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Year 5

Year 5 2023 - 2024

Year 5 Teachers: 

Mr Monnington (Lowry)

Miss Howlett (Cliff)

Mrs Taylor (Setting Teacher)


Welcome back to the Summer Term and to Year 5. 


Important Information:


PE will be taught every Thursday afternoon. 


Curriculum Coverage:

In English we will be exploring stories set in another culture, playscripts and biographies. 


In Maths we will be exploring number and place value, addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division, including developing fluency and developing our understanding of formal written methods.


This term we will enjoy learning about Space in Science, painting in Art, the Roman empire in History and locations around the world in Geography. 

Check back in with our class page for weekly updates!


The Year 5 Team.

Termly Overview

W.C 13.05.24

In this weeks science learning Year 5 looked at reproduction in plants. We learned that the flower was the reproductive section of a plant and looked at the individual features of both the male and female parts of the plant. Year 5 then dissected a flower and labelled the individual parts. 





W.C 06.04.24

This week in Year 5, we looked at the importance and significance of morals and how they are utilised in the Christian religion. Year 5 explored various stories which contain a moral teaching.



W.C 29.04.24




This week in History, Year 5 began a new unit looking at comparing the Mayan civilisation with the Anglo-Saxons. We began by exploring the challenges of the habitats the Maya people existed in and concluded that the Maya were extremely talented in clearing farming land in the rainforest.

W.C 22.04.24

This week in our Maths learning we looked in detail at rounding to the nearest 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. We focused on specific rounding rules and applied them into reasoning settings.



W.C 15.04.24



This week, Year 5 began a new book for their reading lessons. They focused on inference and retrieval skills answering questions on the events of the first chapter of the explorer.



W.C 18.03.24

This week year 5 visited the STEM Centre and learnt about the Exo Mars Rover, the stories behind constellations and many other exciting scientific subjects!




W.C 11.03.24

This week in our Science learning, we explored the life cycle of a low mass and high mass star. Year 5 arranged images and sequenced each phase from planetary nebula to black hole.


W.C 04.03.24

In our Reading lessons, Year 5 have been enjoying reading 'Boy in the Tower' and applying their reading skills to infer and retrieve information from the text.


W.C 26.02.24

Year 5 took part in first aid training this week. They learnt the meaning of DRS ABCD and were apply to practice the recovery position on each other. Using models, the children then practice CPR compressions before learning how a defibrillator works. 






W.C 12.02.24

Year 5 showed an energised attitude as they learnt about determination as part of their house event. They shared and set their own personal goals and we discussed how being determined will help them to achieve their goals. Year 5 also chose their own positive affirmation that they can say to themselves to support them in being successful. 



W.C 05.02.24

In Music, Year 5 have been learning 'Earth, Space and all that Jazz'. Follow the QR codes to watch them perform this song. 


W.C 29.01.24


In Reading, Year 5 have shown an energised approach to their new text 'I am not a label'. They have been learning about different inspirational people and how through embracing their differences and overcoming challenges, they have all been successful. Year 5 have answered a range of prediction and retrieval questions to share their knowledge of the text and their learning has been displayed on the class reading display. 


W.C 22.01.24


In Science, Year 5 have been exploring the Geocentric and Heliocentric models of the Solar System. They split into two teams and used evidence collected throughout the lesson to conduct a formal debate. One side arguing that the Earth is the centre of the Solar System and the other arguing that the Sun is at the centre of the solar system. Assigned scribes wrote down key arguments which were presented throughout the debate and an unbiased judge decided the outcome.



W.C 15.01.24

In Geography this week, Year 5 learnt about the four layers of a rainforest: emergent layer, canopy layer, understorey and forest floor. They made notes with a peer throughout the lesson to support them in drawing, labelling and explaining the rainforest layers. 


W.C 08.01.24

In Reading this week, Year 5 began to look at their new text 'A midsummer Night's Dream' and have been learning and answering retrieval questions on famous Elizabethan writers and also famous Elizabethan theatres such as the globe. 




W.C 18.12.23

Year 5 were full of enthusiasm during their VR experience this week. They experienced visiting different biomes through virtual reality. They visited deserts, rainforest and grasslands where they explored the habitat and the animals whose habitat it is. 



