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Year 5

Welcome to year 5

Welcome back to the Summer Term. 


This term we will begin learning about The Romans as part of our history topic. In Geography we'll begin by looking at biomes and different habitats. This half term in science we explore life-cycles of plants and animals. 




Please continue practising your spellings and keep reading with the children. We also expect you to use the Times Tables Rock Stars app. 


The Year 5 team.

Year 5 team

Miss Cousins and Mrs Figueiredo (Cliff)

Mr Paice (Lowry)



Thursday 6th May 2021 

This week, it was the turn of Lowry class to experiment with Mod Roc. We are developing our techniques of layering and making relief on to a flat surface. We will begin to make a scale version of The Colosseum in the coming weeks. 

Friday 30th April 2021

Cliff class had an enjoyable afternoon experimenting with Mod Roc. We use cardboard, Mod Roc and our sculpting skills to build arches and columns. 

Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th April 2021

As part of our Cross-Curricular Days Lowry and Cliff spent two days immersing themselves into the stage production of ‘School of Rock’. We rehearsed and performed to Year 6.

To finish the learning off we watch a production of The Wizard of Oz, pretended to be theatre critics and wrote reviews of the show.

Year 5 school of rock perfromance

School Of Rock

Year 5 Home Learning

Weekly home learning is set for English and Maths, you can find the Year 5 Fluency Facts for the Year and Year 5 Summer Recommended Reads below.  

 Cornets w/b 19th April 2021

We were very excited to welcome back Mr Robinson this week as we had the chance to start our Cornets learning again.  This week as you're listening to music, see which instruments you can identify!

Week beginning 12th April 2021 

What a great start to the Summer Term, Cliff Class were so proud to be the winners of this weeks attendance trophy with a superb 99.5%! 

Exciting electricity w/b 15th March 2021


In science this week we explored circuits. We learnt what we needed to create a simple circuit (a cell, wires and a bulb). We discussed how the electricity moves around the circuit and powers the bulb. We were then able to explore what would happen if we added other components to our circuit (like buzzers and motors). We were shocked with the results!

Persuasive speeches w/b 8th March 2021


We were thrilled to be back in the classroom with all our friends this week. In our English learning we tried to persuade the teachers to start a new colony on Mars. We used TEEL to help us structure our paragraphs as well as a range of persuasive features. Why not ask your children about some of their arguments for starting a new colony on the red planet.

Art learning w/b 8th February 2021

This half term our Art learning has focused on sketching and shwding with pencil. We didn't let lockdown stop us! We drew inspiration from our history topic of the Romans to create a sketch of Hadrians Wall. The children started by lightly sketching the outline using a photograph of the wall. They then used a range on techniques including hatching, cross hatching, contouring and circulism to complete their sketch.

English W/B 01.02.2021

This week we have continued reading the book 'Boy in the Tower'. The children have really enjoyed the suspense and mystery book. We used our text retrieval skills to draw an image of the deadly 'Blucher' plants.  Here we are sharing them in Google Classroom.


Next week we will be writing the next part of the story.  What do you think will happen? Will Ade and his Mum survive?


WB 25/01/21 

We have been loving reading our new novel ‘Boy in the tower’ by Polly Yo-Hen. Every page is full of suspense and mystery. On Tuesday we focused on the main character Ade. He has a very interesting relationship with his mum which we explored. We also talked maturely about issues that arise for Ade and his feelings about these. 

Amreen took part in the humanities home learning challenge. Below is her learning - well done Amreen!

WB 18/01/2021

In our English Learning, we have started thinking about the genre of ‘Suspense and Mystery’. We used our VIPERS skills to predict what may happen in the story using just the front cover. We had to think about the characters, the setting and the plot as well as making sure we justified our answers.


WB 11/01/2021

To complete our unit on instructions, we published our instructions using google slides. This was a new experience for us but we utilised our PowerPoint skills and used them to help us navigate this software. 

WB 5.1.2021

This week we have started our remote learning from home using Google classrooms. During our maths learning we have been learning about negative numbers. This video helped us to understand the rules when adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. 

WB 14/12/2021

This week the children in Year 5 have been learning a signed version of the Christmas song 'When Santa got stuck p the chimney'. Here are Lowry class performing their version. 

When Santa got stuck up the chimney

Still image for this video

WB 7/12/2020

Angles - maths learning 

This week in maths we have had fun exploring angles. As well as recalling facts about the different angles, we have used a protractor to measure them. We have learnt that angles on a line add up to 180 and angles round a point are 360 degrees! 


As you're out and about see what angles you can spot!

WB 30.11.2020

This week we have started our new topic in our English learning. We have loved finding out about our new text 'How to be a world explorer', below is a picture of the front cover. What do you think the text might be about? What information might it contain? 

WB 23.11.2020

This week we took part in our Autumn term cross curricular event which focused on the magic of 'The Wizard of Oz'. We had great fun writing our own newspaper reports, plotting weather data for Kansas, investigating tornadoes and creating the best broomstick. We wanted to share our favourite scene from the film, we like how everyone has been swept up in the tornado but think the witch is a little scary (it's the creepy music)!

