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Parent Voice

Parent Feedback 

End of Term Reports Summer 2021 

Thank you for the report. 

My child has grown so much and comes up with new ideas on how to solve problems and enjoys playing with his younger brother more. 

Thank you for all the time you spend with him, teaching him new things and getting him involved with the class. I can tell he loves going and can’t wait to move onto reception. 

Nursery Parent


Our daughter has enjoyed this academic school year. She has enjoyed the year 5 learning especially the hands on activities. During home learning the home learning she was kept engaged.

Year 5 Parent


I am proud of my child’s achievements this year. It has been challenging due to lockdown and he has demonstrated resilience. He has enjoyed doing home learning projects such as building a Roman catapult. He has shown progress as an independent reader and read lots of books. I am looking forward to seeing my son progress next year.

Year 5 Parent


During a very challenging year the staff and teachers have been fantastic in supporting children in not only continuing their learning but providing a safe environment. The home learning and support online was amazing and meant my son had structured time. He has thrived in year 1 and I have really enjoyed all the learning he has been challenged with. He is so happy at Round Diamond and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Year 1 Parent

Parent Feedback 

Spring Term 2021 relating to lockdown and remote learning.


Thank you so much, my son absolutely loved it! It's unreal how they adapt so quickly, always surprising us in what they can do.  Nursery parent


Thank you all so much. It takes a lot for my son to sit still and pay attention and you have all done an amazing job engaging with all of the children. 


I hope that you all are healthy and well during these very difficult times. I just wanted to email you today to commend you for the hard work and excellent lessons that have been delivered by your teaching staff. 


Understandably, following the announcement of the third lockdown I dreaded working from home with the children again. I have a very high pressured job that entails having meetings and telephone calls with schools hourly. However, since the start of my daughter’s online lessons both my husband and I have been amazed at the high quality of teaching, learning and engagement that has been delivered. My daughter enjoys seeing her friends, completes the work and is happy to share with us what she has learnt. It feels like she is in school all day and only comes out to be fed and watered.


I just wish to thank you for all your efforts in the last few days. I fully appreciate how hard you must have worked to have kept the school open and then to have provided such fantastic online content for all the children at such late notice.

Both of my girls were engaged with the live content today and happy to see the faces of their teachers and friends. I so hope they get to see them at the school again soon.



Parent Feedback 

Spring/Summer 2020 relating to lockdown and partial school closure.



Thank you for making returning to school so easy during these difficult times.


Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our children.


I was able to go to work feeling confident that my daughters were safe and happy because of all the staff at Round Diamond.


Thanks so much for making my daughter's first year at school such a great one, shes loved being taught by you and has learnt so much.


Thank you so very much for all your hard work since September, and through this years difficult and uncertain conditions


Thank you so much for all you have done this year and all the encouragement and support, especially during these difficult weeks when the schools have been closed..You have not only supported the children but also parents.


I certainly wont be taking up teaching as my career.  You teachers are hero's as far as I'm concerned.


Thanks for all your efforts with the home learning, whilst it can never replace proper schooling the lessons are fun and the guides easy to follow.


Thank you so much for all you're hardwork and support.



Parent Feedback Open Afternoon 


Autumn Term 2019





It was a lovely afternoon seeing the children singing such a lovely song.  The art class was a very good experience for the children and for the parents as well.  It is important to not forget our past.


Enjoyable activity.  Great opportunity to have my art skill antiqued.

Lovely song beforehand too.  Thank you.




Thank you for a lovely afternoon re-creating the picture.  It was challenging but fun.


Colouring is therapy.  It’s one of my sons’ favourite.  Good team building for class.




It was great fun to interact with my child and for her subject and dress up, to watch her have fun with friends and her teacher. Enjoyed this session and great for parents to join in.


This was the most enjoyable open afternoon I have attended so far, I thought it was great.




I always enjoy coming in and seeing what my daughter has been learning and especially joining in.  Thank you.


It was fantastic, great fun with lots of learning.  Thank you.




Good fun spending time in Hockney class and getting an insight into class activities and watching children using their imagination.