W.C 11.12.23

Year 5 read and explored 'The Tin Forest' this week. They also wrote persuasive leaflets and letters convincing members of the public to come and visit the forest!

W.C 04.12.23

Year 5 explored the force water resistance in their Science lesson this week. They made different plasticine shapes to test whether the shape would affect the force of water resistance acting upon it. Year 5 found that the more streamlined the shape/ object, the less water resistance. 


Still image for this video

W.C 27.11.23

This week Year 5 have been reflecting shapes using coordinates. We have used mirrors to ensure we reflected accurately.

W.C 20.11.23

As part of their Maths learning, Year 5 investigated properties of 3-D shapes. They created 3-D shapes out of nets and discussed the number of faces, edges and vertices. 

W.C 13.11.23

As part of their Maths learning, Year 5 were investigating metric and imperial units of measure. Over the course of the week they made tape measures which converted inches and centimetres. They then used these to measure various classroom objects!        

W.C 06.11.23

As part of their geography learning, Year 5 used a range of sources to research into rainforests. Through using books, videos and the internet they were able to learn about rainforest species, its climate as well as where rainforests are located around the world. 


W.C 30.10.23

Year 5 have explored parenthesis this week with a specific focus on brackets and dashes. They have been able to identify where parenthesis is used in sentences as well as being able to place it in their own writing.

W.C 16.10.23

This week in their history learning Year 5 have been focusing on what life was like in the Roman Army. They looked at different sources and gathered information together on the various aspects of life in the Roman military. They then used this information to create posters inviting Roman citizens to join the army!

W.C 09.10.23

In Geography, Year 5 have been exploring the two continents North and South America. They collaboratively explored the continents using maps and atlases before learning about the continents human and physical features. The children sorted famous landmarks into whether they were a human or physical feature of that continent. 



W.C 02.10.23

This week in Maths, Year 5 were testing the multiplication skills. They learnt a new method of long multiplication. They used resilience and perseverance to understand and apply the method. 

W.C 25.09.23

This week Year 5 enjoyed their visit from the circus. They watched a fantastic performance in the tent which involved juggling, fire tricks and many more exciting acts. Year 5 then got the chance to participate in a circus workshop where they could learn many of the acts which they saw in the show. The children greatly enjoyed learning how to walk on stilts, balancing various objects, and juggling.


W.C 18.09.23

Year 5 enjoyed their first cornet lesson this week where they learnt how to handle the cornet safely and began to use the mouthpiece. They were encouraged to practice blowing into the mouthpiece and create a note by holding down the valves. 


W.C 11.09.23

In Science this week, Year 5 conducted an experiment looking into which materials were thermal conductors and thermal insulators. They were testing different materials to find which would be best for a flask coffee cup to help keep their teachers' coffee warm all morning. Year 5 concluded that newspaper and cotton wool were the best thermal insulators as they kept more heat in. 





W.C 04.09.23

Year 5 enjoyed learning about their new French topic for this term - Ma Famille. They used their listening, writing and reading skills to correctly identify the eight different family members in French and match them to English. As a class, we discussed how 'the' in French can be written in four different ways 'le' 'la' 'l' and 'les' for example 'la tante', meaning 'the aunty' and 'l'oncle' meaning 'the uncle'. 



Transition Booklets September 2022

Year 5 2022-2023


Year 5 Teachers: 

Mrs Simmonds (Lowry)

Mr Taylor (Cliff)

Mrs Herbert (Setting Teacher)


Welcome back to the Autumn Term and to Year 5. We are very excited for the year ahead and look forward to getting to know everyone and continuing on our Round Diamond journey. 


Important Information:


PE will be taught every Tuesday afternoon. 


Curriculum Coverage:

In English we will be exploring fables, legends and myths, focusing on Robin Hood and the many versions of this story. Using this text we will develop our understanding of writing in different styles, by writing the original story from different characters' points of view. 


In Maths we will be exploring number and place value, addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division, including developing fluency and developing our understanding of formal written methods.


This term we will enjoy learning about materials in Science, painting in Art, the Roman empire in History and locations around the world in Geography. 

