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From Monday 21st September pick up times will be slightly later. Yrs 1-6 staggered pick up from 3.25 to 3.35. Reception staggered pick up from 3.20 to 3.30. Nursery will continue to pick up at 11.30 (morning Nursery) 3.30 (afternoon Nursery)

Home Learning

Home-learning is set across the whole school in the form of: reading, spelling and maths - see the RD Home Learning Hand below.


Online learning opportunities consist of: Bug Club and My Maths. Class Teachers will set online home-learning, but children are encouraged to use their own initiative within these websites to further challenge themselves. 


Children have weekly spellings to practice at home in books. In addition, children also have Maths books to record any home-learning opportunities such as, calculating items within a receipt and recording measurements for a recipe. 


Each class will also have optional projects to complete; this will complement learning within topic lessons.


In Upper Key Stage 2, home-learning will increase and will vary in order to prepare the children for home-learning in Secondary school. 


There is a home learning club for those children who cannot access a computer or internet, please ask your class teacher when would be a suitable time to attend.

Year 6 Autumn Term home Learning

In Year 6 the home learning task was to make a World War 2 shelter, with the option of also researching different ways in which people protected themselves during air raids. We saw a wide range of impressive designs; some complete with real soil, lifting roofs and bunk beds! Some children accompanied their projects with impressive PowerPoint presentations and it was obvious that everybody had put in a great amount of effort. Well done to everyone who produced a project - what a great way to end our World War 2 topic!

Year 3 Home Learning Spring Term 2020

Spring Term the children had the opportunity to create a mask of Tutankhamun or Cleopatra. Mr Taylor and Mr Brooke were amazed to see that almost every child took part in the project. Children had the opportunity to show to the class their creations. We were so proud to see children and parents be involved in these projects overall.

Year 3 Home Learning Autumn 2019

Autumn Term Children had to create an model home from the Stone age a Spear or a Tool such as Axe made from wood an rocks. They had the opportunity showcase all the learning they had done in class and extend this at home. Children were really proud of their own and each other’s project which demonstrated pride in their learning.

Maths Faculty Home Learning - Autumn 2018

Home Learning Hand

Humanities Home Learning

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