Good Exercise kept everyone engaged, children enjoying learning about London Landmarks.


It was a lovely afternoon spending time with our daughter in her School environment and being able to build something with her.

Parent Feedback - End of Year Reports


Summer 19



We are so proud of how our son has developed over the last year, he has thrived in this setting and it’s a testament to the Early Years team.

Our daughter is a lot more confident when playing with others. Its good to see her reading and writing progressing. I’m glad she has fun at school and we are proud of what she has accomplished.


Year One

Our daughter continues to enjoy her schooling and is growing in all aspects. Her handwriting is outstanding and I am very proud of her.

Our son always comes home talking about the new things he has learnt in class and how fun and exciting his day has been. Thank you for all your hard work and patience.


Year Two

Our daughter loves to be in school every day, she loves her teachers and the whole environment. We are so happy to see her achievements in Year 2 and we are looking forward to next year.

Our son has really enjoyed Year 2. He is now more positive and tries harder at his reading. He also really likes Maths.


Year Three

We are so pleased with our sons report and are very proud of everything he has achieved. Most importantly he loves going to school which is hugely down to all of the hard work you guys put in. We truly appreciate it!

It has been lovely sharing our daughters learning experience this year. She has openly told us regularly about class projects and seems to have really taken on board what she has been taught. We hope she continues to enjoy her learning. Thank you to everyone who has had an input.

Wow! We are overwhelmed reading our daughters report. She seems to have taken the start of KS2 in her stride. A huge thanks to the marvellous teachers, as they must take a huge amount of credit. Our daughter picks up on the passion the teachers have and is truly inspired to teach.


Year Four

I am so proud of my son this year. He has come so far from last year and is so much more confident. He has excelled in sport. Thank you so much to his teachers and for all their help this year, it really has made a difference.

A fantastic report! We are so proud of our daughters achievements this year and are appreciative of the excellent teaching and support she has received. Thank you.


Year Five

I am extremely proud of my son and how he has progressed since commencing his education at Round Diamond. He really enjoys school and is so responsible, determined and successful as the school motto states. Now he’s Pupil Parliament as well – wow! His progress in school, particularly maths is so impressive. Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work.

Our daughter’s confidence over the past year has grown and we are really pleased with her achievements especially in maths. She practices hard at home and this has definitely helped. She is really looking forward to Year 6 and all the challenges it will bring.


Year Six

I am very pleased with our daughter’s school report. She has been given a good education and a lot of excellent teaching all getting her secondary school ready.

We are both so pleased with our daughter’s grades and attitude this year. She and us will certainly miss RD and thank all the staff for making her the person she is now. Her class teacher made her believe in her own ability and we are truly grateful.





Extra Curricular Parent Feedback

Spring 2019

Responsible: They took responsibility for the roles on the pitch, not only on but also off it, when the rain fell at 1pm they saw another team had no shelter and invited them to share our tent.

Determined: In driving rain the showed true grit and determination to stay focused on the game.

Successful: Well the Trophy says it all!

Year 6 Parent

Parent Feedback  - End of Year Reports 

Summer 2018 

My daughter has had an amazing schooling at RD. We are both sad to be saying goodbye. Thank you for giving her and

amazing education and helping her grow. 

Year 6 Parent 


My daughter has absolutely loved almost all aspects of her learning this year. Thank you for keeping it fun, varied and relevant!

Year 5 Parent 


We really appreciate everything the teachers and support staff have done this year. We have seen so much growth in our child and she now has a greater love for learning. Thank you!

Year 1 Parent 


I couldn't be happier with how my son has settles in to Round Diamond. After a few difficult years, I'm amazed at how quickly his confidence has grown. I am so grateful for all the help he's been given. Thank you so much, it really means so much to us both. 

Year 3 Parent


Our daughter comes home telling us about her incredible learning (i.e Greek Mythology etc) and we are impressed. Thank you for your patience and excellent teaching. She really adores her teachers and this is reflected in her learning. Millions of thank yous. 