Check back in with our class page for weekly updates!



The Year 5 Team.

Moon Dairy:

Starting from Monday 13th March 2023 as a year group we will be recording the different phases of the moon as part of our ongoing Science observational experiment. As a result we have asked the children to record the shape of the moon each night and bring this information into class the following day, to add to our class Moon Diary.

We would really appreciate your support with this, the Year 5 team.

Week Beginning 10/07/2023

This week in DT we continued to construct our car chassis. We used a range of materials including: cardboard, wooden dowel, metal bolts and nuts and hot glue. We were able to develop our sawing and drilling skills further, as well as our team ethic. 

Week Beginning 03/07/23

In Geography we continued to explore the Human Geography of globalisation. We explored supply changes and how different parts of a product are made in different areas of the world. We investigated how jeans are made and what their story is: creating a 'Our Jean Story.'

Week Beginning 26/06/2023

In English we explored Shakespeare’s Sonnets. We looked into their specific structure, before investigating syllables in order to create our own Sonnets, in groups. We based our own Sonnets on the topics of either nature and Macbeth, drawing our learning from both English and Geography.

Week Beginning 19.06.2023

This week the children had the chance to test themselves against new experiences at Cuffley camp. These included: the climbing wall, den making and  problem solving. Throughout the trip the children showed great determination and resilience, which was wonderful to see. 

Week Beginning 12.06.23

This week in English we explored how scripts allow actors to convey emotion and description through actions. We read sections of Macbeth together in groups, looking at the key features. After this worked in groups to act out the scenes to create a full run through of both Act 1 and Act 2.



Week Beginning 05/06/23

This week we had the privilege of two inspirational visitors- Darren Edwards and Paul Sturgess. We were able to dive deeper into what makes someone an inspiration and how we can use these messages to better our lives. 


Week Beginning 22/05/23

As part of our Computing topic, we explored how to create and use hyperlinks in order to create Escape Room games, using PowerPoint as a basis. We then had the chance to explore each others games and test if all of the hyperlinks worked. 

Week Beginning 15/5/23

In art this week we used our sculpture plans to begin create our final outcomes. We used a range of clay and wire to create the structure, as well as, a range of tools to add detail. 

Week Beginning 9/05/23

This in English we have continued to explore The Jungle Book, as part of our Literacy Heritage unit. We investigated the use of speech and the role that this has within the story. We then looked at the different ways in which speech is punctuated and created our own speech sentences.



Week Beginning 1/05/23

This week we explored different materials that could be used to create our sculpture linked to the 4th Plinth at Trafalgar Square. We experimented with both modelling wire and air-drying clay and described their advantages and disadvantages. 


Week Beginning 24/4/23

In English this week we continued to explore our current text- The Jungle Book. We compared the different versions of this traditional text and explored the different interpretations that have occurred throughout the story's history. We looked at how the characters' actions and emotions vary throughout these different versions and the impact that this has had on the viewer. 

Week Beginning 17/4/23

As part of our Science topic on Space Year 5 visited the STEM centre. Whilst there, the children where able to explore the origins of the Constellations found in the night's sky, discover more about human exploration on Mars and build their own rocket. 

Week Beginning 27/03/23

This week we took time in class assembly to discuss the importance of respect. To start with we thought of ways in which we can show respect both in and outside of school and then we thought about why it is important to show respect to others and the impact this has on their feelings. After this, we focused on the importance of showing respect to all people regardless of race. As part of this we explored some of the Premier League videos surrounding racism and discussed some real world experiences that people have had. 


Week Beginning 20/03/23

In DT this week, we created our own culturally inspired lunch dish. We combined skills such as cutting, peeling, as well as showing our understanding of flavour profiles to put into practice our recipes. This resulted in a wide range of flavours and foods being used to create our lunch dishes, we even designed packaging to go with them. 

Week Beginning the 13/03/23

In RE this week we explored 'Big Questions'. To start with we discussed any big questions that we had already heard of and then we thought about why they are important and the role they play in people's lives. After this we worked on our tables to generate a range of 'Big Questions' and then answer them from the views of a range of stakeholders.


