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From Monday 21st September pick up times will be slightly later. Yrs 1-6 staggered pick up from 3.25 to 3.35. Reception staggered pick up from 3.20 to 3.30. Nursery will continue to pick up at 11.30 (morning Nursery) 3.30 (afternoon Nursery)

PE Team

Welcome to the PE Team!

Round Diamond School's PE Team consists of:
Miss Hall and Mr Donkin

PE kit expectations 


Can all students please have their P.E kit in school everyday Monday - Friday. This is so if your child has been selected for a surprise activity, Intra school activity or an extra-curricular exercise, they will have their kit to take part.

Essential P.E Kit 

The correct and appropriate PE kit needed is:

- Pullover jumper (no zips or hoodies)

- Plain white shirt or RD house PE shirt (which can be bought from the office)

- Plain black or navy shorts
- Plain black or navy jogging bottoms

- Trainers (no plimsolls or sandals)

- Waterproof Jacket (Not coat) 


We'd also like to suggest the following for your child, but these are NOT compulsory:

- Shin pads

- Navy Long/Football socks

- Beanie hat - (No tassels or Bobbles)

- Winter gloves 

- Skins




Week commencing 14/9/20


This term reception children are focusing on movement, spatial awareness and multi-skills within their PE lessons. This week we have been learning how to move in different directions and played games to help us find a space.

Year R - Travelling in a range of directions

Week commencing 7/9/20


This term the year 4's will be taking part in Gymnastics and Invasion (Football) activities in their P.E lessons. This week the children doing gymnastics have been learning how to do twist jumps. They then worked with a partner to create a short sequence to incorporate a travel, turn, travel and a twist jump. 

In their football lesson the children practiced their dribbling skills and then used these skills within games to attack and defend. 

Week commencing 3/9/20

We have started the new term by doing a 'Marathon competition'. The idea is for the children to run as any laps of 100m as they can in 10 minutes with the aim of getting as close to the marathon distance of 42,200m as possible. 

This activity encourages stamina and determination to keep going. 




Year 6 in action! We started to learn about how to pace ourselves to keep going over a loner period of time. Some great performances including someone who ran 16 laps over the 10 minute period (1mile).

Home learning - striking and fielding

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Home learning - Throwing and catching

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Home learning activities - football

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Some football activities you can complete from home using little equipment and space. Let us know how you get on and any high scores or records you break!

Home learning activities - football

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Some football activities you can complete from home using little equipment and space. Let us know how you get on and any high scores or records you break!

Home learning activities - gymnastics

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Some gymnastics activities you can complete from home using little equipment and space. Let us know how you get on and any high scores or records you break!

Home learning activities - football (passing)

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Some football activities you can complete from home using little equipment and space. Let us know how you get on and any high scores or records you break!

Home learning activities - Football

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Some football activities you can complete from home using little equipment and space. Let us know how you get on and any high scores or records you break!

Thursday 2nd April 2020 

Here are a some fun home activities for you to try. Watch the demos and practice alone or with your families.

Home Activities

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Some ideas to keep you active at home

Home Activities

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Bat and Ball challenge 

One throw one hit one catch - One throw two hits one catch - one throw three hits one catch - How many hits can you do without a catch?

Home Activities

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Keepy - uppy challenge 

One bounce one kick - One bounce two kicks - one bounce three kicks - How many kicks without bounces can you get to?

Home Activities

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Bounce & Catch 

One bounce one catch - Can you do 20 bounce catches right hand - 20 left hand

Home Activities

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Little bursts of speeds to keep fitness levels high. Repeat 6/8 times  

Home Activities

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Fun body conditioning exercise 

Create ways of travel while holding up your body weight - Be sure to rest between turns - Try this activity first - repeat 4 times 



WC 16/03/2020


Year 4 have been thinking carefully about their body position in Dodgeball, concentrating on their hand-eye coordination in order to think strategically about the game (for example, they had to make the decision on whether to catch or dodge the oncoming ball). 



WC 09/03/2020


Year 3 have been developing their long range passes. They needed to ensure that their body was in the correct position in order to throw accurately. 



WC 02/03/2020


Year 2 were given the challenge of progressing up the pitch to get into the scoring zone in order to shoot for goal. This means that they had to work as a team and pass to each other in order to get into advanced positions. 



WC 24/02/2020


Year 1 have been using their knowledge and skills previously learnt in Netball and Basketball and applying them to Handball. They were given the challenge of most passes; if they not dropped the ball, they had to start from the beginning! 



WC 10/02/2020


Year 6 have worked in groups to create their own dance from scratch! They were given the following criteria which they had to include in their sequence:

  • Travelling movement
  • Hold a position for 3 seconds
  • Variety of levels




WC 03/02/2020


Year 5 have learnt the skill of mirroring in dance. They had to think of their own dance sequence to 'This is Me' and their partner had to copy the movements exactly by looking at each other. They then swapped roles to explore other movements. 



WC 27/01/2020


Year 4 have been exploring different movements in dance. They had a challenge of keeping to an 8 beat rhythm and then perform this to their peers. 



WC 20/01/2020


Year 3 were challenged to put a 3 part sequence together using their own ideas. They had to ensure it included a travelling movement and a roll. They evaluated their own and each other's performances. 



WC 13/01/2020


Year 2 have been learning the different shapes in gymnastics, trying to perform them at different levels (low, high, on apparatus) and hold them for 5 seconds. They developed their core strength in doing so. 