WB 16.11.2020


Mr Paice and Mrs Taylor would like to say a huge well done to all of the children for their efforts when learning at home over the past 10 days. They have shown resilience and perseverance and we couldn’t be prouder! We are now looking forward to the children joining us back in the classroom :) 

WB 9/11/2020

Our first week of learning from home!

We (Mrs Taylor and Mr Paice) would like to say a huge well done to all of the children for their efforts this week. They have coped amazingly well with the sudden change to their learning and have continued to show our PRIDE learning behaviours. Keep up the good work Year 5! 

Wb 2.11.20
Cinquain writing 

This week in English, Lowry have been exploring cinquains. We have used the book 'Where the poppies grow' and the poem 'In Flanders Field' to inspire our writing.


Take a look at some of the cinquain poems we have produced below.

WB 26/10/20 Singing assembly 

This term we have been unable to have singing assembly - but that hasn't stopped Lowry class singing. As we are unable to project due to guidlines, we are learning how to sign the song too! Take a look at how we are getting on below!


Still image for this video

WB 12/10/20 Hurrah for Cliff Class

WB 5/10/2021

This week we have been learning about different poetic techniques which include metaphors, similes and alliteration as well as the effect these have on the reader. Look at the very simple poem below can you improve it by adding in these poetic language features? 

The snake went across the floor.

It was wiggling.

The iguana ran.

The snake snuck up on the iguana.

He ran away.

It went up the rock.

WB 28.09.2021

This week we have been calculating fractions of amounts. The video below gives a step by step guide to explain how to do this successfully. 

Maths Tutorials - Finding Fractions of Amounts

WB 21/9/21

This week we have focused on recalling our prime numbers to 30. Watch the video below to find out which numbers are prime numbers. 

Prime Numbers Song

WB 14/9/20

In our English learning we have continued to look at the story of Robin Hood. We focused on character descriptions and write our own character profiles. We had to use the text as evidence to support our description of each character. 

WB 7.9.2020

Robin Hood 

In English this week, we have started to explore the legend of Robin Hood. We've heard and read different versions of the story and started to explore the characters in more details. The children will be looking at retelling the story from different viewpoints with a focus on their descriptive writing skills. If you have time this weekend, why not watch one of the versions together at home.

A hello from your new teachers

Still image for this video

Cliff welcome.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 5 staff say goodbye to Year 5 2019-2020

Still image for this video

Welcome to the class page for Year 5


We are looking forward to sharing our exciting learning with you every week. Check here for regular updates.


The Year 5 Team:



Miss Jessica Tucker (Lowry Class)

Miss Ashley Johnston (Cliff Class)

Mrs Hannah Taylor (Setting)


Teaching Assistant

Ms Anne Mason 


Our PE day is Monday. Please ensure the children have the correct PE kit with them every day.

Home Learning WB 20/07/20
Home Learning WB 13/07/20

English 1 & 2 - Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Listen to this wonderful guide to planet earth and look at the beautiful illustrations.

Home Learning WB 06/07/20
Home Learning WB 29/06/20
Home Learning WB 22/06/20

Home Learning WB 15/06/20


Home Learning WB 8/6/20
Home Learning WB 1/6/20 

☀️Happy Half Term Year Five 😊

Still image for this video





Home School Learning WB 18.05.20


Home School Learning WB 11.05.20






Home School Learning WB 04/05/20







Home School Learning w/b 27.04.20
English tasks
Maths tasks
Afternoon learning tasks







                   Home School Learning WB 20.04.20
English Tasks 
Maths Tasks 
Additional subject tasks 

Hello everyone, 


We hope you have been getting on alright with your learning at home. 


We just wanted to wish you a lovely Easter holidays. 


We are not setting any learning over the holiday but here are some fun ideas that you could try, if you run out of activities to do:


Don't forget you can get involved in the community projects too ☺


Stay safe. 


Miss Tucker, Miss Johnston and Mrs Taylor

Hello Year 5 parents,


Due to the upcoming school closure on Friday 20th March, we will now be providing learning through the website. This will be learning for the children to complete over the next two weeks at home. We recommend children continue in a daily routine to ensure a sense of stability and to allow them to continue to progress in their learning. 


Below we have prepared activities that will allow children time to practise their maths fluency, spelling, reading, creative writing and some science, geography and history learning. As well as this, MyMaths and Bug Club will be updated with extra maths learning and books to read. The children were all given their logins and passwords recently for these so should be able to access them.


If you have any questions regarding this learning please email


Keep safe and healthy and we will see you all soon. 


Miss Tucker, Miss Johnston and Mrs Taylor

The English Faculty have been considering ways in which to make effective changes to our home learning expectations at Round Diamond. As part of this process, we have looked at opportunities to promote the enjoyment of high quality texts, both in school and at home.