Week Beginning 06/03/23

In Geography this week explored how and why maps change over time. Firstly, we explored how maps from the Roman Empire period have changed throughout the course of history to the maps we know today. After this, we explored how country borders have changed in recent times and the reasons for this.  

Week Beginning 27/02/23

This week we explored reading for pleasure as part of our World Book Day activities. This included creating our own front covers based on a range of blurbs and guessing the teacher as part of our Masked Reader game which the children really enjoyed.



Week Beginning 20/02/23

In English we explored the importance of performances linked to rap, focusing on developing a rhythm and beat. First we practiced our own lines, which where used to create the class rap, on our tables. After this we came together as a class to perform the rap that we had collated from our individual raps about parts of the school day. 

Week Beginning 06.02.23

As part of our Times Table Rockstar day, we created times table games to share and challenge our Year 2 peers. We focused on the 2, 5 and 10 times table and took inspiration from some existing times table games that we had played earlier in the day. Once we had created the games, we spent some of the afternoon sharing them with the children in Year 2.

Week Beginning 30.01.23

In English this week we continued learning about suspense texts and the impact that they can have on readers. Mrs Herbert's group discussed how the text made them feel and decided to read the text in the dark, using only torches, to add to the mystery and drama of the story.

Week Beginning 23/01/23

In RHSE we discussed the importance of being considerate and the impact that this has on society. We worked in groups to come up with and solve situations where being considerate of other people's feelings and space were important. 

Week Beginning 16.01.23

This week we welcomed Re-tune. A workshop which explores wellbeing and mental health through the use of music and creative outlets. The children explored the different strings that make up the SCALES (Sleep, Creative, Active, Listen, Earth and Social) and talked about ways in which they can help themselves and others when their minds and bodies are 'out of tune'. The children then worked together with Tom from Re-tune to create a song in 5 minutes, to show that wellbeing and being creative does not always require you to be perfect. 

Week Beginning 9/1/23

During English this week we began exploring tension and suspense texts. We looked the the graphic novel, The Watertower by Gary Crew, focusing on how the author and illustrator used mystery and intrigue to create suspense and tension throughout the story, including the fact the story was left on a cliffhanger... 


Week Beginning 19/12/22

This week, we spent time reading and performing Winter themed poetry. After this, we created our own Winter inspired poetry and created our personal poetry books. 



Still image for this video

Week Beginning 12/12/22

During our Roman day we explored a range of Roman artefacts and even became archaeologists, digging through soil to find out more about Roman life in Britain. We also created Roman inspired Mosaics and turned them into a Roman floor, using paper as tiles. 

Snow Day 12/12/22

Good morning Year 5,

As you will all know school is closed today due to the snow. Below are some activities that you can complete at home based on our learning this week.

We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable day.

Here is the English, Maths and Science learning:

Learning for 12/12/22

Week Beginning 5/12/22

This week as part of our upcoming Geography learning on biomes, the children were able to use VR headsets to gain a better understanding of locations around the world. They travelled to the Amazon rainforest, the jungles of Borneo, the African Savannah and the Arctic Tundra. It was an amazing experience!

Week Beginning 28/11/22

This week we began to create our Christmas decoration using our evaluated designs. We focused on using our paper templates to ensure, consistency and accuracy. We then focused on using back-stich to join our felt pieces together. 

Week Beginning 21/11/22

In Science this week we have continued with our learning journey on forces. We looked at the frictional force of air resistance and discussed the role that surface area has on the rate of air resistance. To test our theories we conducted a 'fair test' experiment where we designed and made three parachutes (of different sizes) and timed how long it took for them to reach the floor, using a stopwatch. 

Week Beginning 14/11/22

This week in design and technology the children, evaluated their initial design ideas for a Christmas/winter decoration that can be used in the kitchen. We used a design brief to ensure the designs matched all of the requirements needed for our final products to be successful. The children began to consider which stitches should be used within this textile learning journey and the impact that these will have on the final outcomes.  