Year 2 Parent  


My son has had a wonderful time at Round Diamond. We are extremely proud of the progress he has made and are very grateful for the level of teaching he has received. Thank you!

Year 6 Parent


Our daughter has loved coming to school everyday in Year 1. She has come on so well in her reading and her confidence has grown. Thank you for all that you do.

Year 1 Parent  


We are proud of our daughter for stepping up to new challenges this year. There has been a remarkable improvement and development in her learning. Thank you for all of the support you have given her. 

Year 4 Parent


We are proud of the remarkable improvement and development of our son this year. Thank you to the staff and for all of their support. 

Year 2 Parent


My daughter has always enjoyed her school life at RD. She has felt encouraged and valued at school, and as a consequence, we have never really needed to push her to do well. She has always been motivated at school to achieve. Thank to all. 

Year 6 Parent


Our son has grown this year to become more self aware and this has largely been driven by the care and support of his class teacher. Thank you for helping his to mature. 

Year 4 Parent


We are thrilled with our daughters report and would like to thank her teacher very much for her passion and teaching skills. You teachers do a wonderful job and its fantastic to see an improvement each time on my daughters report. Thank you to the year 2 team for their continuous support. 

Year 2 Parent


Really happy to read in her report that such wonderful learning and happiness is happening every day. She loves school. Any concerns we had regarding the move of teachers has been clear that the children have not been affected. We love Round Diamond and can't wait for our daughter to meet her new teacher in Year 2. 

Year 1 Parent   



Parent Feedback English Taster Session 

Spring Term

Year One

Well organised, the children were brilliant.  Well done to the teachers.


Really enjoyed seeing how the children learn and interact well with the teacher.  It was a lovely experience.


Useful insight into what goes on in the class.  Very interesting.  Thank you for organising.


Year Two

Loved the fast pace, all children were included.


It was lovely to share the learning experience with my child and see the fantastic learning that goes on.  A lovely calm classroom.


It was very useful to see how the teaching is delivered, Really enjoyed this session.


Year Three

The children are clearly fully engaged in the activities throughout, this can be seen and shows how much is put into keeping the lesson ast paced and exciting.  


I was really happy how they were taught and it helps me at home with my child.


Great to watch how my daughter interacts in class and with fellow students. Really well planned.


Year Four

Children very well engaged.  They were all very enthusiastic to join in.  I would love to attend again.


Very useful to see classes live!  Interesting to see the level of engagement between teacher and pupils.


What a brilliant idea!  Thank you so much for allowing a "fly on the wall"experience.


Year Five

I think its great that the children work  in pairs as they help each other. 


Fantastic idea!  I really enjoyed this session.


Very enjoyable.  I even picked up a few words/meaning myself!


Year Six

It was lovely to see them getting involved.  The music was a lovely touch, very calming.


Wonderful to see an English lesson in full swing.  They are all so confident and happy sharing in a comfortable environment.


Children all seem thoroughly engaged.  A positive focus on attempting to answer regardless of 'correctness' of the answer.




Parent Feedback - Maths Taster Sessions 

Spring Term 

Year One

I found the taster session really helpful, I enjoyed watching the children engage and learn.  The teaching style really engages them.  I look forward to the next.


Good to see a structured class and the deployment of extra help where needed.  Good balance of group and independent exercises.


I really enjoyed watching a maths lesson.  I love the way the teacher gets all children involved and to the children it seemed enjoyable to them.  I like how learning is practical and using the resources to help the children in their learning.  I love the marking criteria you use as well and how you challenge the children.


Very interesting and enjoyable experience.  Given an excellent insight into how learning is achieved.  All children were engaged, well behaved, good re-enforcing of learning, overall a very pleasant session, well done.


Really useful.  Love how well the children work together and respond with confidence to the teacher.  Very happy learning!  Pleasure to be a ‘Fly on the Wall’.

Year Two


The children are really motivated and engaged and the atmosphere for learning was excellent.  There were no ‘bad’ mistakes – everything used for a learning experience.  The teacher has a lovely relationship with the class.