To support this, each year group has created a ‘Summer Term Recommended Reading List’. The list has been put together by class teachers and has been designed to give children the opportunity to explore a range of texts at home, over the course of year.

Alongside this list are some question prompts which can be used to start discussions about what has been read. The questions are in line with our weekly VIPERS teaching, that focuses on individual skills within reading – Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise.

Please note that this home learning is not compulsory. We hope that you will be able to enjoy some (or all!) of the recommendations by  buying the texts if you wish. Equally, the question prompts can be used with any book you choose to enjoy with your child.

White Rose Maths is a helpful website for extra maths resources - they have recently added some parent and carer tutorials to help access the website and resources.
Afternoon learning

Extra ideas for activities if all of the above is completed:

  • If you use this website and use the free access code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS, you will be able to access lots of different learning activities appropriate for the children's key stage.
  • Audible is also free for as long as the schools are closed, so if children run out of books on BugClub, there are lots of audio books for children of all ages. Find this at: 
  • GoNoodle is good for practical dance and mindful activities
  • BBC Supermovers has videos relating to a range of activities
  • Topmarks has a range of interactive activities to support learning for a range of subjects


Celebrity classes for the children to enjoy:

PE with Joe Wicks
Joe (the Body Coach guy who does the Lean in 15 books) is offering exercise classes Monday – Friday until the kids go back to school.
Each day, he starts with a warm-up, then exercises, then a warm down. Please find the link here: PE with Joe Wicks
Maths with Carol Vorderman
Take part in fun maths challenges with Carol Vorderman.
There are a variety of tasks, each tailored to different levels.
They are best for kids aged 4 – 11 years old.
The classes usually cost around £2 per week, but they are now free for everyone.
Please find the link here: 
Maths with Carol Vorderman
Home Economics with Theo Michaels
Theo Michaels is offering live cooking classes for kids each Monday and Wednesday.
Please find the link here: 
Home Economics with Theo Michaels
Music with Myleene Klass
These classes may be better for younger children.
Please find the link here: 
Music with Myleene Klass
Dance with Darcey Bussel
Join the Strictly judge for an afternoon dance session.
The classes are streaming live on Facebook.
Please find the link here: 
Dance with Darcey Bussel  

Science with Maddie Moate

At 11 am - find at:

History with Dan Snow

At 2pm - find at:

English with David Walliams

At 3pm - find at:

Food Tech with Jamie Oliver

At 5:30pm - find at:








WB 16/03/2020


Our focus in English this week has been around suspense and mystery. We have been thinking about how an author creates a great suspense and mystery story. We watched a video clip where Malorie Blackman described her craft. We have also this week focus on DASH paragraphs. This is a structure to follow when writing in the genre of suspense and mystery. 

WB 9/3/20

This week a large number of children have been taking part in Level 1 and 2 bikeability training. The children have focused on how to perform safety checks on their bikes before setting off, basic cycling skills and road cycling skills.

WB 02.03.2020

This week in Maths, Mrs Taylor's group have been focusing on imperial measures. We first identified the difference between metric and imperial measures, then group the measures into 'families' and finally converted from imperial to metric and vice versa.   

w.b. 24.02.20


This week, year 5 have impressed all of the teachers with the persuasive speeches they have written, about saving the Amazon Rainforest. We saw very passionate performances and their content was fantastic.


Below shows some of the children performing them.

WB 17/2/2020

Half Term 

We hope you have a lovely half term break :) 

w/b 10.02.20

Year 5 have seriously impressed us with their amazing Home Learning Projects!

We have had such a variety of shields, made with different materials and patterns. We have all taken such pride in seeing them share their projects with great enthusiasm.


Well done Year 5! We cannot see what else is to come after Half Term :)


Miss Johnston, Miss Tucker and Mrs Taylor 

Year 5 Roman Home Learning Projects!

w/b 03.02.20


Year 5 have been exploring their new Computing Topic. So far the children have been exploring Pivot Animator. They have found out how to make the characters move, how to add more characters, how to change their size, how to create frames and have discussed the effectiveness of slow movements. We also discussed how these animations relate toTV programmes such as Wallace and Gromit.


This week the children began to explore how to create different characters and add backgrounds so that they could begin creating their Roman Battle animation (linking to their History topic).

w/b 27/01/20

Year 5 had a very exciting, educational trip to the Airbus STEM Discovery Centre on Wednesday. We learned how to programme little Mars rovers to race against one another - getting from one line to the next. We also saw a few prototypes of the Mars Rover; Brian, Brittany and Bradley. After that, we made our own 'orbit' showing how the Earth orbits around the Sun and the moon orbits around the Earth. Finally, we learned about different star constellations, through a stimulating star show.


Pictures below show children enjoying their day...

WB 20/01/20

In English Mrs Taylor's group have been reading the story of the Iron Man. Together as a class we have been reading a chapter at a time them answering a range of comprehension questions linked to VIPERS. The chapter below focuses on inference questions.