Weeks Beginning 31/10/22 and 7/11/22

Since half term, Year 5 have been learning about poetry in their English learning. We explored different rules within poems and the impacts that these have on the audience/reader. The children then focused on Cinquain poems as well as a range of famous war poems such a Flanders Fields. Towards the end of our learning journey the children created their own war poems, following the Cinquain rules, before performing them to their classmates. As well as these performances the children's poems have been used to create a Remembrance Day book which will be shared with the rest of the school throughout next week. 



Week beginning 17/10/22

On Monday we completed our half term's learning on Materials within Science. In our final experiment with explored different changes linked to chemical reactions. We mixed milk and vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and finally coke and mentos. The children predicted what they thought would happen during these reactions and then recorded their observations, before evaluating their initial predictions. 


a64ba6ef-e8a9-4204-a935-76c15f3fb5ea (1).MP4

Still image for this video

Week beginning 10/10/22

In English Year 5 are exploring autobiographies and biographies for the next two weeks. This week we have explored the features of these text types and have examined a range of existing biographies. Year 5 have also started to research Sir David Attenborough in preparation for writing their own biography on him next week.



Week beginning 3.10.22

As part of our RHSE topic, A World Without Judgement, this week we explored school life through a different perspective. Ansh showed the rest of Year 5 around the school, showing how the environment had been adapted to support his visual impairment as well as answering any questions they had about how he uses his cane and other resources to support him.


Week beginning 26.09.22

This week we explored the physical and human features of North America within our geography learning. We discussed the difference between physical and human features and then used the atlases to locate and sort a range of famous North American landmarks.

Week beginning 19.09.22

This week in PE we spent time using the gymnastic equipment. During this lesson we explored movements on and from the equipment, as well as using our bodies to form shapes on the floor. We discussed the importance of safety whilst using the equipment and began to think about how to build movements into sequences.







Week beginning 12.09.22


In History we looked at the creation of Rome and the role that the brothers Romulus and Remus had in sowing the seed of the Roman Empire. We acted out the roles of the key historical figures: King Amulius, Rhea Silvia, Mars, Wolf, Romulus, Remus and the shepherds; explaining the characters’ actions and the roles they played.


Week beginning 05.09.22


In our first week of Year 5 we have started to explore a range of interesting topics in our afternoon learning. In Art we explored the famous artist Pablo Picasso, evaluating the abstract, cubism movement that he is famous for. After this the we created a portrait of our peers in the style of Picasso and used specific colour pallets to finalise our artwork. 

Year 5 2021-22


Week Beginning 4th July 2022

Year 5 enjoyed sharing their music learning using the cornets that they have undertaken over the last year. They have learnt to play a range of different notes and read musical notation to. They played three songs from their repertoire which were 'Hot Cross Buns', 'Au Clair De La Lune' and a fanfare composed for Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee. 

Week Beginning 27th June 2022

Cross- Curricular Day 

Year 5 were absolutely delighted to be able to encounter, touch and find out all about a range of different animals. We were given the chance to find out about a giant African land snail, White’s tree frog, a hamster and a berber skink.

Week Beginning 20th June 2022

In Science, we continued to develop our knowledge of human growth within the infant stage. We plotted both a bar and a line graph, we then analysed the data to see if we could find any trends in terms of growth. We compared this to the life cycle stages that we have learnt about in the previous weeks. We drew conclusions about why growth at this stage is so important in the development in the human life-cycle. 

Week Beginning 13th June 2022

Year 5 have been continuing learning their learning about Roman towns by comparing sources of evidence on Caerwent and Verulamium (St Albans). We compared what we knew about Roman towns already and searched for the features in the evidence. We then compared similarities and differences between both towns. 

Week beginning 6th June 2022

The Year 5 children mapped a route of the local area adding human and physical features and noting these down. When they returned to school they analysed and presented what they had found. They took photographs of the local area as they completed their routes. They then compared what they had seen with Great Ashby before it was a built up area. They used Digimaps to discuss the changes that they had seen and why this might be.

Week Commencing 23rd May 2022 

In Year 5, we were incredibly lucky to spend the day at the Woodhall Estate and spend the day learning all about the farm and woodlands surrounding it. We came in close contacts with sheep and a range of different birds from around the world. We learnt about conservation and how we can make our natural environment more diverse and better for plants and animals. 

w/c 16th May 2022

We have been working with Stevenage Football Club as part of their Move and Learn Challenge. 