WC 06/01/2020


Year 1 have been learning how to jump and land safely off of the apparatus. This was an exciting lesson for them and they were able to express themselves through different movements. A fun lesson had by all! 


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WC 16/12/2019


Year 1 have been developing hand to eye coordination by using a variety of different balls. They were introduced to the 4 different netball passes that Year 2 had learnt the previous week. 



WC 09/12/2019


In pairs, Year 2 focused on their passing and receiving skills. Their target was to remember the 4 basic netball passes; chest, bounce, overhead and shoulder. They were encouraged to think about the strength of each pass. 

WC 09/12/2019

Netball drills for kids

Netball drills for kids NB, Skills, Movement, instructions, pass, shoot, move, loughborough, lightning, netball, superleague, australia, new, zealand, pivot,...



WC 02/12/2019


Year 3 developed their understanding of basic rules of netball, with a focus of the footwork rule (not moving their feet when in possession of the ball). 



WC 25/11/2019


The Base children have been using the apparatus to develop their balance and coordination skills. They experimented with moving in various ways across, through, on and under the equipment. 



WC 18/11/2019


Year 4 were challenged to complete two different skills on route to the basket before shooting for points. A challenging game they enjoyed.



WC 11/11/2019


Year 5 showed their defending and transitional skills in game play. Working on winning the ball back and attacking the basket.



WC 04/11/2019


Year 6 showed their lay up skills along with rebounds. An advanced exercise was to add defenders in for attackers to beat and score.



WC 21/10/2019


Nursery have enjoyed taking part in Busy Feet movement this week! They followed instructions well in order to move their bodies in different ways such as jumping, hopping and running. They also started to sing along to the songs :-) 


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WC 14/10/2019


Year 1 have been scoring lots of goals in football this week, practising their striking skills.


WC 07/10/2019


Year 2 have showed fantastic football dribbling skills this week creating many ways to beat defenders and progress towards goal. 



WC 30/09/2019


Year 3 - Passing and receiving - This week the children were creating different ways to pass the ball to a partner using different parts of their foot. On receiving the ball children were challenged to keep the ball close to them with only a small space to work in.

WC 30/09/2019



Soccer Drills: Passing & Receiving



WC 23/09/2019


Reception classes learnt how to get themselves changed for PE. They tried really hard to follow instructions from the adults in order to keep all their belongings safe and be ready for a PE lesson. Good job! 



WC 16/09/2019


Year 4 - Avoiding taggers - Children enjoyed this energetic tagging and dodging lesson. Some very creative movements and skills on  show.




WC 09/09/2019


Year 5 - Dodging the defence - Super lesson from our year 5s this week. Attacking and scoring tries while avoiding defenders



WC 02/09/2019 


Year 6 - Connecting & combining. This week year 6 showed good team work and work ethic in P.E 













Wednesday 15th May

This week we have been lucky to have our sports crew leaders help out with our Nursery, Reception and Year 2 lessons. 

Friday 10th May 2019 

Round Diamonds fabulous Nursery and Recption classes showing their P.E skills 


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Round Diamonds sports crew working alongside our Nursery classes


Base group showing a variety of skills in P.E 


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Year 5 showing their Rounders skills along with 

Our KS1 Classes enjoying the Sporting Futures team delivering the KS1 ON TOUR programme 


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Thursday 7th March 

Reception World book day P.E 


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Wednesday 6th March Reception

classes learning Cricket skills 



Year 2 showing Cricket their Cricket skills 


Nursery children showing their skills 


Year 4 Girls performing their gymnastics moves 


Year 1 basketball pass and move 


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Year 3 Tag Rugby with Stevenage Rugby coach 


The base children enjoyed their P.E challenge


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Still image for this video

Year 3 performing Tag Rugby skills with P.E Team and Stevenage Rugby Coach 


Still image for this video

Year 3 showing Tag Rugby skills 


Base class enjoying the physical challenge experience 


Still image for this video

4/2/19 Year 1 1st Tag Rugby lesson 


Still image for this video
Year 6 girls’ basketball in action.

24/01/2019 - Reception PE

11.01.2019 -Year 4 Netball

 Year 4 pupils focuses on key netball skills including: passing and receiving the ball. These skills were then transferred into game play. 



Welcome Back 2018-2019

The PE Team would like to welcome back everyone to school for the new academic year. Mr Stephenson, Mr Wickens and Mr Irving have been working very hard over the summer so everyone continues to get their outstanding lessons and opportunities.


Our PE/Sporting clubs are scheduled to start the week commencing the 17th September so please bring back your club choice letters to the school office ASAP!


PE lessons will start on the 5th September so we would like to also remind all parents/carers and children of the PE kit that is expected in school. School PE kit consists of a plain pullover jumper (no hoodies or zips), a plain white shirt or RD badge PE shirt which you can purchase from the school office, plain black or navy shorts, plain black or blue jogging bottoms and trainers (no plimsolls or sandals please). We would also strongly suggest that everyone should have a waterproof coat in school, especially during the Autumn and Spring term as PE will still take place throughout the winter.


It is important that PE kit is brought in to school on Monday morning, and does not leave school until Friday afternoon at the end of the day. This is so your child will not potentially miss out on any PE time and/or events due to emergency changes.


Even though the following is not essential, we additionally have put together a list that we recommend children to have so they are ready for all different types of lessons:

- Shin pads (if your child is taking part in football club, then it is compulsory that your child wears shin pads)

- Football socks

- Woolly hat

- Winter gloves

- Skins


Finally, the PE Team would like to wish everyone a successful year of learning ahead.

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