WB 13/1/2020

A Year 5 key writing skill is the use of parenthesis to add extra information into a sentence. This extra information can be added using commas, brackets or dashes. Below is a short music video that explains how to use brackets for parenthesis. 

Punctuation: Using brackets, dashes & commas to indicate parenthesis (KS2)

What will I learn? How to use brackets, dashes and commas to insert extra information into a sentence. Questions: What is parenthesis? What is the most forma...

WB 7/1/20

Welcome back!

Our Spring Term focus will be on Geography and History. We have just started two new exciting topics. For Geography we will be focusing on map skills and looking at features of the UK and South America (Amazon Rainforest). History, on the other hand, is all about the Romans: discussing the Roman Empire, and many key figures such as Claudius and Boudica.


In other news, the children have settled back in well and have all started to enjoy the English topic of instructions; so far we have written a cold task (using prior knowledge), explored and evaluated different types of instructions.

WB 16/12/2020

As we approach the end of term, Year 5 are getting in the Christmas spirit. They have been practising their performance numbers and can't wait to share these with you on Thursday during our Christmas Production day. 

WB 9/12/2019

This week in maths the children have been focusing on reasoning and application of skills. Have a go at home by opening the link below. 

w/b 02.12.19


In Lowry's English class this week, we have been trying out different techniques to help us with remembering our learning. Today, we used a dice game to help us to use the correct verb tense (past or present). See pictures below...

WB 25/11/19

In English this week Year 5 have been writing cinquain poems. A cinquain (pronounced SIN-cain ) is a short poem consisting of 5 lines. Follow the link below to find out how to write a cinquain. 

WB 18.11.19 (XVIII . XI . XIV)

This week we have been taking part in the Autumn Term cross-curricular event which has been all about the ROMANS. 

In English we have written a character description of the Roman God Neptune or Apollo.

In Maths we completed a roman roads activity using protractors.

In Science we dyed clothes using a range of natural dyes. We were testing to see which worked best. 

In Art we created our own mosaic designs. 

We've had a fantastic 2 days and really enjoyed learning all about the Romans. 



w/b 11.11.19

Year 5 have started a Take One Book topic in English. We have been exploring different books (Grandad's Island, Poppy Field and Murder most Unladylike) in all classes and using different techniques to investigate these books.

Below shows Lowry class using freeze frames to summarise chapters and better understand Murder most Unladylike.

Take one book - freeze frames

WB 4/11/19

This week in Mrs Taylor's maths group we have been focusing on negative numbers. We've looked at identifying negative numbers, and calculating the difference between two numbers. Follow the link below to play a game linked to negative numbers. 

WB 21/10/19

In English this week we have been writing biographies about Sir David Attenborough. Click on the document below to find out more about his life. 

w/b 14.10.19

In English this week, all of the Year 5 classes have been completing and editing their own Legends. Once these were to the best standard, the children have perfectly presented their learning. The teachers have been very impressed with their ideas and presentation.

We now are looking forward to starting our new topic: Biographies.

7.10.19 Home Learning projects

WB 30/09/19

The whole of Year 5 have had exciting afternoon lessons this week. We have also been working on a project ready for Harvest Festival. As seen in the pictures above, the children have been designing their own Corn Harvest Knots and then creating them, either out of clay or wool.

w.b. 23.09.19


In our Science lessons, Lowry class have been learning about conductors and insulators. In this week's lesson we re-capped the difference between conductors and insulators then spoke about electrical resistance. After this discussion, we hypothesised which conductor would make the bulb brighter and why. When we tested these hypotheses, we found that out of a 20 pence coin, another light bulb and a set of staples; the 20 pence coin made the bulb the brightest because it has the least electrical resistance and was the thickest material.


WB 16.9.19

This week Year 5 begun exploring the story of Robin Hood. We are reading a range of different Robin Hood texts but have also watched a variety of videos to compare. Below is a link to our favourite clip. 

Robin Hood Archery

WB 9/9/19

We have had a great start to Year 5. The children have come back to school ready for learning. We have discussed our school values this week and each of us are able to explain how they contribute to and demonstrate the values of Responsible Determined and Successful. 

w/b 04.09.19


This week in Lowry class we have been designing our own re-creations of L.S. Lowry's artwork.

Academic Year 2018-2019

Year 6 Reading List (including reviews and blurbs)


Following their success earlier in the term, our Year 5 'Stevenage Speaks' team were lucky enough to be invited to have lunch with the Mayor of Stevenage this week! All children who took part in the competition went to the council offices on Monday afternoon, where they also had the opportunity to visit the council chamber and practise their public speaking skills.


In Year 5, our new topic is 'The Holiday Show'. For our DT lesson this week, Lowry class designed and made their own St Lucian cocktails! First, we had to taste different orange juices and rate them on aspects such as taste, texture, smell and colour. We then created recipes using our favourite orange juice and a variety of other flavours, We adapted our cocktails as we went along to make sure they tasted great. We then presented them in interesting ways to make them look more appealing. We also created posters to advertise our finished products, Finally, we evaluated our own cocktails in terms of taste and appearance.