This week we have been looking at hydration and why and how keeping hydrated is important. We started our learning in the classroom and then headed outside to continue our learning. 



w/c 9th May 2022

Over the past half term, Year 5 have been learning about hyperlinks in Computing. They have practised creating them in Google slides, by linking them to websites. The children have shown a clear understanding of how and why hyperlinks are used as they independently spot them in powerpoints during lessons. After practising, both classes spent a lesson creating their own escape room game using their hyperlink skills. They had to use their knowledge to link to other slides within the game, creating questions and answers to move through different scenarios. The games are saved on Google Classroom, so are available to play or continue with at any time! 

Week Beginning 2nd May 2022 

This week, children in Year 5 have been looking at different types of punctuation and how it can be used to help people reading a text. We searched for different types of punctuation including speech punctuation. We also proofread and edited to improve our writing. 

Week Beginning 25th April 2022 

Year 5 had a fabulous day visiting the interactive exhibits which linked to learning about Mars Rovers,space and constellations. We were able to listen to the myths which made up the names for constellations underneath a projection of the night sky. We were thrilled to see the rover Bruno being tested in front of officials from the European Space Agency. We also designed our own rockets and launched them under pressure to test their design and manufacture.


Week Beginning 28th March 2022 

Over the term,  we have been designing our own banana bread muffin recipes. We started by tasting ingredients to see which were our favourite. We spent Wednesday preparing and then baking our banana bread muffins in the small hall.  On Thursday, we shared our muffins with our partner and evaluated their flavour and looks. We all really enjoyed learning to cook and using a range of skills that will help us as we continue to grow.


Banana Bread

Still image for this video

Banana Bread Muffins

Week Beginning 21st March 2022

This week we have been doing taste tests to help us write recipes for banana bread next week. 

We tried vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and all spice to see which we will prefer. 

We also tried dried fruit and a range of different sugars thinking about taste and texture. 

Next week, we will use our taste preferences to write out own recipes, then bake and evaluate them. 

Week beginning 14th March 2022 

As part of Mars Day, Year 5 have spent some of our day learning about Mars especially about the rovers. We were delighted to join live web chats with Tim Peake and the European Space Agency. Once we had spent lots of time discovering the needs of a Mars rover, we designed our own to try and meet the brief. 

Mars Day

Week beginning 7th March 2022 

Year 5 have enjoyed comparing maps of Europe from the Roman times and modern times. They looked at the borders of countries and how they have changed along with the names that we use for places. 

Comparing Maps From Different Time Periods

Week beginning 28th February 2022 

Year 5 loved taking part in World Book Day 2022! 

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters, designing our own hero or villain and taking part in the book tasting event. We also tried to guess which teachers enjoyed reading where in 'The Masked Reader' event. 

Week Beginning 21st February 2022

This week we have been looking at rap poetry and  especially the poet Benjamin Zephaniah. We wrote and performed our own raps in a poetry slam. 

Week Beginning 7th February 20222

This week, we have been finishing off our Art unit on texture, tone and composition. 

Please watch the video's below which explain our learning journey and the steps we took to improve our drawing skills. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week beginning 31st January 2022 

Year 5 have spent this week preparing and making our corridor displays which share all of the fantastic learning over the past half term. We decided to share our English, Art and Science learning. We hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful displays our learning has produced. 


Week Beginning 24th January 2022

In Computing, we have been learning about databases. We discussed who uses databases and why, before exploring databases with information about minibeasts, countries and passengers on the Titanic. The children answered questions about the information by using sorting, filtering and searching.

Week Beginning 17th January 2022

In History this, week we have been looking at primary and secondary sources to help us find out about the Caledonians, where they lived, what they looked like and explored how they lived their lives. We found that some of the sources gave conflicting evidence and we discussed why. 


Week Beginning 10th January 2022 

Year 5 have continued to build upon their repertoire of notes and songs in our cornetts session with Mr Robinson. You can watch the video that we recorded this week of us playing, you can also see some of the musical notation we will be beginning to use. 


