catering. The comments will be sent on to HCL, these included:


*One student said they liked Fridays fish

*Another student said they liked the jacket potatoes because of the lots of toppings

*Also another student liked the Wednesday meat

Stevenage School Parliament trip to the recycling centre

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HCL Visit 26/03/2018

Pupil Parliament met with HCL representatives to discuss their views on the school menus. They shared the feedback they had collected from each of their classes and asked questions to understand how the menus are created. 


They even iffered Round Diamond to be a testing school for the future! 

Love in a box

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Love in a Box

Pupil Parliament organised the food contributions for LOVE IN A BOX. We collected the food and organised and sorted into different categories. 

Thank you for all the food contributions. We hope these will make a difference to those visiting the food banks. 

Maintaining our school environment

We are proud of our school environment and ensure we look after it. Our tasks include: tidying bookshelves, organising lunchboxes, returning equipment and checking displays are in good condition. 

Fundraising Update

We were very proud to have raised £524.05 to support Jayden Nerr, an ex-pupil who is fundraising for surgery in America. 

Members of Pupil Parliament from Year 5 attended a team building event at Barnwell Leisure Centre with other schools from Stevenage on Monday 18th September


They spent the afternoon getting to know other members of the Stevenage Schools Parliament before they attend their first meeting in October.  They took part in a number of different activities including races, communication tasks and problem solving.


The children represented the school superbly and were a credit to Round Diamond. 



Pupil Parliament 2017-2018

Round Diamond Pupil Parliament 2016-2017


Pupil Parliament Representatives

As part of their continued work with Stevenage school parliament, Year 5 Pupil Parliament representatives visited the Stevenage recycling centre on Cavendish road. The children were first given an informal talk by one of the site coordinators followed by a tour of all of the facilities.


Here are some of the top tips the children brought back.

- 1 tonne of aluminium cans when crushed into a bale are worth £850.00

- When you recycle your green waste it is taken to a site where it is broken down. Did you know that on certain days each year the council offer this compost back to members of the public for free!

-When recycling plastic bottles please remember to squash them so that the refuse collectors can fit more recycling in each lorry.

-Try to ensure that recycling isn't contaminated - even the smallest amount of 'wrong' rubbish could be that the entire lorry of recycled rubbish is refused and has to be sent to land fill.

Pupil Parliament took part in 'The Big Litter Pick' on 10/03/17  joining, Miss Rowe, Mrs Mason (Parent Governor) and Mrs McAree (parent helper) on a walk into the local community to collect litter. 
The children did a fantastic job and very sensible when collecting the litter - we have definitely made a difference! 
A big thank you must also go to the Great Ashby Community Centre for allowing us to use their litter picking equipment.

In our role as pupil parliament we have put together an action plan of our aims for the year. Please click the link below. 

WB 7/11/16

This week in our Pupil Parliament meeting we designed a Pupil Voice survey. This is so we can get the view of the children in our school. We will then put together all of the responses and set some next steps. 

We have had 2 4 4 3 0 7 visitors

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