12.06.19 - Stevenage Speaks Competition

Some of our Year 5 children took part in the ‘Stevenage Speaks’ public speaking competition today, organised by Stevenage Rotary Club. The competition was held at the University of Hertfordshire, where the children were also treated to a tour of the campus. The children chose the topic of Renewable Energy Sources and wrote a 10 minute speech, which they then delivered to the audience of the other schools taking part and the Mayor of Stevenage! They did extremely well and came third.


Thank you to everybody who took the time to attend our Phasels Wood meeting on Wednesday afternoon. For those of you who couldn't make it, an information pack has been sent home with your child. The medical form needs to be signed and returned as soon as possible. The pack also included a kit list and printouts of the slideshow from the meeting (both of which can be downloaded further down on this page).

If you would like to see any more information, such as more detail on the activities, photos of the accommodation and a sample food menu, please visit the Phasels Wood website via the following link. We hope you are looking forward to the trip as much as we are!


As we approach our trip to Phasels Wood, we are looking forward to seeing lots of you at our meeting on Wednesday afternoon. If you would like to look ahead of time, a suggested kit list is attached below. For those of you who are unable to make it, all information will be sent home in a pack with your child the next day. 


Cliff Class have been enjoying their cornets lessons. This week, they were lucky enough to have a Year 6 child, who has been having individual cornets lessons, share his expertise with them! Lowry class have been busy practising their song 'Spaceship Jam' ready for the upcoming Summer Music Festival.


Welcome to the Summer Term! We are looking forward to starting our new topics, including learning on the Mayan Civilisation in History and Living things and their Habitats in Science. We also have our residential trip to Phasels Wood to look forward to this term; we will be holding a meeting on Wednesday 15th May at 3.30pm in Lowry Class which will go through this in more detail. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.


This week in Year 5, we have had our cross curricular day. It was themed around the Railway Children, where children were fortunate enough to watch a performance of the novel. As well as, getting involved in a workshop with the cast. We learnt about the setting, voices, lighting, costumes and some children were able to act out one of the scenes. In class, we wrote a diary entry from one of the character's points of views, answered questions based on train timetables and we read the London underground map, which had questions to go with it such as riddles.


It has been another enjoyable this week, as year 5 took part in the K'Nex challenge. The children had to work in pairs to design then build their own new aircraft. Then, they would have to explain it to the class to be judged. There was one winning pair from each class. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was great to see the children work together and get very creative.


Thank you to all the parents who came to watch part of our English lessons. We hope you enjoyed them. Also, everyone looked fantastic in their World Book Day costumes. It was great to see a wide variety of costumes.


We have been really impressed by the Solar System projects we have received in Year 5 this week. We saw a wide variety of models made out of lots of different materials, ranging from polystyrene to papier mache - there was even some cake! We also saw some very impressive fact files and PowerPoint presentations to accompany the creative models. Well done to all children who took part in this piece of home learning.  


It has been another fantastic half term in Year 5. We have really enjoyed learning more about Space in our topic and science lessons and we have all completed some challenging learning on fractions in Maths.

We hope you all have an enjoyable and restful half term break, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our taster sessions in English on the 7th and 8th of March.

This week in English, we have been experimenting with writing our own rap poems.

Take a look at a selection of our performances below!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


This week, four children from Year 5 represented Round Diamond School in a maths competition. There were some very challenging questions and tasks to do but the children did extremely well and came 7th out of 15 schools!

Well done to all of the children involved


In topic this week, we continued our learning on Space and found what nebulae are. A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas in space. Some nebulae come from the gas and dust thrown out by the explosion of a dying star, such as a supernova. Other nebulae are regions where new stars are beginning to form. For this reason, some nebulae are called "star nurseries."

We used a range of media such as chalk, paint and glitter to create our own nebulae.

16.01.18 - Trip to Airbus Discovery Space

Year 5 had lots of fun on their trip to Airbus Discovery Space Centre yesterday. They learnt about the Mars Rover and saw the prototypes in action in the Mars Yard. They were amazed to find out that the rocket containing the Mars Rover will take a whole 9 months to reach Mars.

The children also learnt about the phases of the Moon and made models to show how this works.

Finally, they learnt about different constellations in the night sky and how some of the constellations and stars got their names.


We have had a fantastic first week back in Year 5. The children are very excited to be starting their Topic and Science learning on Earth and Space. We are looking forward to our trip next week to the Airbus Discovery Centre to see the Mars Rover!

In English, we have planned our own instructions on how to fly to the moon and in Science, we have looked at different ways to prove that the Earth is a sphere shape.

We watched this video to find out more:


Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable Christmas break. We are looking forward to welcoming the children back tomorrow, ready to start the Spring Term and more fantastic learning.

Look below at our new class time tables and overviews for an insight into the learning we will be carrying out this term.