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 5th January 2022

This week we have enjoyed visitors who have taught us all about keeping ourselves and others safe and healthy when performing first aid, including learning the recovery position. 

LI: To know how and when to use the recovery position.
*Correct use
*Correct actions

We talked about the recovery position and when and how to use it to help keep others safe.
We also discussed the importance of calling for assistance and using What 3 Words to pin point our location.

First Aid

Week Beginning 20th December 2021 

Year 5 enjoyed ending the term by writing and performing their own poems. They were based on how to make a winter holiday. We hope you enjoy them! 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 13th December 2021

Year 5 have produced some beautiful winter themed song for your enjoyment this week. 

There are links to two You Tube videos which show us singing 'Winter Wonderland' and 'We're Walking In The Air'.


Week beginning Monday 6th  December 2021

LI: To learn about healthy ways to deal with anger.


*Healthy choices

*Unhealthy choices 


We discussed healthy ways to deal with anger.  We sorted through several different strategies into healthy choices and unhealthy choices. We did some breathing exercises and two guided meditations to show us ways we can calm ourselves down. 

Some of our ideas were:
*Taking time out to reflect to give you time to think about what you might have done wrong

*Go for a walk – you can reflect on your walk.

*Breathing and counting to ten to help calm you down. You can also something you like to do

Week Beginning 29th November 2021

Over the last few weeks in History, we have been researching and learning about the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar.  This week we looked in detail at Caesar's two failed attempts to invade Britain in 55BC and 54BC.  We focused on why these attempts both failed. To consolidate our learning, we reenacted these events through role play and freeze frames taking on the roles of both the Roman Army and the Celts. Here are some photos of our learning through role play.

Week beginning 22nd November 2021 

In Year 5, we have been enjoying two new inclusive texts this term as our shared story time. Cliff Class are currently reading 'Me and Mr P' and Lowry Class are reading 'Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts'. You can watch the clips from each class that were filmed on the attached links, we hope you enjoy joining us virtually!

Year 5 Lowry

Year 5 Cliff

Week Beginning 15th November 2021

LI: To investigate different stitches

(Running stitch/Backstitch)
*Thread needle
*Use stitch

In Design and Technology, we practised threading a needle. Then, we practised

using two different types of  stitches. We then thought about what the pros and cons of each stitch so that we could make informed choices when designing our own winter decoration. 

Week Beginning 8th November 2021


LI: To research (rainforests) 

(CC link to Computing)


*Range of sources  (books, atlas, internet) 

*Key facts found

*Knowledge organised


In our geography learning this week we have been using the laptops and ipads to log into Google Classrooms and research rainforests.  We have discovered lots of new interesting facts and will continue to explore more this half term.  Here are some pictures of us engaged in our research.


Week Beginning 1st November 2021 

Parliament Week

Year 5 have enjoyed two days of learning all around democracy and the UK parliament. We learnt about how both the House of Commons and Lords are made up and their roles and responsibilities.

After that, the children learnt about debating and the roles and format that this takes. We spent time planning for and against arguments in teams for the motion 'This house believes that mobile phones should be allowed in school'.  Then, we spent the afternoon debating the motion and eventually voting (with the for vote winning in both Cliff and Lowry). We will complete this learning by writing our own balanced arguments on the motion. 

Parliament Debating Pictures

Week beginning 18th October 2021;

Final pieces

LI: To plan and paint



Research used
Sketch basic outline
Paint in chosen style


We chose our favourite picture and sketched it, we used what is called “ghost” sketching. We then chose our favourite artist’s style, the tools we would like to use and the type of paint that we thought was the most appropriate for our piece.

Week Beginning 11th October 2021

Over the last two weeks of term, Year 5 will be learning about, researching and writing biographies. We spent the first day reading a range of biographies about inspirational men and women throughout time and across the world. We looked at their key features so that we know how to write the very best biographies possible. 


Week Beginning 4th October 2021

This week in maths we have been learning long multiplication. To solidify our learning, today we paired up to model and teach the process to a partner, this helped us to deepen our understanding.  Here are some pictures of us working together.