I was really impressed with the variety of methods used and how interactive the lesson was.  The teacher was so patient and positive with all the children.


Great experience, would be interested in seeing another topic in the future.  Lovely calm and fun atmosphere at the same time.

It would be nice to be able to sit with the children whilst they are doing their learning to observe them individually as well as collectively.  Thank you for offering us these opportunities to observe our children’s learning.


Year Three

I found it valuable attending the sit in lesson today, it was great to actually see how a lesson is run and how the children get included.  I would like to attend another one.


Really loved seeing the equipment (like the visualiser) that is available to the teacher and pupils.  Great to see how they keep the kids engaged.


Taster session was interesting to see how well the children engaged with each other and the teacher.  Found the teacher really made sure the children understood what they needed to do.


Year Four 

Excellent range and use of resources, teaching methods.  Teacher was fun and all of the children were engaged.  I was surprised at the number of children in class for one teacher.  Excellent method to guide how I can help and increase learning at home, to encourage my child.


Good to see clarification from the start on method to use.  Good behaviour.  Useful to have immediate checking that what they are doing is correct, and that they understand what the answer is, not just doing the sum.


It was a very happy and relaxed lesson.  All the children were totally engaged.  They were given choices as to what questions they wanted to try.  I would’ve loved to have come to Round Diamond if I was a child again.


Year Five

I found the taster session very interesting and important as it shows teachers’ skills as well as the students’ learning capabilities.  Enforces both student and teacher out of their comfort zones.  Good to be out of your comfort zone as it’s that what helps you grow.


Interesting use of diagrams throughout.  I will incorporate more into home learning.  Excellent teaching as always.  I am constantly surprised how well the children grasp the very adult terminology.  Many thanks.


The learning style is more mature, preparing them for secondary school.  Plenty of help and support was offered to the students.  The quieter students were being aided in joining in discussion.  Visuals in their learning were triggering a better response when being asked questions or during their discussions.


Year Six 

It was a pleasure to be in the classroom and witness so many children engaged in their learning.  When asked “who would like help” there was no hesitation by some pupils to move onto another table to help each other.  All the children were engrossed in their learning and seemed to be enjoying themselves very much.  Thank you, I really enjoyed the lesson.


I really enjoyed today and found it very helpful to see how my child is taught.   I really like how the children talk about their answers and discuss the subject.  No child seemed embarrassed asking questions like I used to when I was at school! 


The teacher got the whole class answering and engaging with problem solving.  They wanted to learn and weren’t worried about making mistakes.

Parent Feedback

Autumn Term 2017/2018

This was our first time at an open afternoon and we really enjoyed seeing all children playing and making things with such enthusiasm.

Year 2 Parent – Open Afternoon


It was nice to come and make models and look at their books. The layout worked well.

Year 2 Parent – Open Afternoon


Very good, I think children really enjoyed their week at PGL.

Year 6 Parent – Open Afternoon


What an amazing experience for the children! We really enjoyed seeing what they got up to during their PGL trip.

Year 6 Parents – Open Afternoon


It was a great afternoon. Great to see my daughter in class learning and loved seeing her playing the recorder!

Year 3 Parent – Open Afternoon


It was a really lovely afternoon. Nice to see and hear all of the children doing something.

Year 3 Parent – Open Afternoon


My favourite part was watching my son presenting his learning to the class. I was very proud!

Year 1 Parent – Open Afternoon


I enjoyed recounting our holiday with my son. He is coming along well with his writing and spelling. He enjoyed painting and said he wants to be an artist when he grows up.

Year 1 Parent – Open Afternoon


It was fantastic to see my daughter in her school environment. I am amazed at how much they have learnt in Year 1 already from looking at the wall displays.

Year 1 Parent – Open Afternoon


I have really enjoyed the first open afternoon of Year 1. It is a real pleasure to see how happy the children are in their day to day environment. We can’t wait for the next one. 

Year 1 Parent – Open Afternoon

Taster Sessions - Spring Term 2017

We have had 1 6 5 5 7 1 visitors