Important Dates

Wednesday 16th January 2019 -Trip to Airbus Discovery Centre

Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th February 2019 - Parent Consultations

Thursday 7th and Friday 8th March 2019 - Year 5 English taster sessions for parents


Important Dates:

Wednesday 19th December - Yesr 5 Christmas Performance 


Year 5 in their Christmas Jumpers.

This week in Cliff Class we have been learning about and making our own Dreidels.


Still image for this video
This week in Year 5, we have been creating performances around the Jabberwocky Poem by Lewis Carroll.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
This week in Year 5 we had our Cross Curricular Days, which were based around our digestive system. The children were treated to an assembly by a real scientist, who told us all about the digestive system. Then, we had many activities based on the digestive system. These include, finding out how many taste buds we had to see if we were a super taster, taster or non-taster. Also, creating movements to show each stage of the digestive system and putting this detail into a bar graph. As well as, creating posters about keeping good hygiene.
In Cliff class this week, we were treated to a performance by Daniel on his Clarinet!
Well done, to those who brought in their home learning projects. They look amazing and we can see how hard and creative you have been on these!
In Year 5 this week, we had a topic morning on Wednesday. We were looking at Kandinsky and his use of music to inspire his artwork.
In RE this week we have been learning about light. Thinking about what it means to us and think of. Next week we will be discussing how light is used in different representations.

Open Afternoon - 08.11.18

Thank you to everybody who made it to our open afternoon today. The children really enjoyed being able to share their learning with you. There were some fantastic paintings produced and Lowry class really did themselves proud with their cornets performance! Cliff class have this to look forward to in the second half of the year.


Both Year 5 classes have had fun with their science investigations this week. We used our knowledge of materials to separate different mixtures. We used sieving to separate raisins and flour; filtration to separate sand and water; magnets to separate paper clips and rice and evaporation to separate salt and water. We had to leave the salty water for a few days but we can now see the results!


We hope you all have a fantastic half term. We look forward to hopefully seeing lots of you at our open afternoon on Thursday 8th November.


We are really getting into our learning on 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo. This week, we did some drama activities to get into the characters of Bertie, Millie and the White Lion. We imagined what each of the characters would feel like in World War 1 and have now gone on to do some fantastic writing from the Lion's point of view


In English, all groups are currently reading 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo, which is set in WW1. The children have been fully engaged in the story and cannot wait to find out what happens at the end of each chapter. Their enthusiasm has resulted in some very high-quality writing and all teachers have been very impressed. Today, Mr Carter's class did some hot seating, imagining what they would say if they were either of the main characters.

The Butterfly Lion


Lowry Class have impressed Mr Robinson with their fantastic skills and quick progress in their cornets lessons this half term! This week, we played 'Hot Crossed Buns' and 'Clair de Lune'. We are hoping to be able to share our cornets learning with you at our upcoming Open Afternoon on November 8th (more details to follow).


In Year 5 this week, we completed our investigations on thermal insulators. The challenge was to keep a cup of ice from melting. In Lowry class, the best insulator was bubble wrap and in Cliff class, the best insulator was wool.

You can do a similar virtual version on the experiment here:




It's been another busy week in Year 5!

We have been challenging ourselves in Maths, solving problems with long multiplication. In English, we have been exploring a range of figurative language to help us to write interesting Legends next week. We have also planned an investigation on thermal insulators in Science and we are looking forward to doing our experiment on Tuesday!

We have also been practising for our Harvest Festival, where we are remembering how lucky we are to have enough food in this country, as well as thinking about those around the world who are less fortunate. Lowry class have been rehearsing a poem and Cliff class have been preparing some role play (see pictures below).

Our Harvest festival is on Tuesday 10th October - we hope to see lots of you there smiley

Cliff Class Harvest Practise

Week beginning 10.09.18

We have had a fantastic first full week in Year 5. The children have impressed us with their enthusiasm for their learning across the curriculum.

In Maths, we have completed some challenging learning on addition and subtraction using formal written methods.

In English, we have been looking at Legend stories and are making our way up to writing our own next week. Lowry class really enjoyed watching this video:


Next week, Lowry class are looking forward to starting their cornets lessons with Mr Robinson, so watch this space for updates on our progress! Cliff class have made an excellent start to learning the harvest songs with Mr Meek.


Welcome to Year 5!

We hope you are all energised for the learning ahead!


The Year 5 team:

Miss Norcott (Lowry class)

Mrs Bernal (Cliff class)

Mrs Herbert 

Miss Mason



In English our first unit is based on Alice in Wonderland. In Maths we will continue to cover all areas of learning, deepening knowledge through problem solving and reasoning. Our Topic learning is focused on AD 900; which covers the Maya Civilisation, the Kingdom of Benin, and the Islamic Empire. In Science our topic is Living Things.



Important Days/Notices

Our PE day is on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit, including jogging bottoms and a jumper, as well as appropriate trainers at school every day.


Wednesday 13th June 2018: Parent meeting to discuss Phasels Wood trip.


26.07.18 - THANK YOU!