Week Beginning 27th September

In Year 5 this week, we finished off our English unit focused on Robin Hood.  We stepped into the shoes of Little John to write a diary entry of the last few days of Robin Hood's life.  We used adverbs, adjectives and figurative language to help get our emotions and feelings across.


We also had our second week of active Cornet playing with Mr Robinson.  We have been learning the importance of our body positioning when playing. 


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Week Beginning 20th September 2021

In Year 5, we have been looking at the different painting styles of artists. This week we looked at Renoir and impressionism. We studied  and researched the art work of Pierre August Renoir and copied his style to create our own landscapes. We sketched and painted outside with our friends in the same way that Renoir did with Monet. We used  small brushes, quick brush strokes and dabs of paint to create mood and movement  in our painting. Here are some photographs of us enjoying our learning. 


Week Beginning 13th September 2021

Year 5 were pleased to meet with Mr Robinson this week, who will be teaching cornets to us during our music sessions over this school year. 
He played us some music on his cornet, and gave us something to aspire to. He also shared some Tijuana Jazz which comes from Mexico (which we are learning about in Geography). Next week, we will try playing the cornet ourselves for the first time… we can’t wait! 

Week Beginning 6th September 2021

This week we started our new Science learning unit on 'Materials'. 

To start our new topic on materials, we used feely bags to see if we could predict what an object was and what materials it was constructed from using only our sense of touch.

See the photographs of us below enjoying our learning. Here is some of the vocabulary we discussed to support our learning about materials was permeable, conductor, magnetic, natural and synthetic. 

Next week we are going to further investigate thermal insulators and conductors. 


Year 5 2020-21

Year 5 team

Miss Cousins and Mrs Figueiredo (Cliff)

Mr Paice (Lowry)



W/B 12th July 2021 - Macbeth Lowry English

This week we have been rehearsing and performing our own mini-production of the Shakespeare classic - Macbeth. We read the script, made a storyboard of the scenes, cast and rehearsed the scenes. Some people wanted to act whilst others preferred to direct. On Thursday we filmed the scenes. We hope you enjoy our production.

Week Beginning 12th July 2021 

In Design and Technology, Year 5 have been practising their joining and fixing skills to design and make their own Roman catapults. 

They drew their designs with a mechanism and then made and refined their initial ideas. 

Finally, they demonstrated their designs to the rest of the class. 

Year 5 Summer Home Learning Projects

Week Beginning Monday 5th July 2021

Year 5 investigated the  ways in which the Romans built there roads.

The skills and knowledge we are building on are;

*To understand impact of historical developments on modern life

*To understand the ‘Romanisation’ of Britain e.g. the impact of technology

Look at the photographs below which show the imaginative ways that the children approached this research project. 


Week beginning 28.06.21 -

Year 5 Sleepover!


Last week, Cliff Class and Lowry Class enjoyed a sleepover at Highover School in Hitchin. The children camped out in tents and enjoyed socialising together. They played outdoor games such as bowls, rounders and football and enjoyed a special pizza dinner together. 
After the year or so everyone has had, it was a wonderful opportunity for the children to spend time together in the outdoors. 

Week beginning 21st June 2021 

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Year 5 have been learning about William Shakespeare, including learning about the story of Macbeth as well as reading, writing and performing sonnets. We studied iambic pentameter  and found the rules for a Shakespearean sonnet. 

Shakespearean sonnets feature the following elements: They are fourteen lines long. The fourteen lines are divided into four subgroups. The first three subgroups have four lines each, which makes them “quatrains,” with the second and fourth lines of each group containing rhyming words. Here are some of our performances of 'Sonnet 18'. 


Sonnet 18

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Week beginning 14.06.21 - Cross Curricular Days: Healthy Lifestyles

As part of our cross curricular days this week on healthy lifestyles, Year 5 have been exploring ‘Radio Taiso’. We learnt that Radio Taiso originated in 1928, and was designed to keep the citizens of Japan healthy by focussing on both strength and fitness. 
In groups, we created our own Radio Taiso inspired routines and performed these to the class. Here are a few examples! 

We also practised a range of different skills for Olympic sports such as triathlon, wrestling and canoeing. 

Can you guess from the picture which sports we are using skills from? 


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