We are in awe of the generosity shown by the children and their families today. It was the last day of a long year, and we were overwhelmed by the gifts and kind messages from everyone. All in year 5 should be feeling very proud of what they have achieved this year - we're all looking forward to seeing them rise to the challenge of year 6.

We hope you have the most wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all in the new school year.

Thank you again, from Mrs Bernal, Miss Norcott, Mrs Herbert and Miss Mason.

Summer Home Learning

Well done to all children who chose to take part in our final Home Learning Project. We saw a fantastic array of Mayan headdresses, using a wide range of eye-catching resources, colour schemes and special features. The children clearly used their research and learning in class to influence their design, and many accompanied their learning with detailed fact files.

Mayan Headdresses


Despite the soaring temperatures inside the classrooms this week, we have produced some excellent learning in Year 5. In English, we have written our own versions of 'Little Red Riding Hood' from the point of view of the Wolf, and in Maths, we have challenged ourselves by learning about percentages.

This afternoon, we ended our topic on AD900 and worked in groups to deliver presentations to the rest of the class to celebrate the range of learning we have undertaken on the Maya, Benin and Islamic civilisations. 

We hope you are all feeling prepared for our trip to Phasels Wood next week! We look forward to updating you and sharing photos on our return.


Phasels Wood Kit List

Topic Presentations


Excellent first week back. It was wonderful to see the children returning with energised and positive learning behaviours.   

Thank you to all who attended the parent meeting about Phasels Wood on Wednesday, we're all very excited about the trip! Please ensure you are up to date with the payment schedule and that you have returned the medical form we sent out. 


We hope you all have the most wonderful half term. See you in 2 weeks frown!


Getting ready for Phasels Wood

Please keep an eye out for information regarding our residential trip in July. Today we sent out a Parental Consent form (sent with children); please read it, edit it (if needed) and return it to us as soon as possible. Also, can you please look at your payment schedule and ensure you are up to date with payments. We have sent out information regarding our pre-trip parent meeting, it will be taking place after school on 13.06.18 in one of the year 5 classrooms.


Terrific trumpeting!

Still image for this video
Cliff’s cornet learning is going fantastically - we can now play 5 different notes!


The end of another successful week. Although Lowry class didn't win the attendance cup this week, we were really impressed to see 100% of children in Lowry class in from Monday (attendance is measured Thursday to Thursday). Keep up the effort and I am sure you will win the cup soon. Come on Cliff class, we want the cup too!


We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and warm weather.

ROOTS!! Very excited to see the beginnings of roots on our cuttings.


This week we had an excellent Science lesson investigating asexual reproduction in plants: learning partners took cuttings from a geranium plant and then placed the cuttings into fresh water - we are all eagerly awaiting to see if they grow roots. Watch this space! 


Topic learning (AD900) has also started very enthusiastically: children now have a growing understanding of the Maya culture and next week we will start comparing the Maya culture to the Kingdom of Benin.


We hope you have found the link below to VIPERS READING SKILLS useful. We are encouraging children to read for at least 20 minutes at home every day. Feel free to speak to us if you are unsure about how best to support your child with their reading at home.


Welcome back, we hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break!

We have had a successful first week. The children have thrown themselves wholeheartedly in to our new English unit - the bizarre tale of Alice in Wonderland has really captured their imaginations. This week we focused on reading the book and children used VIPERS reading skills to comprehend the text. If you would like more information about VIPERS reading skills, and want some ideas on the types of questions you could ask your child while reading with them at home, then have a look at the link below.


Thank you to all of the parents who came in on Monday afternoon to see the fantastic range of solar system projects that we had in Cliff and Lowry classes this term. It was lovely for the children to be able to share their learning with you.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a lovely Easter break. We have all really enjoyed the Spring term and look forward to more fantastic learning in the Summer term.


Spaghetti Rap

Still image for this video
This week, it was Cliff Class’s turn to start their learning on Rap Poetry. All children in Year 5 have been busy writing their own raps and are looking forward to performing them on Monday!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

After watching a fantastic production of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' to launch our Spring Cross-Curricular Days, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a drama workshop. We learnt lots of behind-the-scenes secrets, such as how to do quick costume changes; working the lighting and sound effects and how the actors managed to change the impressive scenery quickly between scenes. We ended the session by putting our acting skills to the test, taking on roles of different characters from the show.

Cross Curricular Day

Spaghetti Rap

Still image for this video
In Lowry, we have just started looking at Rap Poetry in English. Here is a little taster of one of our favourite poems.

Earth and Space Home Learning Projects

Wow! What a fantastic array of home learning projects we received this week! We were really impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm shown by all of the children. Each project is entirely different and impressive in its own right. A huge 'Thank You' to you all for your amazing efforts. Come and take a look at the range of models we now have brightening up our classrooms:


Still image for this video
Cliff Class have taken well to their cornets lessons and have already mastered ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and ‘Clair de Lune’. Take a look at this video of them playing with Mr Robinson this week!

Friday 2nd March


Despite the snowy weather this week, the children in Year 5 have participated in some excellent learning. Thank you for your efforts in getting the children to school this week, and for being so accommodating in the weather arrangements!

In our topic learning, we have travelled back in time to 1969 and written newspaper reports on Neil Armstrong's moon landing. We also talked about how people had parties and dressed up as aliens to celebrate this historic event!

In Lowry class, we looked at some music that was composed to represent the planet Mars and Cliff class continue to enjoy their new learning in cornets.

Next week, we will be starting the Spring term spelling assessments against the Year 5 word list, so no individual spellings have been set this week. Please continue to complete activities on My Maths and Bug Club.


Friday 23rd February

Today, in Year 5, we had a visitor come in and she told us we were taking part in the K'Nex Challenge. This involves 100 schools in Hertfordshire.

Our task was to design a fully working crane to lift a small bucket. We had a set time of 60 minutes to complete the task in pairs and we had to show good teamwork and dedication. We had to include a pulley or gears in our crane too, which made it very technical!

We all received a certificate, pencil and ruler from Mrs Goodwin and a winning pair was chosen in each session.

In the morning, the winners were Matthew O and Mark. In the afternoon, the winners were Michelle and Atremis - well done!

A big thank you to Mrs Goodwin for leading us in our K'Nex challenge today!

(Written by Angel - Cliff Class)


W/B 05.02.18

What a fantastic final week to our half term. Footpath Flowers was our Take 1 Book unit and it inspired some fantastic learning. Take a look at the video link below to read the story yourself. Children wrote character descriptions, a diary entry and acted out scenes - it was greatly enjoyed by all.

Cliff class were treated to a cornet concert by Lowry class. It was fantastic to see the progress the children had made in their music from the start of the year. Cliff class are very excited to be taking up the cornet from after half term. Lowry will now be focusing on other areas of music with another of our specialist teachers.

Our week finished with us celebrating our British Values and creating people to represent ourselves - it was a vastly fun afternoon and enjoyed by all. Matas, in Lowry, said 'I feel like a fashion designer!' See examples of the children's learning below.

We hope you all have a great half term, see you back on the 19th.

British Values afternoon

W/B 29.01.18

We continue to be impressed with the engagement and enthusiasm the children have for their Space learning. Do you know the difference between Geocentric and Heliocentric models of the Solar System? Year 5 have been learning all about it this week and created some great posters for their learning walls.

W/B 22.01.18

This week the children blew our minds with their use of hyperbole within their English learning. Next week I am sure they are going to use this technique to great effect in their persuasive writing.

In maths we have been mastering the skill of calculating area and perimeter, in some cases tackling some extremely challenging decimal calculations. The week ended with a fun House afternoon, where all the year groups mixed and children throughout the school proved their perseverance with a cotton bud dotty painting activity!


Welcome back to all and Happy New Year. After a great break it was fantastic to see the children in Cliff and Lowry drive straight back in to their learning with enthusiasm. We are looking forward to a fantastic term.


15th December 2017

We are all incredibly proud of the children this week, after being hugely successful in our production of 'A Victorian Christmas'. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about each performance and the acting and singing was fantastic from all children. Thank you for all of your efforts in providing costumes for the children to ensure that they looked the part.


As we are now very nearly at the end of term, we will be handing out children's old exercise books for them to take home. Please send your child into school on Monday with a carrier bag if possible.


Thank you for all of your support in the children's learning this term - we have really enjoyed our first term at Round Diamond and look forward to the rest of the year. We wish you all a restful and enjoyable Christmas break when it arrives on Tuesday!


NB- remember school finishes at 2pm on Tuesday 19th December.







It is hard to believe we are now into December! Rehearsals for our Christmas production are now well underway and the children have been fantastic in learning their lines and the songs. In Year 5, we will be focussing on 'A Victorian Christmas'. To look the part, children will need their costume in school as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 8th December. We are asking that all children who are speaking be dressed in Victorian style outfits and narrators to be in all black. Non-speaking children have the option to either be in Victorian dress or all black.

If you would like to practise the songs at home too, that would be great! We are singing:

'Holly Jolly Christmas'

'Deck the Halls'

'The Christmas Song' (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

Performances will be at 9:30am and 1:45pm on Wednesday 13th December and Thursday 14th December.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Cross Curricular Days

On Wednesday morning, we came in to school as normal to find a terrible crime had been committed! The precious Round Diamond from the entrance hall had been stolen! Police were on the scene to report the crime in assembly and needed our help to find the culprit.

We wrote a crime report and analysed lots of clues to help us solve the mystery. We learnt how to take finger prints; used a map of the school to plot and locate clues and used our ratio knowledge in maths to work out the thief's height and draw a scale diagram of them.

Thankfully, the diamond has now been returned.

The children were extremely engaged in all of their learning over the two days and it was great to see them bringing their skills and knowledge from different subject areas together to produce great outcomes.


Year 5 Open Afternoon - a huge thank you to all who came!